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Enhance your game with Minecraft mods using Badlion Client
Minecraft Mods Made Easy with Badlion ClientArticle posted on May 5, 2022 - 03:00 PM
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Imagine having the ability to control almost anything you can think of during your Minecraft experience. Minecraft mods have made this level of control possible, whether it be altering the weather you are playing in or adjusting Minecraft particles. Mods have been evolving since Minecraft's full release in 2011, eventually becoming the most popular way to play Minecraft. While these mods for Minecraft improved gameplay immensely, players can often be confused about where to find Minecraft mods, how to install them, and how to make them work. This article explores how your favorite free Minecraft mods are made more accessible than ever with Badlion Client.

Minecraft mods for first-timers

Still confused as to what precisely a Minecraft mod does? Minecraft mods are any modifications to the game that either alter or introduce new features. Unlike Minecraft, mods are often created by users like you and me. These community contributions have led to an ever-expanding network of mods covering almost every topic and feature. Unfortunately, many users find it tedious navigating this vast network of mods. Badlion Client has made accessing a free modded Minecraft experience straightforward, ending most modding troubles you may come across. Here are just some reasons why Badlion Client is the best choice for both new and returning Minecraft users looking to add mods for Minecraft.

FeatureCustom Mod-loaders (e.g., Forge, Fabric, etc.)Badlion Client
InstallationRequires downloading and installing individual mods.Single download with all featured mods included.
Cross CompatibilityRequires updating each mod for specific versions. Version updates are not guaranteed.Cross compatible with all popular Minecraft versions.
UpdatesRelies on individual developers for each mod.Professional and reliable developers provide consistent updates and new features.
StabilityRequires the user to test and make sure mods are compatible with each other.Mods are designed to be compatible with each other by default.

How to download Minecraft mods?

So, you are sold on Minecraft mods but don't know where to go to get started. Badlion Client is the best way to get your foot into the door of Minecraft modding. With Badlion Client, downloading Minecraft mods is made incredibly easy. All you have to do is follow these steps:
  1. Navigate to
  2. Select your operating system type and click on the associated download button to download the Badlion Client installer.
  3. Once the download has finished, click on the newly-downloaded file. The installer will ask you a few questions and then install Badlion automatically. If you are a Linux user, please follow these additional steps.
Minecraft Mod download Badlion client

How to install Minecraft mods?

You have downloaded Badlion Client, but where are all the mods? With Badlion Client, all the included mods are installed into your game automatically! Launch the game and start using mods as you wish using the following steps:
  1. Select the Minecraft version on the launcher that you would like to play
  2. Click launch
  3. In-game, hit the "right-shift" key to open the mod menu
  4. Browse the menu and enable mods that you want to use
Installation of Minecraft mods

Basic Minecraft mod usage

Each mod included in Badlion Client will have its own settings, use, and customizations. You can find a complete list of mods and their documentation here for your convenience. With this said, there are a few basics to go over that will allow you to efficiently use Badlion Client.

Navigating the mod menu

Perhaps one of the most critical interfaces included in the Badlion Client is the mod menu. This menu is not only essential for interacting with mods, but it's also very convenient. The days of memorizing and setting multiple key bindings or commands for individual mods are long gone. The mod menu gives you access to every setting you may need within one clean interface. This allows you to efficiently use all the free Minecraft mods featured in the Badlion Client.

As mentioned before, the default key binding to open this menu is "right-shift." Once open, a list of mods will appear. Using the search bar in the top right corner, you can search for a specific mod by name. If you don"t have a particular mod in mind, you can use the tags on the left side of the menu to filter mods by type.

Once you have selected a mod, click the blue toggle to enable it. In addition, you can click on the mod in the menu to open its settings. Note that settings for each mod will vary.

Badlion Minecraft Mod menu navigation

Tip: By right-clicking on a mod and then clicking "add to favorites," the selected mod will appear on the top of the mod list in the mod menu. Adding mods to your favorites is helpful for mods such as waypoints where you may need to access the settings frequently.

Mod customization

One important quality that players look for in mods is customization. A challenge that custom mod-loader users may face is the ability to customize all their mods to make them fit together nicely. Badlion solves this problem by implementing widespread mod and menu customization. With Badlion, you can customize almost every heads-up display's color, location, and scale. In addition, you can have specific color patterns that are compatible with various other mods to create a unified look.

Minecraft Mod customization


For each mod, changing the color of specific components will be similar. You start by selecting the mod you would like to customize in the mod menu to open its settings. Once you have opened the menu, you can change the color of a component if there is a color box next to its option. Click on the box to change the color, and a color picker will show up. Choose a color, and the mod should automatically update.

Minecraft Mod color customization

GUI Editing

Depending on your play style, you may want mods located in different areas on the screen. With Badlion Client"s built-in GUI editor, you can control the location of specific mod displays on your screen. To access the GUI Editor, click the pencil icon in the mod menu. Once in the editor, you can drag mod displays around the screen. When done, click the "ESC" key, and your changes will be saved.

Minecraft Mod GUI editing

Modded Minecraft is simply the best way to play Minecraft in today's time. So why struggle through the existing network of Minecraft mods when you can reap their benefits without the hassle by using the Badlion Client. For an accessible and free modded Minecraft experience, start using Badlion Client today.
Badlion Client
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