How to speed bridge in Minecraft

In this article, learn 5 methods for speed bridging in Minecraft
Minecraft Speed BridgingArticle posted on May 15, 2024 - 05:00 PM
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Minecraft speed bridging, otherwise known as sky bridging, is an extremely useful skill for any Minecraft player to have. This skill consists of being able to place blocks across sections of air, creating a bridge in the sky extremely quickly. Imagine being able to cross a ravine while outrunning zombies. Or, perhaps you are playing a gamemode like Minecraft bedwars, where bridging with speed provides critical strategic advantages. Whatever the case, in this article, we will teach you five different bridge methods to enhance your gameplay.

#1 Ninja Bridging

Ninja bridging is the first method many Minecraft players will attempt to use. This bridging method is a version of sneak bridging, which, even if you have not heard of the name before, you probably already do. Essentially, you sneak while walking to the edge of a block, then place a new block on the edge you sneak to. This allows you to walk right up to the edge of a block without falling over the side.

With Ninja Bridging, instead of holding your sneak all the time while placing blocks on block edges, you will quickly un-sneak temporarily and re-sneak once near the edge. This gives you the benefit of not going over the edge of a block while allowing you to walk at an average speed most of the time.

Shift to the edge to place a block:

Ninja bridging in Minecraft

Continue walking after the new block is placed:

Ninja bridging standing in Minecraft

To learn how to speed bridge using the ninja bridging method, follow this video tutorial here:

#2 Breezily Bridge

If you want to increase your bridging speed even more, you may find breezily bridging a good option. Unlike ninja Bridging, breezily bridging requires no sneaking. Instead, you are constantly walking backward.

This bridging method is manageable because instead of walking straight back, you move from one corner of a block to the other.

Breezily Bridging Minecraft

This slows your backward progression just enough to make placing blocks as you go manageable. Check out this video here if you would like to learn more about breezily bridging:

#3 Moonwalk

A much harder yet faster bridging method is moonwalking. This method requires you to have the ability to click extremely fast, as well as have good timing and coordination. For these reasons, it can be a complicated bridging method to learn. However, this method also allows you to walk close to a straight line, which means you will bridge faster.

To moonwalk, you will first want to know how to click quickly. There are several methods to do this, such as drag-clicking or butterfly-clicking. We recommend installing the CPS Minecraft Mod on Badlion client, which will conveniently show your current CPS so that you can practice this skill.

Once you have a high enough CPS, check out this video discussing how to moonwalk in depth:

#4 God Bridge

In many ways, god-bridging is similar to moonwalking, with a few exceptions. Noticeably, you will need to go up one block every five to eight blocks placed, making this bridging method challenging in coordination.

Furthermore, you will need a high enough CPS to achieve this bridging method, similar to moonwalking. If you can get good CPS and are ready for a challenge, check out this video to learn how to god bridge!

#5 Telly Bridging

If you found the previous bridging methods too easy and slow, why not try telly bridging? Telly bridging is known by most players to be one of the most challenging bridging methods currently possible in Minecraft, without extra modifications. It requires extremely high (20+) clicks per second, as well as impeccable coordination.

Telly briding in Minecraft is when the player jumps with total momentum into the void, placing multiple blocks behind them before they land. However, before touching their newly placed blocks, a telly bridger will turn 180 degrees forward to sprint jump again, after which they turn back and put more blocks from where they first started the jump. These steps are repeated for however long the bridge will go.

According to most telly bridgers, this method of bridging is complicated to master and can take a long time to learn. However, if you are up for the challenge, check out BedlessNoob's video here to learn about this bridging method:

Using any of these bridging methods will almost certainly improve your gameplay in Minecraft. If you want to test the speed of your bridging, we recommend trying the Speedometer Minecraft mod, which can be found on Badlion Client. In addition, to help improve your PvP in Minecraft, we recommend checking out our Minecraft PvP article here.
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