Minecraft Barn Designs

We are bringing you the top five Barn ideas you should try building in your Minecraft Survival world
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5 Minecraft Barn DesignsArticle posted on May 9, 2024 - 07:15 PM
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Have you ever thought about how to build a barn in Minecraft? A great Minecraft barn design can make your farm stand out in your world. Even though a simple barn gets the job done, putting some extra thought into it can make your farm feel more cozy and complete. In this guide, we will give you five easy-to-build barn ideas for Minecraft, perfect for any farm in any place.

#1 Simple Barn by Folli

The first Minecraft Barn design is by Folli, this unique and easy Minecraft barn build will be ideal if you are just starting your Minecraft journey. Made entirely of wood it will be easy for you to gather all materials in the beginning stages.

A small and simple Minecraft Barn design

How to build this barn design

To build this Minecraft Barn you will need to gather the following materials:
  • Barrel: 8
  • Stripped Spruce Log: 46
  • Stripped Oak Log: 131
  • Spruce Stairs: 42
  • Spruce Slabs: 89
  • Oak Stairs: 24
  • Oak Slabs: 84
  • Spruce Fence: 71
  • Spruce Fence Gate: 7
  • Spruce Trapdoor: 33
  • Campfire: 42

Once you find the perfect place and gather all the required materials, follow Folli's instructions in the video below. The explanation is detailed, step-by-step. For an easier experience, we suggest using the Badlion Client and trying out the pre-installed Schematica mod. Simply download Schematica below and add it to your Schematics folder!

Minecraft Barn Schematic: Download 1# Simple Barn by Folli

#2 Animal Barn by Melthie

Melthie brings you this Minecraft Animal Barn design that requires a mix of materials, making it slightly more advanced. Made mostly for animals and not storage, this barn in Minecraft will provide a safe environment for all of your animals, and it will keep them protected at all times. Wood and stone go well anywhere, so you don't need to worry about them not matching a certain environment.

Minecraft Animal Barn design

How to build this barn design

To build this Minecraft Barn you will need to gather the following materials:

  • Spruce Logs: 150
  • Dark Oak Stairs: 92
  • Dark Oak Slabs: 23
  • Dark Oak Trapdoor: 22
  • Oak Button: 22
  • Dark Oak Fence Gate: 4
  • Dark Oak Planks: 4
  • Stone Brick Slab: 82
  • Spruce Slabs: 376
  • Spruce Stairs: 68
  • Stone Bricks: 90
  • Stone Brick Wall: 77
  • Spruce Fence Gate: 48
  • Spruce Fence: 32
  • Spruce Trapdoor: 6
  • Lantern: 26

By following Melthie’s video, recreating this Minecraft barn build in your own survival world won’t be a problem. We will also provide a downloadable Minecraft Schematic file that you can use on Badlion Client!

Minecraft Barn Schematic: Download 2# Animal Barn by Melthie

#3 Minecraft Barn by Goldrobin

Goldrobin made the following Minecraft Barn, this barn design resembles real-life barns unlike the previous ones we covered. This building is constructed with a mix of Mangrove and Spruce wood, along with deepslate blocks and diorite. The design is timeless and will catch your eye every time you see it!

Traditional Minecraft Barn design

How to build this barn design

To build this Minecraft Barn you will need to gather the following materials:

  • Polished Diorite: 9
  • Polished Diorite Stairs: 54
  • Polished Diorite Slabs: 17
  • Diorite: 15
  • Stripped Mangrove Log: 80
  • Mangrove Planks: 183
  • Mangrove Sign: 54
  • Calcite: 9
  • Stripped Spruce log: 59
  • Spruce Planks: 73
  • Spruce Stairs: 35
  • Spruce Slabs: 97
  • Spruce Trapdoor: 59
  • Spruce Fence: 38
  • Spruce Fence Gate: 36
  • Spruce Sign: 4
  • Barrel: 6
  • Deepslate Bricks: 33
  • Deepslate Brick Stairs: 32
  • Deepslate Brick Slabs: 41
  • Cobbled Deepslate: 27
  • Cobbled Deepslate Stairs: 28
  • Cobbled Deepslate Slabs: 34
  • Smooth Quartz Stairs: 24
  • Smooth Quartz Slabs: 12
  • Diorite Wall: 20

By following the tutorial made by Goldrobin you will be able to recreate this fantastic Minecraft barn design, please make sure to pay attention to the video so you don’t make any mistakes.

Minecraft Barn Schematic: 3# Minecraft Barn by Goldrobin

#4 Simple Barn by OneTeam

Another rather simple Minecraft barn design that is quick to build, and doesn’t require all of your materials to be spent on. This Minecraft barn will both provide a storage area and a home for your animals, it will also leave you with quite some space to either make a yard or a little farm.

Another simple Minecraft barn design

How to build this barn design

To build this Minecraft Barn you will need to gather the following materials:

  • Oak Logs: 161
  • Stripped Oak Logs: 78
  • Spruce Planks: 124
  • Spruce Slabs: 201
  • Cobblestone Wall: 37
  • Oak Stairs: 66
  • Spruce Stairs: 84
  • Oak Slabs: 132
  • Spruce Fence: 47
  • Spruce Fence Gate: 15

Please pay attention while watching the video guide by OneTeam, there appears to be a mistake in the blueprint. Other than that you will have no trouble following the instructions as everything else is perfectly clear and well explained.

Minecraft Barn Schematic: 4# Simple Barn by OneTeam

#5 Minecraft Medieval Barn by Gorillo

The following Minecraft barn design is the last one on this list. A Minecraft Medieval Barn made by Gorillo, this barn will provide you with both storage space and space for your animals. Made of spruce and a few types of Minecraft stones it is ideal for all biomes and locations.

Medieval Minecraft Barn Design

How to build this barn design

To build this Minecraft Barn you will need to gather the following materials:

  • Spruce Trapdoors - 155
  • Spruce Slabs - 148
  • Spruce stairs - 140
  • Stripped Spruce Logs - 90
  • Spruce Fence - 74
  • Deepslate Cobbled Stairs - 54
  • Spruce Planks - 35
  • Smooth Stone - 128
  • Cobblestone - 32
  • Andesite - 30
  • Deepslate Cobbled Stairs - 23
  • Bricks Blocks - 20
  • Barrels - 19
  • Mossy Cobblestone - 16
  • Deepslate Cobblestone - 15
  • Granite Blocks - 8

The Minecraft Barn tutorial by Gorillo covered everything perfectly, by paying close attention you will have no trouble re-creating this amazing Minecraft Barn design. This Minecraft Medieval barn will be ideal for everyone that is building in this style.

Minecraft Barn Schematic: #5 Minecraft Medieval Barn by Gorillo

With these barn ideas for Minecraft, you will always have a good looking barn design for every location! If you would like the schematica files that we provided in this blog, we recommend you to download and try out Badlion Client. It comes with over 100 already built in mods waiting for you! We hope that you will try and recreate these Minecraft barns.

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