Top 5 Minecraft 1.20 Features

The 5 Best Minecraft 1.20 Features that you should know
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Top 5 Minecraft 1.20 FeaturesArticle posted on January 21, 2024 - 06:00 PM
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The Minecraft 1.20 Trails and Tales Update has been around for quite a while now. It offers new plants, new blocks, customization and many other things. If you have yet to try out Minecraft 1.20 for the first time, keep reading to find out about features you should definitely not miss out on.

5. New Bamboo Blocks
New Minecraft Bamboo Blocks

Bamboo was added to Minecraft back in the 1.14 update together with the panda. Before this update, you could only use it as a fuel, breeding pandas and crafting scaffoldings and sticks.

The latest update took this one step further. You can now use nine bamboo sticks to craft one bamboo block. Which you can then use to get bamboo planks. You can now craft bamboo doors, signs, rafts, trap doors and many more things.

We recommend getting the “Just Enough Items” Minecraft Mod and exploring the new blocks all by yourself. The easiest way to download it is by getting the Badlion Client completely for free.

4. New Dye Mechanics
New Minecraft 1.20 Dye Mechanics

Minecraft 1.20 allows you to use dyes on already dyed items. If you previously had a red bed, you could not do anything with it anymore. However, you can now use any dye to change the color of it again. The same goes for wool and other blocks.

While this is not too big of an addition to the game itself, it is definitely a quality of life feature that will make your life easier. And if you are playing the Minecraft Bedrock Edition, then you can now put your banners on your shield just like in the Java Edition.

3. Cherry Grove Biome
Minecraft 1.20 Cherry Grove Biome

1.20 not only added new bamboo blocks but also another new type of wood. You can now find cherry grove biomes around your world with cherry blossom trees and flower petals. Cherry logs can be crafted into cherry planks and used just like any other wood type.

Their pink color gives players the possibility to create new color palettes and use them in various different creative builds. The trees themself also have a unique petal falling particle, which makes the biome feel more alive.

2. Archaeology
Minecraft 1.20 Trail Ruins

Archaeology features were first announced during Minecon Live 2020. The Cafes & Cliffs Update was announced during the same event and then later split into two parts. And now, with Minecraft 1.20 we finally received the archaeology features.

Though, they do look drastically different from what we have seen during Minecon Live. You can now find trail ruins scattered around your world, new suspicious sand and gravel blocks and many other things. You can use pottery sherds to craft new decorated pots.

And with the latest 1.20.2 Update, you can now also store items inside of the decorated pots. If you got tired of chests, you can definitely give decorated pots a try.

1. Armor Trims
Minecraft 1.20 Armor Trims

And last but not least, Armor Trims. Armor Trims allow you to customize your armor in a way you have not been able to ever before. All you could do previously was dye your leather armor. Now you can use so-called armor trim templates.

You can find these throughout your world in various different structures. All of them give a different pattern and can be combined with an ingot to add a trim to your armor. You can, for example, use gold, a template and a netherite armor, combine it and you will have golden decals on your netherite armor.

If you want to find out more about armor trims, then we can recommend this article, which we released a while ago. You can also find a list of armor trims and where you can find them here:
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