Forum & BLC Rules


  1. Any form of DDoS, Dox, harassment, blackmail, or extortion - including threatening of said actions (sarcastically or NOT) will result in a mute from the client. This can also apply to other forms of communication external to the Badlion services only at an administrator's decision.
  2. Advertising another minecraft server or related gaming server can result in a mute.
  3. Be respectful to all players, staff, and administrators.
  4. Do not spam the forums with nonsense. This includes spamming known + famous player names, random letters and words, repeating messages in a short time, etc.
  5. Any type of impersonation of known players or staff will be dealt with punishments.
  6. Be sportsmanlike in all topic areas. If you cannot be a good sport, do not post on the forums.
  7. Sending any inappropriate links will be dealt with accordingly. (This includes but is not limited to: pornographic links, screamers, or any other form of adult content).
  8. Discussion of punishments you are not directly involved in the public sections of the network without administration permission are prohibited and will be closed immediately. Repeated breaking of the rules will result in removal from the network. General rule discussion is still allowed as long as it's not centered on a single case of a punished person.
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