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  Badlion Discord


Badlion has an official Discord server for all players to access and communicate amongst each other. It's place to reach out our support team, keep yourself up-to-date with the most recent announcements, meet other people using Badlion Client and way more.

About Discord

Discord is a communication platform created some years ago by a group of gamers. In 2016 we managed to create the official Badlion guild, and after some time, even established a partnership with the company to have more features for our community, as well as early access to new tools and more powerful voice servers for the best experience you can have.

If you want to know more about Discord, head over to their website at

It's easy to join

As we've previously mentioned, we actually have unique features to make our Discord server more accessible to everyone. Because of this, we are glad to have a completely custom Discord invitation link!

Why you should join

It's the fastest way to ask for quick support, even in your main language if you don't speak English. In fact, we have multi-lingual support throughout the whole server, featuring language-specific channels for Spanish, German, French, Turkish, Russian, Portuguese and more. If you think there is a good portion of players from your country that do not speak language, you can ask for a language-specific channel just by messaging an administrator, just don't waste their time!

What we provide

Some years ago, we used to have all the suggestions, ideas, bug reports and other technical stuff on our forum. During this time, we've tried to add as much features to the Discord server as possible, for a quicker communication and support.

There are several useful channels as listed below:

  • Suggestions and ideas. We like to listen to what our users say, as well as what they would like to be changed, added or removed from the client for a better experience. Don't worry, we've created a channel where you can share your ideas.
  • Quick support. It might happen that you don't understand something, or maybe that your client has just crashed. Our staff members are here to help you, and we've set up channels to request quick support in any language you want.
  • Bug reports. You've found something broken and want to report it. There are multiple channels where you can report bug reports quickly, as well as requesting help.
  • Different languages. There are several language-specific channels where you can talk with people that speak your language. Some staff members might speak the same language as yours, and help you way quicker than you thought.

  • One last thing

    We would like to remind all users to remain the same as described in our rules page. Our community is made by more than 3.5 million users, and the Discord server counts more than 65.000. We are not able to keep track of what happens around the channels 24/7, that's why we ask you to respect the rules and try to be friendly with everyone.