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  Badlion Discord
Welcome to the Badlion Discord Wiki. In this wiki you will learn about one of the new and upcoming Chat/VOIP applications called discord. Discord is web browser/desktop/mobile compatible. You don't have to download a client to use it (but it is recommended to use the clients). First before you can do anything further you will need an account. Once you have an account you can join our Discord server.

You can create an account and join our server by using the following link:

Once you have created a Discord account and have joined our server you will receive some messages from BadlionBot. Those of you familiar with our teamspeak server will already understand the drill. You need to execute the command BadlionBot gives you on the Minecraft Servers in order to link your in game account to your Discord account so that you have the proper permissions on Discord.

An example of the command will be:

/discord add [some_long_number]

Once you have entered this command in game you can message the bot back the following command:


This will reload your permissions in Discord and give you any ranks you should have on Discord. Once you have reloaded your perms you can go ahead and start beginning to use our Discord. Depending on your rank you might gain access to new chat rooms to be able to interact with our staff team.

You can also message the bot !help to see a list of available commands such as !createchannel (temp VOIP room)

Youtube/Twitch/Famous/Famous+ Players

If you are any of the above and are familiar with our old "Streamer Chat" on skype there is a similar setup on Discord. Once you have linked your account and ran !reloadperms you should have access to a new chat room called #streamer-chat.

You can interact with our staff team like you did before back in our old Skype Chat. Please note that the purpose of this chat is to ask for help when you need something during a game. The purpose of the chat is not to find out what games are being hosted at what time. Use the website for that.

There is also a command for getting the staff's attention called !uhcstaff This command will tag all online UHC staff members in the #streamer-chat to come and help you out (and most likely the host will be the one to reply if you are in their game).

Common Discord FAQ

How to do /alertsoff for a chat

There are a few different ways to access this information. To get full access to all of the channels you belong to click on "Notification Settings"

You will see a screen like this:

Notice that you can mute the entire server (not recommended).
Importantly you can change it so you only get notifications when there is an @mention.
You can also suppress @everyone (not recommended, only admins/owners have access to this)

You can then change how different channels work just like you would in skype with /alertsoff
One shortcoming is you can't specify your own version of what tags you at the moment.

Notice also in the list of channels there is a little bell icon. You might have noticed it earlier in the screenshot too. This allows you to make it so the channels don't show up as white (or have an orange notification on skype) at all unless you are mentioned.

Example of what this looks like:

You can see I have a notification (red #3) showing that i got tagged in the general-staff chat. I don't see the notifications that a chat has new messages like Skype does even if you have alertsoff. This is a really nice small quality of life feature.

Also an option to hide muted channels:

It automatically unhides a channel if you are tagged. AMAZING!

How to log out completely:

Simply close it from the taskbar using the quit button! Doing this will completely log you out!

How to disable private messages from server members:

How to format your text:

italics = *italics*
bold = **bold**
bold italics = ***bold italics***
strikeout = ~~strikeout~~
underline = __underline__
underline italics = __*underline italics*__
underline bold = __**underline bold**__
underline bold italics = __***underline bold italics***__

How to add friends and directly message them:

Open up discord and select the large icon in the top left corner called Direct messages, it should turn blue upon clicking it.

You click the friends tab and continue on to click the Add Friend icon.

Enter their Discord tag and once they accept, you can directly message them via 2 ways. First way is under the Direct messages tab right underneath the Friends tab.

Or if you're in a text channel with them you can left click their name and select message to message them.

How to change your avatar:

Click the settings in the bottom left corner.

Click the Discord icon and choose your avatar.

How to show what game you're playing:

Click the settings in the bottom left corner, then click the Games tab

Tick the box for Game activity at the top then click the small green word that says "Add it!" and select the game you're playing and press done.

Then it should appear like this for everyone else when they look at your name.

How to disable the sound notifications:

Click the settings in the bottom left corner, then click the Notifications tab

Then tick which sounds you want to be enabled/disabled and you're good to go.