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New rule
By Archybot at 11 February 2017 - 02:26 PM Views (4483) | Comments (48)
Other Network Rule 10 has been added. It reads "Linking to any 3rd party installation systems or modifications of a system except for approved mods is prohibited. This includes any registry or system wide change scripts/settings except ones approved by the administration of Badlion."

Approved mod list can be found here:

As always, take caution with any file you download from the internet, especially with files that run programs on your computer altering the way it works.

Badlion Network Turns Four
By Archybot at 07 February 2017 - 12:49 PM Views (5572) | Comments (95)
Hello players, today marks the day that Badlion Open was released to the public four years ago with me and the Badlion HCF faction/OCN team being the staff team. Back then it was called BadlionPvP and was just a small practice server for our group of teammates and friends. A few months later, I ran into one of MasterGberry's friends in a LoL ranked game in which Gberry was spectating and recognized my name from a previous game and sent me a message. A few weeks later he joins the team as we make this server into our fun little hobby. Overtime, we've grown into a major network that still has the same focus as day one: Competitive Minecraft PvP. Today we are the central hub for competitive PvP, and with joining the ESL organization with family such as ESEA, we will be pushing competitive minecraft into the esports scene over this next year.

Like usual in these posts, we will go over what we've added this year.
  • Several new versions of Arena
  • Several new versions of UHC
  • Merged with Kohi
  • Joined the ESL family
  • Reworked SG into 2.1, which is showing great player counts now
  • Reworked SG into 2.1, which is showing great player counts now
    Premium Texture Packs
    By Archybot at 04 February 2017 - 02:17 PM Views (22307) | Comments (205)
    Here is your chance to nominate someones pack and/or submit your own packs to possibly be in the beta launch of Badlion Premium.

    I'm looking for anywhere from 20-50 packs to launch beta with (of course we will continue to add a few a week forever).

    1.8 compatible (I don't want to see broken steve skins)
    Nothing higher than 64x - sorry, this is just for the launch
    Serious packs only - I don't want any mountain dew pizza packs
    Must have reduced fire - No vanilla fire allowed
    No invisible textures where invisible textures don't belong (this includes horses).
    No animated laggy textures (the occasional animation, such as diamonds changing color, is allowed).
    Not lower than default resolution (no 8x packs, for example)
    Download link in this topic with JUST the pack, if something else is in it I won't even open it. I'm also not searching for packs.
    Be okay with your pack being public.
    Name/information/graphics in the pack are PG-13 at WORST. Sexualized packs will be declined.

    List of already accepted packs:
    Eum3 Faithful (the texture pack Archy uses)
    W.A.R. (Ginie1)…
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