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Suggestion Community Manager Applications Open
By Gonzaloo at 26 June 2022 - 03:49 PM Views (1077) | Comments (13)

Have you ever wanted to be a part of something big? Or have you ever wanted to be more involved with our client? Perhaps you should consider applying to be a part of our Community Manager department!

Suggestions Community Manager
The Suggestions Community Manager position is a brand new position within the Community Managers department that will work alongside the other positions in the Community Managers department.

The purpose of this position is to gather suggestions from the Badlion community which may benefit the Badlion Client and help us give back more to the community by adding features and hosting events primarily based on community suggestions. This position will give us an insight of what the community wants and with your help, we can give back to our community and give them a better experience than before.

Interested? Apply now!

Requirements for the positions:
BLC 3.10 - FPS Improvements/Smoothness, SBA Upgrades, Custom Crosshair Presets, Custom Nick Hider, DataPacks Improvements & More!
By ginie1 at 22 June 2022 - 09:33 AM Views (7304) | Comments (11)

Hey everyone! We're back with another BLC Update! BLC 3.10's main priorities were cleaning up the client with some issues some users have that made their game not smooth on 1.8 and also adding a couple of new highly requested features.

We've also released our support for Minecraft 1.19, make sure to check it out :D

Besides that, we have a pretty big project coming on it's way in the next month or so, make sure to keep yourself updated on our twitter to know more about it when it's closer to release!

  • BLC Twitter

  • FPS Improvements/Smoothness

    We found an issue that caused your game to be a bit jittery when moving your mouse in 1.8 and above. It was caused by a conflict from our world optimization feature. We went ahead and fixed that and hopefully now it should be buttery smooth!

    We also looked into improving the performance in a couple of different areas (Lobbies/void maps)

    We've looked at optimizing textures on the client quite a bit.
    Minecraft 1.19 Now Available On The Badlion Client
    By ginie1 at 07 June 2022 - 11:28 AM Views (2766) | Comments (4)

    Hey everyone, just wanted to announce that Minecraft's newest versions 1.19 is now available on the Badlion Client.

    We're going to be working hard on any issues/bugs that you may encounter, just make sure to report anything you think is broken!

    Here's a bunch of features we offer on day 1:

  • Shaders Support
  • Minimap Mod
  • Survival Mod (Bunch of QoL), read more:
  • ArmorStatus/Potion Status
  • & all the mods we offer in the other versions!

  • Learn more & read about the update what the Badlion Client can offer you on the latest Minecraft version!

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