Closure of Asia Badlion (for now)
By MasterGberry at 25 September 2016 - 01:28 AM Views (206) | Comments (22)
We have closed the Asia Badlion servers for now. They are not receiving enough income to pay for them. We will look into opening them again during the holiday season when we can try to give a bit more of attention to them and see if they will do better a second time around.

That is all.
Custom Event Kits
By Archybot at 20 September 2016 - 12:58 PM Views (1605) | Comments (60)
Due to Mojang saying our custom event kits are not EULA compliant, we had to remove them from all ranks for the time being. With this being said, I know there were a lot of cool/fun event kits created and I'd like to make some of these kits be built into duels and party events in Season 15. This thread is to create them, and the ones I like the most and the ones that are used to most will be added as duel/event kits for everyone to access in Season 15.

Please when you design a kit, list ALL of the changes/armor/items/etc. Thank you.

Please note that S15 is not coming for a few months.
Moving towards a more stable Badlion
By Archybot at 19 September 2016 - 02:02 PM Views (4208) | Comments (110)
Hey guys. So the past few months we have been plagued with problem after problem in terms of hosts/internet/networking. Today I am happy to say that we have given up on some of our current providers/solutions and are placing hardware orders for new data centers in our existing regions. The delivery date is unsure yet, but we will be happy to share more information when it gets closer.

North America

As previously stated we will be moving to the mid-west for NA. The location is in Chicago. The approximate ping from California is 55-60, from NYC it is 25, from Florida it is 50, and from 30 in Texas.


We will be changing our European location as well. We will be moving to Frankfurt Germany as our new location. Most player's pings should shift up or down about 5-10 at most.


In addition to moving our NA/EU locations we will also be moving our Australia location as we have had way too many problems there as well in the past few months. Hope …
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