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[Tournament] Qualifier CTW 5v5 ($1000 prize pool)
By Listen at 18 September 2017 - 07:43 PM Views (659) | Comments (14)
**This is a BAC tournament. The use of BLC is mandatory.

This tournament is the second of three Badlion Diamond Series qualifier tournaments, here is the link to now info regarding the Badlion Diamond Series tournaments. This tournament acts as a means to gain access for your team to the fourth and final invitational tournament with a $5000 prize pool.

We will be inviting the top 2 teams from each of the tournaments above and then reserving 2 spots to invite 2 other specially selected teams. If a single team places in the top 2 multiple times we will then shift down the position to 3rd place, 4th place, etc if needed.

Each tournament will require BLC.

Failure to attend this tournament may result in your disqualification in future tournaments, so only sign-up if you are certain you can attend. The matches will take place o…
Dev Log #76 09/10 - 09/17
By SmellyPenguin at 18 September 2017 - 02:13 AM Views (594) | Comments (16)

Welcome to another developer log!

Be on the lookout for more fantastic updates as we continue to sculpt Badlion 2.0 throughout September!

UHC Season 7

- Badlion Client new mods and improvements
- ArenaPvP S15 Full Release
- UHC Run Full Release
- Tips!
- CTW improvements
- Website profile overhaul (soon tm)
- Network Currency/Leveling (in testing)
- Boosters for Currency/Leveling (in testing)
- Achievement System (in development)
- Cosmetics 2.0 (in development)

- Added Senior Tournament Advisor rank
- Add UHC Season 7 stats to website
- Limit senior tags to staff only on the website
- Fix golden heads on website match pages
- Fix issue w…
Badlion 2.0 - UHC 6.0 Release & UHC Season 7 Begins!
By MasterGberry at 18 September 2017 - 12:00 AM Views (1345) | Comments (22)
Hey everyone.

Proud to announce that after a very long period of 16 months of development UHC 6.0 is officially out of beta/development and UHC Season 7 is now officially live! This was a very long project that got stalled quite a few times by other projects or people screwing the whole thing up…but alas it's finally here and well worth the wait! Let's dive straight into all of the changes for UHC 6.0 and how the community has shifted/changed how they want to enjoy UHC's on Badlion over the course of time.

Rating Leaderboards!

ELO is now officially a member of the UHC family! If you head over to you will see our brand new rating leaderboards! We have created a custom rating system that is based on how well you perform during a UHC match. This is similar to our other rating systems live across the network. You start off at 1400 ELO just like on all Badlion rating systems.

We will be basing the champions game for season 7 off of your …
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