New Partnership
By Archybot at 29 July 2016 - 01:43 PM Views (6565) | Comments (114)
Hey guys, as you know we and the Minecraft community have grown like crazy over the past year, and the rest of the world has taken notice. We are excited to announce that we will be partnering with ESL America to continue to expand our platform and improve the services we provide to the community.

With the support of ESL’s resources and expertise we will look to introduce new game modes and improve the stability, security, and functionality of the current network. From ESL’s perspective, partnering with us further strengthens their commitment toward establishing the competitive Minecraft scene.

Thank you to everyone in the community for your dedication and support in making Badlion one of the premiere destinations for competitive Minecraft. We cannot wait to share more information about the upcoming new experiences that will be added to Badlion with ESL America’s support in the near future.
Upcoming Tournaments
By Archybot at 25 July 2016 - 06:43 PM Views (5538) | Comments (106)
Moved to next weekend ->

Hello players,
With Season 13 now live, one of the features we are proud to push out for testing is the ability for automatic tournaments. We will be running a few test tournaments throughout the week, then we will be having some prize tournaments during the weekend.

You will need to be on the server to sign up for the tournament when it opens. It takes the priority of Special ranks/Lion > Donator + > Donator > Default. If the tournament player list gets full, it will start kicking players from last joined and from lowest priority to Special Ranks/Lion.

For all of the tournaments except the test and prize tournaments the player limit caps out at 512 players. For the prize tournaments the player limit caps at 1024 players however, the test tournaments are whatever I make them.

For this tournament every region will have 2 scheduled test tournaments, each test tournament are Bo1 and the scenario varies by day and region. The prize tournaments will have 1 scheduled tournament which will be best of three for each round. The kits for every round of the bo3 tournament will be BuildUHC, NoDebuff, and SG being the tie breaker if required.

These times are tentative which means they can and probably will change before the events. All times are UTC, so please convert to your timezone using a UTC converter if needed. All tournaments take place on their region's ArenaPvP server.

Tournament Schedule
Wednesday - I will be running test tournaments throughout the day as I make our developers fix any bugs. Tournaments will be announced on twitter on either the official @BadlionNetwork or on my personal one @Archyb0t

Thursday - Tests - No prizes
1v1 BuildUHC AU signup opens at 8:30 AM UTC
1v1 SG Asia time will be announced later
1v1 BuildUHC EU signup opens at 4:00 PM UTC
1v1 NoDebuff NA signup opens at 10:00 PM UTC
1v1 BuildUHC SA signup opens at 10:00 PM UTC

Friday - Tests - No prizes
1v1 SG Tournament AU signup opens at 8:30 AM UTC
1v1 BuildUHC Asia time will be announced later
1v1 SG EU signup opens at 4:00 PM UTC
1v1 BuildUHC NA signup opens at 10:00 PM UTC
1v1 NoDebuff SA signup opens at 10:00 PM UTC

Saturday - $50 for first place per region winner - There will not be any other prizes
1v1 Bo3 AU signup opens at 8:30 AM UTC
1v1 Bo3 Asia time will be announced later
1v1 Bo3 EU signup opens at 4:00 PM UTC
1v1 Bo3 NA signup opens at 10:00 PM UTC
1v1 Bo3 SA signup opens at 10:00 PM UTC

Do note that any test tournament may be cancelled at any time, with or without notice.
Please remember all Badlion rules apply and additional rules may be added throughout the week.
Remember breaking the rules during the Tournament such as Bad Sportsmanship, Disrespect, etc. may result in harsher punishment.
The Badlion Owners reserve the right to DQ anyone for any or no reason.
Times/kits/prizes/everything are subject to change.
Do not sign up in this thread

CTF tournament is still on it's way, we just want to test our tournament plugin.
Please help correct or suggest times if changes need to be made.

Good luck
Ban Wave
By Archybot at 23 July 2016 - 07:14 AM Views (4529) | Comments (76)
I decided to clean up the servers a bit before S13 with a random ban wave.

May the odds be never in your favor cheaters.
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