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Help the Australian Wildlife & Firefighters
By MasterGberry at 15 January 2020 - 10:23 AM Views (2163) | Comments (8)

Hey everyone.

Wanted to make a special announcement about a charity fundraiser we are running for the next couple of weeks here at Badlion. We have added four special cosmetics on our shop (displayed above) for a limited time that will help raise money for two charities: WIRES ( and the RFS of NSW (

Help the animals of Australian Wildlife and the brave volunteer firefighters of Australia by purchasing one of these limited edition cosmetics from our shop, and we will donate 100% of the proceeds to these two organizations (50% to each). You can find these products on our shop here:

Thanks and our prayers are with the people of Australia. We at Badlion hope that fires are contained soon and that these hard working firefighters can return to their families and their normal lives.
Badlion Client 3.0 - Approaching in 2020
By MasterGberry at 25 December 2019 - 03:00 AM Views (56700) | Comments (103)

First and foremost Merry Christmas to all of those who celebrate it and Happy Holidays to the rest! I hope every single one of you is having an amazing day surrounded by your family and loved ones along with plenty of fun and excitement.

Now it's time to share our special gift to the entire Minecraft community today. We have recently begun the development process for a new Badlion Client 3.0! All we are saying in terms of the release time frame is 2020. We don't have a specific date or time frame yet for it, because we really don't know how long it will be until it's ready :)

Rather than type paragraphs of information, I'll make this post into a FAQ style with questions and answers. I hope you find it informative.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why are you making a new Badlion Client?

Great starting question. The concept of Badlion Client 2.0 was conceived in September of 2017. We saw that Badlion Premium was not going the wa…
Badlion Client 2.11 - Happy Holidays
By MasterGberry at 21 December 2019 - 03:40 PM Views (8180) | Comments (14)

Hello everyone. Holy cow did the 2019 year fly by. Here I am writing the last patch notes for Badlion Client in 2019 already. Badlion Client 2.11 is here. We've had a fantastic year thanks to all of you, and I couldn't be happier with what we accomplished this year. Really from the bottom of my heart I want to thank every single one of you who uses our client in your daily lives. It's so awesome to think that something we have built here has been used by so many people. I was so happy and basically cried the first time I saw a Badlion Client icon sitting on my PC 3 years ago when we were first testing Badlion Client 1.0. It was just so awesome to see that logo installed on my desktop, it really meant a lot to me back then, and it still does today.

Anyways enough of my walking down memory lane. We are here and now, and 2019 is almost over, so without further ado, let's hop into the last patch notes for this year.

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