I just wanna know a few things from the community. This is not the place to report bugs, do that here.

1. What do you think of the rating system you see (you can't fully see them)?
2. Do you feel like T1's and/or T2's have too many items, not balanced enough, etc?
3. Do you like the new maps? (right now only new maps are in the rotation, and some aren't in yet)
4. Do you like the fact you just queue up now and games get started faster overall, or do you prefer the old system?
5. What do you think about the airdrops and the fact they can't be insta-opened (they have to be clicked on 50 times before they can be opened by anyone)? Do they promote PvP when PvP is usually starting to die off? Too strong, too weak?
6. What could we still add before release to make it better?

Thanks guys.

I'll give some explanations - Revision 1
1. The rating system is something added that is a better version of rating systems on other games.
2. I'll tone the …

SG 2.0 Closed Beta

The SG 2.0 Closed beta is finally out! This took several more days than anticipated (#BlameSmelly). Not too much to say in this post besides come help us test it out if you are a Donator or higher. We will be working on new features and bug fixes throughout the next week(s). We will also be working on the new rating/ranking system along with a full match page for SG 2.0 with the website reskin.

Keep trying it out as we will be rapidly changing things.

Enjoy and leave your feedback!

Bug reports go here:
Feedback goes here:

Separating the regions in S13?

In this community feedback thread I would like to gather some feedback on separating the regions out in season 13 and going forward. As of right now Badlion is one massive ladder system across the entire world. This has some pros and come cons. The reality is the #1 player in NA might be better than the #1 player in EU but have less rating than the player in EU and be lower on the ladder.

Should players be measured based on a global ladder system or should it be broken into different regions. There are pros and cons to each situation. Breaking things into proper regions would allow us to host better tournaments in the future with a requirement on rating to participate and for it to be your "main region" (the region you play the most on). Please note that we will not restrict gameplay on other regions if we separate the ratings out, but the rating in NA will not be the same on one EU.

If regions were separated than NA would have a ranking for arenapvp servers, one for UHC servers, one for SG servers, etc. EU would have a separate set, AU would have a separate set, Sou…