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Punishments on Badlion: Let the past be the past
By MasterGberry at 23 May 2017 - 02:16 AM Views (3123) | Comments (57)
Hey guys quick update that we are changing to our website that warrants a fast announcement. We have been gathering feedback on social media over the past few weeks about how punishments are handled at Badlion. We have always believed in being transparent with the community about who has done wrong versus right and everything being public. While this is still the case it has been made very aware to us that most people don't care about stuff from over a year ago and that we should let the past be the past.

As a result from this feedback on profiles you can now only see punishments from 1 year of the unpunishment time. This goes for appeals as well. You can no longer see something on my profile for instance from back in 2014. No one cares, it's from 3 years ago.

This should encourage players to try and be more positive on the community and understand that after a period of time their past actions will not be held against them.

Just as a quick side note we are looking to heavily recruit over the next month for summer for more staff members. …
New set of UHC rules.
By Archybot at 22 May 2017 - 03:42 PM Views (5372) | Comments (59)
Version en Español | Deutsche Version

Since UHC Season 6 has started, we are adding a few more rules and editing current ones. There will be a grace period for the rest of today, these rules go live tomorrow.

New rule:
  • Giving out coordinates outside of 100x100 for any reason other than crossteaming is not allowed and will receive a ban (such as arranging a "1v1").

  • Edited rules:
  • All temporary bans for the following offenses are scaling: Excessive stalking, camping, iPvP, sacrificing, giving out coordinates outside of 100x100, teaming in FFA, forming teams larger than specified team size, spoiling a disguise name, spoiling a player’s location, portal trapping and all forms of illegal mining listed below. First offense is a 7 day ban, second offense is a 30 day ban, and the third offense is a PERM ban.
  • Joining a game with the intent to mine and give away your items (including…
  • Season 5 Championship Games
    By LENAvision at 15 May 2017 - 04:11 PM Views (3019) | Comments (27)
    End of Season 5
    At the end of each season, we host a Champions Game for each region for the best players to battle it out and to claim one of the ‘Champion of the Season’ titles. As previously announced on Twitter, the Champions games will be hosted this Saturday, May 20 (Sunday May 21 local time in AU). The players that qualify will be able to play all games if they wish.

    The requirement to be eligible for the Champions Game is different depending on the region:
    NA: 3 UHC Wins OR 300 Kills
    EU: 3 UHC Wins OR 300 Kills
    SA: 3 UHC Wins OR 300 Kills
    AU: 2 UHC Wins OR 200 Kills

    There will be no need to apply. If you meet the requirements, you will be automatically whitelisted in all four games. If you do not meet the requirements, please do not ask us to make an exception. If the account you qualified on is banned at the time of the games, you will not be able to play on it, nor will we transfer wins to another account. We also will not combine wins from several accounts.

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