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[Tournament] Domination 5v5 + Information about DS
By Listen at 15 October 2017 - 06:39 PM Views (565) | Comments (23)
**This is a BAC tournament. The use of BLC is mandatory.

Tournament Delays
For a multitude of reasons, including gamemode and map development delays, the Domination tournament has been pushed back. As a result, the final Invitational tournament will be pushed back to the weekend of December 2nd. We pushed it back this far because of Minecon and Thanksgiving weekend in the US.
We regret these delays and apologize for any inconvenience. We will work more diligently with the Builders in future scheduling.

- - -

This tournament is the third of three Badlion Diamond Series qualifier tournaments, here is the link to now info regarding the Badlion Diamond Series tournaments. This tournament acts as a means for your team to gain access to the fourth and final invitational tournament with a $5000 prize pool.

We will be inviting the top 2 teams from each of the tournaments above and then reserving 2…
SA NoDebuff 2v2 - October 14th - Review
By Ny_ at 15 October 2017 - 12:11 PM Views (160) | Comments (5)
Congrats to Jatheo and iWilly for winning the 2v2 NoDebuff tournament yesterday! They swept the group stage and bracket stage, finishing undefeated with 13 fights won and 0 lost. It was a smooth tournament, a nice test of the group stage format, and ran about 2.5 hours in total.

Smaller Regions

This tournament was our first time hosting an official event on a non-NA/EU region, which was an experimental idea. We've been urged from members of the community to host our tournaments outside of the main regions, and we didn't want to neglect our smaller but dedicated playerbases outside of our typical regions. Our hope was that members of the smaller regions would be more inclined to sign up for the infrequent opportunity to compete at a high level within their own region, but unfortunately signups and turnout were not as good as we had hoped. There were some other factors which played into this, like the late announcement and lack of advertising (both things that we hope to improve), however running a tournament with 9 teams is simply not a practical thing for us to do.

We would probably wait for the community to grow a bit to run another SA tournament. Now, the AU community has been asking about a tournament as well recently. We want to be cautious with this, as again, it's not a good use of our time or resources to run tournaments with so few teams. Do you guys think if we had hosted Build, we would have had higher turnout? If we do at some p…
Badlion 2.0 - Domination Release
By MasterGberry at 11 October 2017 - 01:00 PM Views (1299) | Comments (36)

Welcome to Badlion's newest gamemode! Domination! Domination is a very simple game to learn and a super intensive combat filled one based around the popular gamemode called King Of The Hill (KOTH). This gamemode is already live across the network and is part of the Badlion Diamond Series with our next qualifier tournament (you can read more about the Badlion Diamond Series and the $8000 prize pool here:

Please note, everything is subject to change based on game balance. Current maximum for public servers is 32v32 but we will probably be lowering this to 20v20 or 16v16.

How Domination Works

The gamemode is very simple. You have 3 hills on each map. You capture 2 out of the 3 hills (by standing on it for long enough) and your team starts to earn points.

Some important pieces of information about the values of how long it takes to do certain things:

- First team to 400 500 points wins the game
- You gain points 2x as fast if …
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