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Badlion Premium: Revised Timeline
By MasterGberry at 16 January 2017 - 11:04 AM Views (8622) | Comments (94)
Hey guys. Badlion Premium is getting extremely close to beta and full release. We are not quite ready to release the beta today, but we are going to within the next three weeks. We are also really close to getting the new Badlion Store out so people can pre-order Badlion Premium and start using their perks on Badlion Open as soon as they order it. We will be giving out extra time to people who pre-order so that they can play during the beta without losing any of their paid time. We will still be doing the 20% launch sale up until February 20th (new full release date), so make sure to get your subscription at a lower rate while you can!

What is left

I want to be open and transparent with the community, as this has always been our way of doing things at Badlion. Below I will give you a list of exactly what needs to be finished for us to be able to go live with beta:

1. Statistics are not 100% tested yet and need a few fixes for the new Premium Stats plugin we have built.
2. Ratings have not been programmed yet, this will not take us long but we still have to do it.
3. You cannot rejoin games at the moment. This is an easy problem for us to fix but it is one we have not yet had the time to do.
4. You can join multiple games at a time. Whe…
UHC Meetup and SG stat/rating reset
By Archybot at 15 January 2017 - 05:52 PM Views (1851) | Comments (32)
Over the last 2 weeks, we have been working on making an algorithm for FFAs to be used in UHC Meetup, SG, and future gamemodes such as possibly skywars. In the world, there aren't any perfected FFA algorithms, which means we had to design it ourselves with our limited theoretical mathematical abilities. We believe we have reached a very effective algorithm which will accurately represent the values of rating system for FFAs which we want.

Because of this we have decided to wipe all statistics and ratings with SG and UHCMeetups and start over this season. The current stats/ratings you see will not be wiped again hopefully!

We will be fine tuning the rating system for SG and UHCM over the seasons, but barring any major bugs/glitches we should not have to reset again until next season. SG ratings might not spread as fast as we want, so we will be watching those very closely.

We appreciate the patience that the community has had with us as we created and fine-tuned our algorithm and hope it works as well as we think it will.

Thanks guys.

PS - Premium news might coming soon :)…
Dev Log #55 01/01 - 01/13
By SmellyPenguin at 14 January 2017 - 04:27 AM Views (1542) | Comments (23)
A lot of work has been done on Badlion Premium with getting some of the last remaining internal systems setup and polishing the launcher and client. We recorded alpha footage of Badlion Premium in December, however, we have not released this footage because the new store was not ready to be released. We are doing another test with influencers this weekend with a much more polished product and you guys will have a chance to watch your favorite entertainers play Badlion Premium early in the week.

We have deployed a huge update to our infrastructure during the last week and as expected we had issues with servers lagging out but those issues have since been fixed. This new infrastructure improves the robustness and efficiency of the network as well as provides stronger functionality for us to fine tune our servers.

UHCMeetup 2.0 and Survival Games 2.1 have been released, read more about them here:

We are tweaking the rating algorithm slightly to make th…
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