Kohi Network joins Badlion

Hey, Archybot here bringing you the first of our major announcements which is that Kohi Network has joined the Badlion Network. We are glad to have the Kohi Development, Administration, and Staff teams joining into us to make the ultimate competitive PvP minecraft network. I will explain what is in store for the communities and hopefully preemptively answer all your questions.

What is Badlion Network?
Badlion Network contains three main gamemodes - ArenaPvP, UHC, and SG. Known for it's ArenaPvP that can reach 5k+ players at a time and UHC servers that can support over 500+ player games. Main styles of PvP: UHC/SG/Non-Potion styled kits.

What is Kohi Network?
Kohi Network is a factions/practice network that's main focus is Potion styled PvP. Known for it's PracticePvP which is the biggest Potion styled PvP arena server and it's factions servers. Main style of PvP: Potion styled kits.

What is each community getting out of this?
- Bringing in new gamemodes from Kohi and reviving the Potio…

Badlion Moving Infrastructure Updates

Hey guys. For the past month or so we have been really hard at work in the back-end for a massive infrastructure rehaul. I just wanted to make a quick announcement to explain a small amount about it and more importantly show which areas could break. We have redone our BungeeCord plugin and moved it into a cloud based system. We are going to be moving other things into this new cloud based system over the course of time. This new cloud based system will allow us to hotfix certain issues immediately instead of having to wait for all of our BungeeCord servers to reboot. This is just phase 1 of the system, we will be integrating other pieces across the network into it over the course of time.

Things that were modified:

1. /bminfo
2. /register
3. /changeemail
4. /ts
5. /discord (not officially released yet)
6. /party (network version [does not affect arenapvp yet])
7. /hub

New Commands that were added

1. /clan (not yet available [needs some fixes])
2. /cc [msg] (clan chat [available])


Cosmetics Release on Badlion

Hey guys! Back with another exciting announcement about a feature that has been sitting on the shelf now for about 2-3 months. When @Erouax first came onto the team this was his only project. Every Jr Developer is either given a large project or a lot of small projects in order to become a full Developer. This was his Jr Developer project with Badlion. He took the existing codebase made by SmellyPenguin for pets and particles, redid it into something that was way neater on the back-end, and added a ton of new cosmetics to the existing system.

The project has come a long way, and the past week we have been adding the polish needed to make sure it is up to the Badlion Standard. We are proud to release cosmetics for everyone today! There are a few things to explain including information for people who had already purchased pet/particles so make sure to read it all.

1. Badlion Cosmetics can be earned through the purchases of cases. You can buy cases on our store at
2. If you had purchased a pet or a particle …