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New UHC Gamemode: Diamond Dust
By Mentally at 21 January 2018 - 02:00 PM Views (1606) | Comments (37)
Hello everyone!
My very first announcement and update here on Badlion, I’m excited!


Today I want to talk about the gamemode that we’ve created and tested this week. It is currently undergoing a few more changes as it needed some tweaking, yet you’ll see it soon on the calendar! First I want to explain the thought process behind this gamemode. If you rather listen than read, you can always check the video link at the bottom of this post.

What is interesting is that Battle Royale games in general have seen much popularity the last two years, while UHC seems to be on a slow decline. Some might say that it is due to players leaving for other Battle Royale games, yet I find that the core qualities that make these games so popular, you can not find in UHC. The popular Battle Royale games are fast paced fighting, kill rewarding with a high skill ceiling. Now I’ll explain how I find UHC is not any of these.

The Problem With UHC
Because of the cheater problem before 6.0, UHC had to adapt. As much as many people want ‘old school’ UHCs they know that reverting to this old school world gen is not a solution. The xrayers and cheaters are still here and will continue to ruin the game of the legit player, they will always mine full diamond x minutes in. Yet because of this world gen change UHC now favors the smart player. The formula for a current Badlion UHC win is gathering many books during the first few minutes, caving the entirety of the game and avoiding any fights until…
Community Manager Applications
By tbhitslizzy at 19 January 2018 - 06:48 PM Views (1751) | Comments (45)
Hello, today I will be reopening Community Manager Applications. A Community Manager is responsible for gathering feedback from their appropriate community and forwarding it directly to the Head of Community Manager's. This means a Community Manager's job can change daily, including being active in game and on the forums, hosting special events, and helping Streamers deal with community issues affecting their experience on Badlion. As a Community Manager you have a direct line of communication to me, the other admins, and probably have the most influence in getting things changed on Badlion, so this is your position if you have a lot of ideas and want to help improve Badlion.

I am currently looking for these specific Community Managers. Please note ALL Community Managers must speak English along with their native language.

Region - Language
North/South America - Spanish
Europe - Spanish
Europe - English
Europe - German
European/Middle East - Turkish

Europe - German - Bedwars players
Champions of the 1v1 Bow event
By Listen at 13 January 2018 - 03:39 PM Views (1583) | Comments (43)
Main Tournament Post Link:

Congratulations to the champion of the 1v1 EU Bow Tournament, They win a Champion Tag & Permanent Lion Plus (Lion+).

2nd Place. They win 6 months of Lion Plus.

3rd Place. They win 3 months of Plus.

4th Place. They win 1 month of Plus.

You can find the full bracket here:
Congratulations to our winners, and thanks to everyone who played!
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