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Badlion strives to provide an enjoyable and safe environment for PVPers to practice and hang out. The below is a list of actions and behaviours that are not allowed on Badlion Network and other official communications (such as Twitter).

Punishments range from short mutes to permanent bans. The punishment will reflect the severity of the rule breaking behaviour.

Any attempt at getting around rules with loopholes or what not will result in a ban.

We retain the right to ban/remove any player from our network for any reason at any time for any reasons we deem fit. Please note that being punished for any rule breaking forfeits your right to a refund.

Gameplay Rules
  1. Hacked clients of any kind are not allowed on any network servers (the exception being Creative). Examples are, but not limited to - flying hacks, aimbot, kill aura, anti kb, etc. You will be permabanned instantly for any of these.
  2. Strictly NO unauthorized client modifications of any kind are allowed on any network servers (the exception being Creative). This includes, but not limited to, nametag changers, xray, damage indicator, inventory sorters, etc. Click here for our approved mods list.
  3. Any type of third party program that interfaces(directly or indirectly) with the minecraft client to provide an unfair advantage is strictly prohibited. Examples include(but not limited to) autoclickers, macros, multiple attack buttons (multiple buttons/keys bound to leftclick), editing hardware to allow clicking faster than humanly possible (drag clicking), and changing default mouse interactions (like double/triple click on a single click). General rule is one button, one finger, one click.
  4. Exploiting a bug in native minecraft or a plugin will result in a punishment.
  5. F3 + A is PROHIBITED from all usage on Badlion unless you are doing it to fix glitched chunks (and you have to be able to prove it too). This includes a single usage or multiple usages of F3 + A. The simple rule is "if your chunks aren't bugged out, don't touch it."
  6. Purposely making yourself look like a rule-breaker will result in you being punished as if you were breaking said rule (making yourself look like you're hacking.) If you are going to waste the moderator's time on you instead of a real rule breaker, you will be removed from the network.

Communication Rules
  1. Any form of DDoS, Dox, harassment, blackmail, or extortion - including threatening of said actions (sarcastically or NOT) will result in a perma ban from all network servers. This can also apply to other forms of communication external to the Badlion services only at an administrator's decision.
  2. Advertising another minecraft server or related gaming server can result in a permaban.
  3. Do not encourage or trick people into leaving a server or a team to open up slots.
  4. Be respectful to all players, staff, and administrators.
  5. Do not spam chat/forums with nonsense. This includes spamming known + famous player names, random letters and words, repeating messages in a short time, etc.
  6. Any type of impersonation of known players or staff will be dealt with punishments.
  7. Abusing staff commands (including but not limited to /report, /helpop, etc) can result in punishment. This includes using it to yell at staff or disrespect them.
  8. Be sportsmanlike in all chats. If you cannot be a good sport, do not type in chat.
  9. Keep hackusations to the ban report forum or by typing /report.
  10. Do not bypass the word filter. Bypassing the filter will result in mutes.
  11. Sending any inappropriate links will be dealt with accordingly. (This includes but is not limited to: pornographic links, screamers, or any other form of adult content).
  12. Death threats or Suicide Encouragement such as "go kill yourself" or "drink bleach" will result in a severe punishment.
  13. Mentioning of blacklisted servers will result in punishments. Full list of rules and servers can be found here
  14. Discussion of punishments you are not directly involved in the public sections of the network without administration permission are prohibited and will be closed immediately. Repeated breaking of the rules will result in removal from the network. General rule discussion is still allowed as long as it's not centered on a single case of a punished person.
  15. Questioning of GCheat and other anti-hack plugins in the public sections of the network is forbidden. General questions and complaints should be handled in ban appeals section and/or private messaging to the correct administrator. Posting videos and/or complaints of other people in relation to our anti-cheat solutions will result in removal from the network.

Account Rules
  1. Names with derogatory/racist/inappropriate/impersonating/obnoxious terms in them are subject to ban. If the name breaks any network rules they will also be subject to a ban. These names may be unbanned when they are changed to something more appropriate.
  2. Any names with Badlion in them will not be allowed to log into the network. We will not allow your account to bypass this restriction.
  3. Do not log into the network with offensive/inappropriate skins or capes. If it breaks a network rule, you will be banned.
  4. The stealing of ID's from other services and connecting them through Badlion (discord, plugdj, ts, etc) will result in the removal of your account from the network.
  5. Account sharing of any kind will result in the removal of the shared account from the network. Players who excessively share accounts could end up having their main account banned and their IP banned from the network.

Other Network Rules
  1. Do not lie or falsify evidence in ban/staff reports or ban appeals. You will be banned or will stay banned. DO NOT lie to us.
  2. Do not chargeback for a refund. If you chargeback before talking to us, your access to the network may be blocked. If you need a refund, contact us on the forums and we'll see what we can do. Issuing a chargeback might also result in future accounts being banned and your IP being banned, regardless of other factors.
  3. Ban/mute evasion or alting that causes disruptive behavior on the network could result in a continuous blanket mute and/or ban up to a blacklisting. Please note that if you evade, it can make your main account's ability to be unbanned/muted incredibly more difficult.
  4. IP bans are not allowed to be evaded. Logging into accounts while IP banned may result in the accounts becoming banned.
  5. Assisting and/or helping someone evade IP bans will lead to you also getting punished. Examples include, but not limited to: Whitelisting a banned player on UHC, teaming up with a banned player on Arena, talking and/or messaging an evading player when it's clear you know who they are and not reporting it to staff, etc.
  6. The use of VPNs or any other identity masking tools will result in any account that uses them being removed from the network.
  7. Direct association in any way with a blacklisted player may lead to you getting banned. Full list of rules and players can be found here
  8. You are not allowed to attempt to exchange virtual items or services for real life money or other items not on the Network. Examples: Selling clans/accounts for money, exchanging minecraft accounts for items from another game/server, such as CS:GO, etc.
  9. Any form of a legal threat will be taken very seriously. You will be banned on the server and website immediately and will require an actual lawyer to fight for your unban. You might be IP banned, blanket banned, and/or blacklisted as well. Do not make a legal threat unless you are ready to back it up.
  10. Linking to any 3rd party installation systems or modifications of a system except for approved mods is prohibited. This includes any registry or system wide change scripts/settings except ones approved by the administration of Badlion.

ArenaPvP Rules
  1. Exploiting into or out of an arena is strictly prohibited. If you accidentally bug into an arena that you aren't supposed to be in, immediately /spawn out of it or you might be punished.
  2. Rating boosting is strictly prohibited. Booster accounts will be permabanned. Accounts that were boosted will be reset to default rating and be temporarily banned the first time, second time will be a permaban.
  3. Exploiting kit restrictions or any part of the Arena plugin to your advantage will result in a ban. Please report all bugs immediately to a mod or an admin, or be held accountable for exploiting.
  4. Purposely lowering ratings for any reason will result in a 7-14 day ban for the first offense, permaban for the second.
  5. You are not allowed to repeatedly queue against associates with the intention of boosting Elo due to one party being clearly disadvantaged or less skilled compared than the other.
  6. Participating in any challenges in ranked matches that give your opponents an advantage is not allowed. Example: The no armour challenge.
  7. Camping for the purpose of running down debuffs or drawing a ranked match is now a kickable offense. A verbal warning will be given before a punishment is issued. Excessive breaking of said rule will result in bans, or doing it in multiple matches. Running away and kiting is still allowed. Camping is defined as staying in a hard to reach place (such as a tree) for more then 30 seconds COMBINED. If you switch from one spot to another after being warned by a staff you'll be punished.
  8. Camping inside/ontop of skybases in ladders that allow building will result in a 3 day ban for first offense. Higher offenses will result in global rating wipes and extended bans. This includes events that utilize ladders that allow you to build.
  9. Teaming in events that are non-team based or in any of the FFA arenas will result in a kick/ban depending on previous punishments.
  10. Excessive kiting (running) in a 1v1 for the purpose of stalemating a match is punishable by a kick. You are allowed to kite out debuffs, allowed to kite to regen, and allowed to kite for short period of times for strategic reasons. Kiting for excessive amounts of time (5+ minutes) for the purpose of ruining gameplay experience and/or forcing a stalemate is not allowed. Excessive rulebreakers could face rating resets and bans.

UHC Default Rules
  1. The use of any illegal client/mod, cave/chest finder or x-ray texture pack will result in a permanent ban.
  2. Using F3+a, F5 under lava, mining to entities or doing anything that gives you an unfair advantage will result in a permanent ban.
  3. Placing lava and/or water to ruin other players gameplay (lag machines) will result in a 14-30 day ban depending on the severity.
  4. All temporary bans for the following offenses are scaling: Excessive stalking, camping, iPvP, sacrificing, giving out coordinates outside of 100x100 and anywhere inside the nether, teaming in FFA, forming teams larger than specified team size, spoiling a disguise name, spoiling a player’s location and portal trapping. First offense is a 7 day ban, second offense is a 30 day ban, and the third offense is a PERM ban.
  5. Camping is NOT allowed once the border is 100x100. You may wall up to heal or loot, but you must move on quickly.
  6. Portal trapping is not allowed and will result in a temporary ban. Portal trapping means placing any type of blocks near the portal to block of the exists. Portal camping is allowed.
  7. Spoiling a player’s disguised name while they’re alive is a temp ban.
  8. Spoiling someone else's location in global chat is not allowed.
  9. Giving out your coordinates outside of 100x100 for any reason other than crossteaming is not allowed and will receive a ban (such to arrange a "1v1").
  10. Joining a game with the intent to mine and give away your items (including your head) to a specific player (sacrificing) is not allowed. Receiver will not be punished unless they are caught purposely assisting the "sacrificer" in his act.
  11. iPvP during grace period is not allowed. (Attempting to, or causing damage to a player before PvP).
  12. Stalking (following someone) and stealing is allowed, as long as it's not excessive.
  13. Excessive stalking means you cannot prevent a player from mining, crafting or placing blocks. Also included is continuously stealing/breaking furnaces/crafting tables.
  14. If you are being iPvPd or stalked excessively, use /report or /helpop to alert a staff member.
  15. Do not stalk/follow Famous/Twitch during grace period. We reserve the right to TP you away if you do.
  16. At start of game everyone will be healed, fed, and given 10 starter food.
  17. At 10 minutes there will be a final heal. There is no feed at this time.
  18. The grace period is 20 minutes long. During this time, iPvP is not allowed.
  19. You may relog during the game. You have 10 minutes to get back in. A zombie (which can be killed if PvP is enabled) will spawn in your place until you return. If you don’t return in time, the zombie dies.
  20. If you relog during a heal, you will not receive it.
  21. Dinnerbone and Grumm horses are allowed.
  22. No respawns or heals due to block glitches or lag.
  23. If there is video evidence of you dying to a hacker that was banned, you will get a respawn if you request it.
  24. Hackusating in game chat or in spec chat will lead to a mute.
  25. Do not go underground after 100x100 shrink. If you follow another player underground and get a kill, you will be given a minute to loot.
  26. No sky bases within 100x100 at any time during the game. You will be TPd if you don’t get down.
  27. TPs out of the nether are automatic at the 500x500 scatter.
  28. The world border will teleport you inside the new border if you are outside it.
  29. The 500 and 100 shrinks are random scatter.
  30. Use /explain and /config to see game modes and config options.
  31. If you have questions during global mute, use /helpop.
  32. To send coords to a teammate, use /sc.
  33. If you believe someone is cheating, use /report so that all UHC staff members can see it.
  34. Have fun and don’t forget to thank your host!
  35. From 50x50 and on, hosts may assign forced fights between two players/teams after fighting has stopped between all players for over a minute. Refusal to fight who the host assigns to the death will result in immediate deathbans.
  36. Interfering in an host-assigned fight in any way, shape, or form until one side is dead will result in immediate deathban for everyone who interfered. If you wish to clean a host-assigned fight, you must wait until one side is fully eliminated.

    FFA Match Specific rules
  1. This is a free for all, meaning strictly no teaming and no trucing. This will result in a temp ban.

    Team Match Specific rules
  1. Cross teaming is allowed.
  2. Don't form teams higher then the quantity specified by the host.
  3. Friendly fire is on and team betrayal is allowed.

Factions Rules
  1. The use of alternate accounts is not allowed on Factions. If you have any family/friends that share an IP with you, you are required to contact us via teamspeak support so that we do not accidentally ban you.
  2. Traps need to either kill players or give them the ability to /f home. A trap that fails to do either of those is considered illegal. Walled up nether portals are considered to be illegal traps, as well as nether portal fall traps.
  3. Cobble Monsters/Water Griefing/Bypassing Faction Protection. Includes anything that bypasses claim protection to create/destroy blocks in another factions claim when you shouldn't be able to.
  4. Betraying or insiding a faction will result in a ban.
  5. You may not ally with another faction in combat. However, if your faction has two or less members online, you may ally to fight with one other faction who also has two or less members online.

Minigames Rules
  1. If the server is marked as a dedicated FFA, teaming will result in punishment.
  2. If the server is marked as a dedicated team server or has a team limit, going above that team limit will result in punishment.
  3. Intentionally griefing your team or teammates in any way will result in punishment. Examples include, but not limited to: spleefing them to their death, breaking down team defenses for no reason, preventing a teammate from doing stuff such as crafting armor, and trapping/blocking up your spawn.
  4. Repeatedly spawn killing the enemy team in games/maps where the enemy does not spawn with armor in an effort to farm stats will result in a punishment.

  1. Making inappropriate names or tags will result in a network ban (racist, sexual, illegal names, adult content, "ez/rekt/ddos/dox", etc). This will result in the clan being deleted and network bans.
  2. Do not post illegal content (pornography/adult content, illegal programs, screamers, etc) on your private forums. This will result in the clan be deleted and all members that were involved in the posting to be permanently banned from the network.
  3. Do not try to frame people by passing leader, we will find out as we log everything and you will be punished.

Assisting or allowing someone to break any of the above rules is considered collusion and you will be punished for your association to the rule breaker.
Note: We make the final judgement in all cases as what is and is not allowed on our network.