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Badlion Network is a set of custom PvP game modes built on top of the Minecraft game created by Mojang AB. We utilize the game engine and the APIs provided by Bukkit/Spigot with the authorization of Mojang AB to create these custom PvP game modes. Badlion Network is the aggregation of these game modes in one central location so that a player can get a rich experience. Badlion Network is a freemium model. Freemium means that anyone can come on and play the Minecraft servers with limited/trial access. Badlion Network offers premium services for players that wish unlimited amount of game time on the servers provided by Badlion Network.


Badlion Network started out as a simple KitPvP styled server focused on practice. The original BadlionPvP 1.0 was created by Archybot for his HCF/OCN Team called Badlion. The server was used by around a thousand players with a peak of around 10-20 players at any one point in time. In June 2013 Archybot recruited MasterGberry to come and help program BadlionPvP 2.0. MasterGberry up until this point had been just hosting the BadlionPvP 1.0 server and had no knowledge of the Minecraft game or the APIs available.

Around July 2013 the BadlionPvP 2.0 was released. Throughout the next 6 months BadlionPvP 2.0 tried to branch out into a full blown network, later renamed to Badlion Network. Badlion Network branched into Minekart, Factions, Creative, and a Hardcore SMP server during this time. In the end none of these game modes or servers lasted very long. Somewhere around the 2nd quarter of 2014 Badlion Network expanded it's game modes to UHC. The UHC game mode took a while to catch on, but now many of you know of the game mode and enjoy it on a regular basis.

Badlion Network continues to work to create new Minecraft game modes for the network of services we offer here. If you have a suggestion please feel free to register an account and make a post on the forums. Badlion Network is always looking at how to better our services.