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Badlion Network
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Information about the Badlion Network.

Latest Thread: 3 hours ago
397 Topics
26803 Posts
By Farkedilmem
3 hours ago
Developer Updates

Updates to Badlion Premium and Badlion Open from a Developer/Change log perspective.

Latest Thread: 2 hours ago
50 Topics
1854 Posts
By iKaanKaya_V1
2 hours ago
Official Events

Official events hosted by the Badlion Staff Team.

Latest Thread: 5 hours ago
Tournament Sign-ups
63 Topics
5640 Posts
By DaBakerMC
5 hours ago
Competitive Gameplay

Interested in playing Minecraft competitively? This is your one stop shop for all esports Minecraft content

English & International Section | Deutsches Unterforum | Sección Hispana | Sezione Italiana | Türk Bölümü
0 Topics
0 Posts
Nothing here yet...
Community Feedback

Badlion asks the community for feedback about various topics.

Latest Thread: 1 week ago
23 Topics
3006 Posts
By Atonie
1 week ago

Got an idea or suggestion? Post it here and gather feedback about it.

Latest Thread: 2 minutes ago
7298 Topics
76336 Posts
By suot
2 minutes ago
Bugs or Broken Features

Something broken? Report it here so we can fix it!

Latest Thread: an hour ago
Badlion Client Bugs | ArenaPvP Season 15 Beta Bugs | Resolved | Translation Errors
4919 Topics
20277 Posts
By TheFane
an hour ago
Donator Questions/Problems

Got a problem with your donator account? Donation not working? Ask here!

Latest Thread: 4 hours ago
6807 Topics
25904 Posts
By gerteks
4 hours ago
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General Discussion

Discuss just about anything related to Minecraft or the Badlion Network's Minecraft Servers.

Latest Thread: 6 minutes ago
11283 Topics
119704 Posts
By IWasFalseBanned
6 minutes ago
Arena PvP

Discuss anything related to the Arena PvP Practice Server here.

Latest Thread: 12 minutes ago
6296 Topics
52896 Posts
By IWasFalseBanned
12 minutes ago
Survival Games

Discuss anything related to the Survival Games Servers here.

Latest Thread: 7 hours ago
705 Topics
5705 Posts
By churupan
7 hours ago
Capture The Flag (CTF)

Discuss anything related to Capture The Flag here.

Latest Thread: 1 month ago
49 Topics
469 Posts
By EnanoSalvaje
1 month ago

Announcements and discussion related to the UHC server.

Latest Thread: 7 hours ago
2817 Topics
17382 Posts
By churupan
7 hours ago

Share videos and screenshots of your Minecraft adventures.

Latest Thread: 19 hours ago
5510 Topics
13224 Posts
By Poop_slayerHD231
19 hours ago
YouTube Sumissions

Come here to submit your clips for the Badlion YouTube channel.

Latest Thread: 4 hours ago
15 Topics
17 Posts
By Farkedilmem
4 hours ago
Resource/Texture Packs

Share resource/texture packs with the community.

Latest Thread: Yesterday
637 Topics
2681 Posts
By IWasFalseBanned
Topic Stats Latest Thread
Unofficial Events

Unofficial events hosted by the community players.

Latest Thread: 3 days ago
422 Topics
6765 Posts
By Liqhtro
3 days ago
Clan Recruitment

All "Looking For Clan" and "Looking For Members" posts go in here

Latest Thread: 11 minutes ago
2618 Topics
41353 Posts
By TouchMeIfYouWant
11 minutes ago
Deutsche Diskussionen

Diskutieren sie hier alles über Badlion und Minecraft in Deutsch.

Latest Thread: Yesterday
133 Topics
537 Posts
By jossleboss22
Discussions en Français

Discutez de tout et de n'importe quoi en rapport avec Badlion et Minecraft en Français ici

Latest Thread: 1 week ago
123 Topics
484 Posts
By churupan
1 week ago
Discusiones en Español

Hablen de todo que sea relevante a Badlion y Minecraft en Español

Latest Thread: 2 days ago
701 Topics
3461 Posts
By iOmegx
2 days ago
Türk konusmalar

burada Badlion ve Minecraft hakkinda her sey konusun,

Latest Thread: 15 minutes ago
1061 Topics
6798 Posts
By BurakRG_YT
15 minutes ago
Discussioni in Italiano

Discuti qui di tutto quello che vuoi riguardante Badlion e Minecraft in Italiano

Latest Thread: 20 hours ago
67 Topics
220 Posts
By suot
20 hours ago
Nederlandse Discussies

Discussieer hier van alles over Badlion en Minecraft in het Nederlands

Latest Thread: Yesterday
30 Topics
139 Posts
By GyllieGyllie
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Ban/Staff Abuse Reports

Found a cheater or a staff member abusing their powers? Report it here.

Latest Thread: 10 hours ago
Reports Accepted | Reports Denied | Resolved Staff Reports | Special Rank Reports
217 Topics
343 Posts
By Liqhtro
10 hours ago
Archive - Old Appeals

Old ban appeals, now archived. For new appeals go to

Latest Thread: 2 years ago
Appeals Accepted | Appeals Denied
203 Topics
357 Posts
By MasterGberry
2 years ago
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Off Topic

Discuss anything not related to the Badlion Network or the games we play here. Keep it PG-13 please...

Latest Thread: 3 hours ago
3799 Topics
66967 Posts
By churupan
3 hours ago

Post pics/videos from all around the internet here. Keep it PG-13 please...

Latest Thread: 29 minutes ago
2271 Topics
5938 Posts
By churupan
29 minutes ago
Other Games

Got a passion for another game? Share your passion with other gamers here.

Latest Thread: 3 hours ago
372 Topics
3334 Posts
By Crusages
3 hours ago