Premium Beta BLC 3.18 - SkyBlock Ultimate Part 2 - Dungeon Routes, BetterMap, UI Revamp & More!

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We are thrilled to unveil Skyblock Ultimate Part 2! This update is a direct result of the invaluable feedback we've received from our community. We believe we've crafted an experience that meets your expectations and more.

Special thanks to our incredible team — Soopy, Miyu, powns, and everyone else who made this update a reality.

Exclusive Access for Premium Users: Get a head start to explore new features and even contribute suggestions for future updates!

What's New in This Update?

Dungeon Routes

Introducing Dungeon Routes
A Big Shoutout to FlameOfWar for collaborating on this feature and creating the routes!
Discover Dungeon Routes, a mod originally conceived by Soopyboo32, now a part of the Badlion team. We're eager to hear your thoughts as this is just the initial release.

What does it do?

Follow a trail for optimized dungeon runs. Future updates will enhance route quality and enable route sharing.

Why Use Dungeon Routes?

It's user-friendly and minimizes errors, making it a game-changer for most players.

See It in Action:

BetterMap: The Advanced Dungeon Map

Unlock valuable insights with BetterMap, an enhanced map system for dungeons.
Original Mod's GitHub:

  • Multiple working map style presets
  • Option for user to make their own map style with some settings
  • Multiple checkmark styles
  • Option to show secret count / room names
  • Data like room name / secret count syncing between players
  • Puzzles identified by tablist
  • Super consistent player tracking
  • White tick blaze puzzle when finished instead of waiting for the green check
  • Tabs for dungeon/boss/score
  • Box wither doors
  • Player names when holding leaps
  • Early in map (loads and syncs rooms when u enter early without hotbar map)
  • Overlay for spirit leap and ghost tp gui
  • Fix hypixel bug with map not updating for first room sometimes
  • Clear breakdown when dungeon ends
  • Secret dots on map

  • Player head settings

  • none
  • arrows
  • arrows for self heads for other
  • heads
  • border option for class based coloring

  • Dungeon clear breakdown

    The purpose of this skyblock option is to add a summary at the end of dungeon runs showing how much each player contributed

  • Shows number of rooms
  • Hover for breakdown of rooms
  • Shows number of secrets
  • Shows number of deaths

  • Current room info next to map

    This skyblock mod adds the option to display the room hover info of the current room to the left or right of the map

    Here's the general look of what our new options should look like!

    UI Revamp: Skyblock-Focused

    We've redesigned the UI to cater specifically to the Skyblock community, making it more intuitive for new players.

    What's New?

    • Information Bar
    • Skyblock Mod Menu
    • Improved Sizing
    • And more!

    Note: This UI is exclusive to BLC Lite.

    Mod menu - Mods page

    This menu allows the users to see which mods are enabled and access them quickly. The main difference between this one and our default one is that the options for Skyblock are at the forefront of the menu and gives easy access to find them.

    Info Bar

    The info bar is located at the bottom of the mod menu. This allows Skyblock players to view the important information like their total gold, their HP, Their mana, Their defense level, their location, etc.

    Mod Menu - Stats page

    This menu is basically a more compact version of the “Player viewer” we currently have ingame. We focused mainly on the important stats that people would care about. This allows the users to view their skills level, their slayer monster kills, etc.

    This will benefit new users the most since they might not be aware of /pv and such.

    I am not seeing this ui! Why?: You will need to be on BLC Lite to access this version of this UI, the reason being is this allows us to gather player feedback, understand what they like/dislike about it and then do the appropriate changes in the future.

    I don't like it! Please let me use the old menu: You will be able to disable the info bar at the bottom of the screen in the settings called "Menu" in the mod mod menu interface.

    I love it, just wish it had more information: If you believe more information would be useful then please share it with us! We would love to add more and understand how to make our menus better

    Other Features

  • Sync CH waypoints between players
  • Enigma soul waypoints / guide
  • Rift profile viewer stats / tab

  • Shaders Mod - Water turns RED on reseting
  • Shakey 3D Skins on Replay Mod
  • Hit color is broken with shaders
  • 3D Skin layer detaches from the skin
  • All tabs don't play the game further but profiles do
  • Enabling 3D Skins turns clouds black when crosshair hovers on them
  • Bedwars Bed completely broken
  • Player nametags disappear in combat.
  • Hide flowers doesn't works on Pink Petals
  • World Map at higher distances makes game freeze
  • Premium Menu takes a bit long to load
  • Potion Status: display off screen
  • Potion status : effects overlaps themselves
  • Mythological Stats Showcase tracking when Copy and pasting Messages
  • Mythological Ritual waypoints shows the burrow as "Start" after digging out a treasure
  • Skyblock Show dungeon profit calculator appears in bestiary menu
  • Bunch of crashes
  • Fallen Star Cult Meeting Timer is inaccurate
  • Gemstone Mine Tracker doesn't track Armadillo mined gemstones
  • Teleport pad solver crash
  • Skyblock - Fancy Warp Missing some locations
  • Stats Showcase for fishing does not track the Carrot King
  • Experimentation Table Solver not highlighting the second item when using an instant find
  • Various Issues with the /pov general player stats
  • Show if item is recombobulated Rarity Upgraded text in bad positions
  • Bazaar Helper and Bazaar Suggestions feature in Skyblock Mod changing position in GUI
  • Show personal compactor preview wrong UI for compactors and deletors 4k, 5k and 6k
  • Show Powder Mining Tracker doesn't work
  • Bazaar Sell Price not showing up
  • Dungeon Profit Calculator displays the chest value as 0

  • Last week we ran a survey to understand non Skyblock player's preferences in terms of new features, so keep an eye out for that!

    Super happy with this update, can't wait to hear feedback on dungeon routes & the UI. Would love to refine them, Improve them and add any other missing features that you guys believe are important.

    Overall thank you all for playing and don't be afraid to report bugs!

    Thank you for being a Premium user! <3

    - Ginie, Product Manager Of The Badlion Client
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    BLC secrets work again for me! lets go!
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    When will it come to non premium users?
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    So it can be toomorow and it can be next yaer?
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    aww. I want the features!
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