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Hey. Your question has probably been asked before. Before wasting your time and our time making a new thread, please take a few moment to read the commonly asked questions and answers. It will help us to help you faster. Also, please allow up to 24 hours for a response. We are hard at work here and as a result can't always check this forum right away.

Where is my legacy basic rank? (Kohi Players)

If you had lifetime legacy basic rank on Kohi you have been given a similar legacy basic rank here on Badlion. You do not have a tag in game so you don't know that you have the rank, but you do. Here are the features legacy basic rank includes:

  • Ability to join Practice & Factions Servers when they are full.
  • Higher priority than default players in the queue when joining Factions servers.
  • 10% Shorter deathban on the Faction servers.

  • If you wish to upgrade your rank to something better you will need to purchase temporary ranks to get up to the price of a lifetime rank. For instance if you had a $10 lifetime legacy basic rank and want a lifetime donator rank you will need to pay $20 in ranks on the Badlion Store to get the upgrade. To get this upgrade you will need to make a request a thread here requesting the upgrade.

    I was a silver rank on Kohi and I don't have Donator? (Kohi Players)

    The Lifetime Silver rank is a $25 rank while our Lifetime Donator rank is a $30 rank. As you can tell, there's a $5 difference between those two ranks. Therefore, in order for you to receive Lifetime Donator you will need to donate an additional $5 to Badlion. The $5 must be for the 30 day Donator perms item.
    As shown below:

    Once you've done so, you may create a thread stating that you're a Silver rank who just donated $5 to the server. I will then check and if you do have $30 in donations (Silver rank + $5), you will receive our Lifetime Donator rank.

    I purchased something on the Badlion Store and I don't have it yet!

    If you made a purchase the first thing you should do is check your email. Verify that you don't have an email from Buycraft telling you about your purchase. If you have an email from Buycraft telling you about your purchase make sure that you typed your in game name correctly. If you made a typo or bought something for the wrong account please make a post and we will be happy to help fix it for you.

    If you don't have an email from Buycraft and checked your bank/credit card/paysafecard and see the money was taken out then please make a post with as much information as possible including: Paypal email (if applicable), transaction id (from Paypal/PaymentWall), time of purchase, and any other information that you think will help us to look up your purchase.

    I want to transfer my rank to another account

    We do not allow rank transfers on Badlion. This is a means of security where we have had people in the past steal ranks from other players by breaking into their account and requesting a rank transfer. Ranks are tied to the account you purchase it for and we will not be allowing rank transfers in the future for security reasons. However, if you request a rank transfer within 48 hours of the purchase then we may do that for you.

    I want to upgrade my account to a lifetime rank. I have made a bunch of temporary purchases

    If you have made enough purchases (for ranks) that add up to a lifetime rank then please feel free to make a post requesting the upgrade. Please note that we only do rank lifetime upgrades for purchases (for ranks) on the same account. You cannot combine purchases from different accounts.

    No upgrades will be given at this time

    Paying via an eCheck

    Once you have purchased your item by paying with an eCheck, you will have to wait up to 7 days for the eCheck to be cleared. This also means that the payment to Badlion will not be received until the eCheck has been cleared. Therefore, your item will not arrive until then.

    This section of the forums is only visible to administrators. Do not worry about your private information being seen by the public.
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