Minecraft Blast Furnace

Everything you need to know about the Blast Furnace
A Guide to the Minecraft Blast FurnaceArticle posted on April 20, 2023 - 05:00 PM
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When playing Minecraft, you will encounter ores, such as iron or gold. These have to be smelted using either a furnace or a blast furnace. This guide is the perfect summary of everything you need to know about the blast furnace and the difference between a furnace and a smoker is. So keep reading to find out more!

Minecraft Blast Furnace

What can you smelt using the Blast Furnace?

You can use the Blast Furnace in Minecraft for smelting ore blocks, raw ore, as well as tools and armor that were made from ores or chainmail. You cannot cook any food with it, so you might wonder what the benefit of using a blast furnace is.

Smelting Ores Minecraft
The Minecraft Blast Furnace smelts ores, raw ore, and tools twice as fast as the furnace. This means that if you were to smelt iron ore in the blast furnace, it would only take half the time it would in a regular furnace. However, there is also a downside to this. The amount of fuel that you require for the smelting process is also doubled.

What is the difference between a Blast Furnace and a Smoker?

Both the Blast Furnace, as well as the Smoker in Minecraft are meant to make the process of smelting and cooking certain items faster. The only difference between them is what you can smelt or cook. The Blast Furnace is limited to ores and armor that were made from them, as well as chainmail, and the Smoker is limited to food.

Minecraft difference Blast Furnace and Smoker

What profession does the Blast Furnace give to a Villager?

The Blast Furnace is a job-site block and can be used to give a villager the armorer profession. Villagers with the armorer profession trade you, for example, enchanted armor, regular armor, and emeralds in exchange for iron ingots.

Minecraft Armorer Villager
To give the armorer profession to a villager, make sure to place down a blast furnace next to a villager who does not have any profession yet. He will then claim the blast furnace and change their profession to armorer.

Minecraft Armorer Villager GUI

How to make a Blast Furnace in Minecraft?

You can either obtain a blast furnace by finding it in a world, for example, in a Minecraft village, or by crafting it. This is what the Minecraft blast furnace crafting recipe looks like:

Minecraft Crafting Blast Furnace
  • Place 3 iron ingots in the top row
  • Place one furnace in the middle of the crafting grid
  • Then put one iron to the left of the furnace and one to the right
  • And last but not least, place 3 smooth stones in the bottom row

To craft the Blast Furnace, simply place the ingredients in the crafting grid of a crafting table, as shown in the image.

You can get the smooth stone by putting 3 pieces of cobblestone into a furnace and smelting it, which will then give you stone. Take that stone and then put it back into the furnace. You can, of course, also always view the Minecraft blast furnace recipe through your recipe book in Minecraft once you unlock it.

Minecraft Smelting Cobblestone
The smelted item will then be the smooth stone that you require for the crafting recipe. The Blast Furnace is available on both the Minecraft Java Edition, as well as the Bedrock Edition.

Minecraft Smelting Stone

Does the Blast Furnace have anything else to offer?

The Blast Furnace can also be used for note block contraptions and will then produce a bass drum sound once placed under a note block. This allows you to create more musical masterpieces.

Minecraft Bass Drum Sound
And last but not least, you can rename it in an anvil, just like a furnace. Instead of the default “Blast Furnace” text in the GUI, you will now see your custom-set name for it.

Minecraft renaming Blast Furnace
This is everything you must know about the Minecraft Blast Furnace, so now it is time to start Minecraft, get back into your world, or create a new one and use it for smelting ores much more efficiently, or perhaps use it in a creative world to create the bass drum sound.

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