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Find out about all the new Bamboo Blocks in Minecraft 1.20
A Guide to the new Bamboo BlocksArticle posted on August 30, 2023 - 03:00 PM
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With the release of Minecraft 1.20 and the addition of Bamboo Blocks, players have a whole new set of possibilities to explore. In this guide, we will dive into everything you need to know about Minecraft Bamboo, from farming to crafting and everything in between.

Where and how to find Bamboo in Minecraft 1.20?

Minecraft Bamboo can primarily be found inside the Jungle biome. However, it can also be found inside hidden chests in villages and shipwrecks.

Panda in Bamboo Forest
Here, you can see what it looks like when you find a Jungle biome with Bamboo in Minecraft 1.20!

How to harvest Minecraft Bamboo?

In order to harvest Bamboo, you need to approach the shoot and break it! Upon breaking, Bamboo will fall down to the floor, and all you have to do is simply walk over the items to collect them!

Harvesting Minecraft Bamboo

Bamboo recipes in Minecraft 1.20

You can use bamboo to craft various bamboo-based blocks and items. Let us explore how you can utilize bamboo in different ways.

Here are a few things you can do with Bamboo in Minecraft:

To create a block of bamboo, you have to combine nine pieces of bamboo on the crafting table. Fill out the crafting table completely in order to get a block of bamboo, as shown below:

Block of Bamboo
To create bamboo planks, all you have to do is simply put the Block of Bamboo anywhere in the crafting table, and you will get two bamboo planks!

Bamboo Planks
Bamboo can be crafted into scaffoldings, which is useful for building tall structures. Scaffoldings can be stacked vertically and easily climbed. To craft them, all you need is six bamboo sticks and one string. Here is how to craft it:

Bamboo Planks
With the new update, we received two new boat types! These new watercraft options offer unique features and opportunities for exploration and transportation on the Minecraft seas. Let us dive into the details:

Bamboo Raft:
To craft a Bamboo Raft, place five bamboo sticks in a "U" shape on the crafting table. This simple recipe allows you to create a basic raft that can swiftly glide through rivers, lakes, and oceans.

Bamboo Raft
Bamboo Raft with Chest:
If you find yourself in need of extra storage space while adventuring on the water, the Raft with Chest is here to assist you. This upgraded version of the Bamboo Raft includes a built-in chest, providing a convenient spot to store your valuables and supplies.

To craft a Raft with a Chest, combine a regular Bamboo Raft with a chest in a crafting table.

Bamboo Raft with Chest
The Raft with Chest offers increased utility, allowing you to carry more items and resources as you explore the vast Minecraft oceans.

It is an excellent choice for long journeys or when you need to transport a significant amount of loot.

Here is what they look like:

Bamboo Rafts on water
Minecraft 1.20 introduces a range of new decorative blocks made from bamboo, allowing players to add a touch of natural beauty to their builds. These blocks include bamboo stairs, slabs, fences, trapdoors, fence gates, signs, hanging signs, and doors. Here is what all of them look like:

Bamboo Mosaic in Minecraft 1.20

The introduction of Bamboo Mosaic blocks further expands the creative possibilities within Minecraft, and now we will show you how to craft the Bamboo Mosaic Block. There are three of them:

Bamboo Mosaic Block

The first step is to craft Bamboo slabs. By using three Bamboo Planks and placing them horizontally in the crafting table, we can make six Bamboo Slabs.

Bamboo mosaic block
The second step is to take the Bamboo Slabs that you crafted and place two above each other in the crafting table to make a Bamboo Mosaic Block.

Bamboo Mosaic Stairs

By using six Bamboo Mosaic Blocks and placing them in the crafting table in a "L" shape, we can craft stairs as well! Here is how to do it:

Bamboo mosaic stairs

Bamboo Mosaic Slab

By using three Mosaic Blocks and placing them horizontally in the crafting table, we can craft slabs! Here is how to do it:

Bamboo mosaic slabs

What else can you do with Bamboo in Minecraft?

By being one of the most “expensive” blocks in Minecraft, we recommend building a Bamboo Farm! Here are some tips on how to do that:

Bamboo does not require any water to grow. Also, the Bamboo's growth is not affected by the blocks you plant it on. But Bamboo requires at least level 9 light to continuously grow even during the night.

By using Badlion Client, you can enable the "Block Info" mod, and by enabling the "Light Level" feature, you can see how much Light your Bamboo Farm is getting! You can download the Badlion Client here. Also, here is a step-by-step video guide on how to make the most efficient automatic Bamboo Farm in Minecraft!
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