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A guide to all types of Minecraft Wood
All types of Wood in Minecraft 1.20Article posted on February 26, 2024 - 04:00 PM
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Minecraft Wood is crucial when starting a new world, as you need it to craft your first crafting table and wooden Minecraft tools. Minecraft offers various wood types, some available since the beginning and others introduced in the latest major update.

Over the years, Minecraft has grown, introducing new features and items, including 11 types of wood in Minecraft. This article covers all types of wood in Minecraft, providing you with the essential information you need.

You can chop wood by hand without needing any tools, to cut down trees faster you will need better tools. You can find Minecraft wood almost anywhere, but keep in mind that certain biomes, like Plains, may have less wood than others.

  1. Oak Wood
  2. Birch Wood
  3. Spruce Wood
  4. Dark Oak Wood
  5. Acacia Wood
  6. Jungle Wood
  7. Bamboo Wood
  8. Mangrove Wood
  9. Cherry Wood
  10. Warped Wood
  11. Crimson Wood

This picture shows all wood blocks in Minecraft

Oak Wood

Oak wood in Minecraft has been present since the game's creation and continues to be the most common wood type. It exists in almost every biome except deserts, badlands, and similar environments. This type of wood in Minecraft counts as one of the most perfect building blocks in the building community. You can combine it with almost any other block.

All Oak Wood Blocks in Minecraft

Birch Wood

Birch wood is the second oldest tree type in Minecraft after Oak wood. Minecraft added Birch wood in the Beta 1.2 version. It exists in the Birch Forest and Old Growth Birch Forest. Minecraft Birch wood also appears in other biomes such as forests, plains, dark forests, and similar environments.

All Birch Wood Blocks in Minecraft

Spruce Wood

Minecraft Spruce wood is one of the most used building blocks especially when building a medieval-style wooden home. Spruce wood houses in Minecraft are popular amongst the building community therefore it makes this one of the most used and most popular wood types in Minecraft. You mostly find them in the Taiga and Old Growth Taiga biome.

All Spruce Wood Blocks in Minecraft

Dark Oak Wood

The Dark Forest is one of the densest biomes in the game, it is home to the Minecraft Dark Oak wood. This wood type in Minecraft can only be found in the Dark Forest biome, even though Oak wood and Birch wood can spawn in this biome besides the Dark Oak trees. This is a popular biome amongst players because it can spawn the Mansion structure and tall mushrooms.

All Dark Oak Wood Blocks in Minecraft

Acacia Wood

Players find this Minecraft wood visually interesting because of its unique shape and exclusive presence in the Savannah biome. Players recognize Minecraft Acacia wood for its orange color and unique shape, but it isn't popular among them. In Minecraft, there are three versions of Acacia wood: standard, multi-canopy, and straight. In Minecraft, Acacia wood generates entirely randomly, and players cannot influence it.

All Acacia Wood Blocks in Minecraft

Jungle Wood

You can only find Jungle wood in the Jungle biome. Besides the Dark Forest it counts as one of the densest biomes in Minecraft. Finding this biome can be challenging depending on your seed, despite its status as one of the largest biomes in the game. Exploring can be way easier by using the Badlion Client and the Coordinates Mod, you will also be able to access over 100 integrated mods that come with the client!

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The Jungle wood has a unique shade, it is similar to Oak wood in Minecraft but it has a much softer color.

All Jungle Wood Blocks in Minecraft

Bamboo Wood

Minecraft Bamboo Wood got its expansion in the 1.20 update with more crafting options, to learn more about Minecraft Bamboo wood we recommend this article. Only the Bamboo Jungle biome contains this type of Minecraft wood, making it the densest biome in the game. As mentioned before Bamboo wood got an expansion and now it offers various crafting options.

All Bamboo Wood Blocks in Minecraft

Mangrove Wood

Minecraft added Mangrove wood in version 1.19 in the Wild update. It features a whole new biome called Mangrove Swamp and it is the only place where you can find Minecraft Mangrove wood. In Minecraft, these trees have been crafted using both Mangrove roots and Mangrove wood, a concept unlike any other in the game.

All Mangrove Wood Blocks in Minecraft

Cherry Wood

The Minecraft Cherry Wood counts as one of the prettiest wood blocks in the game just like the Bamboo. Minecraft added Cherry Wood in the latest 1.20 The Trails & Tales Update. Minecraft Cherry Blossom wood can only be found in the Cherry Grove biome, it can be a bit tricky to find therefore some exploring will be required.

All Cherry Wood Blocks in Minecraft

Warped Wood

In Minecraft, Warped wood is one of the two wood types found in the Nether biome. You can only find Warped Stem in the Warped Forest biome. You can use this Minecraft wood just like any other found in the Overworld.

All Warped Wood Blocks in Minecraft

Crimson Wood

Crimson wood in Minecraft is the second type of wood that can be found in the Nether biome, it can only be found in the Crimson Forest. Crimson Forests are the red version of the Warped Forest, but it also has hostile mobs like the Piglins and Hoglins which can't be found in the Warped Forest. Therefore this can be a dangerous biome to explore.

All Crimson Wood Blocks in Minecraft

There are many different types of Minecraft wood and with Minecraft constantly expanding we are looking forward to getting new biomes and blocks. Wood in Minecraft is the most important block in the game because without it we would not be able to craft the crafting table and start our adventure. This article covers all the facts about the different types of wood that you can find in Minecraft. We encourage you to go on a fun adventure and gather all Minecraft wood types!
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