Best Minecraft 1.19 Tool Enchantments

Find out about the best Minecraft 1.19.4 enchantments for your tools
Best Minecraft 1.19 Tool EnchantmentsArticle posted on March 25, 2023 - 10:00 PM
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Gathering resources and upgrading your equipment plays a major role in Minecraft, and your tools are your best friends. Minecraft offers countless different enchantments for you to choose from, and picking the right ones may be a bit hard at times. But do not worry; this article will showcase the best Minecraft tool enchantments so that you will never have to worry about that again.

Unbreaking and Mending

Unbreaking and the Mending enchantment in Minecraft are essential when it comes to tools. Unbreaking III is the maximum level of the enchantment and increases the amount of time it takes for your Tools to lose durability. Ideally, you would want this enchantment on all of your tools.

Minecraft Mending and Unbreaking Enchantments
Mending only comes with one level and allows you to repair your tools by holding them in your hand or off-hand and collecting experience orbs. If you, for example, have an enderman farm, or a mob dropper, then you can restore the durability of your tool without having to use any of your precious resources.

Make sure to use the correct tool and prevent it from breaking

If you do not have the Mending enchantment on your tools, then we recommend you use the Survival Minecraft Mod from Badlion Client. It offers a setting called "Anti Breaking Tools" and as the name suggests, prevents you from breaking your tools. Badlion Client also comes with the Block Info Minecraft Mod that gives you information on the block that you are currently looking at, such as the correct tool, so that you do not accidentally mine a block with the incorrect tool because you are not sure what you should break it with. You can download Badlion Client from:

Minecraft Anti Breaking Tools


Your netherite pickaxe is fast, but did you know it can go even faster? As the name of this enchantment already suggests, the Efficiency V enchantment increases the efficiency of your items by decreasing the amount of time it takes for you to mine a block with your tool.

Fortune or Silk Touch

If you ever wanted to get more diamonds than just the few diamonds you mined for your diamond pickaxe, then the Fortune enchantment in Minecraft is the perfect match. You can add the Fortune enchantment on your pickaxe and increase the number of diamonds that you can get from mining a single diamond ore with any pickaxe of your choice, such as the netherite pickaxe in Minecraft. This, of course, also works with iron ores or gold ores, for example.

Minecraft Fortune Enchantment
You can also add it to your shovel, as it increases the chance of getting flint.This enchantment can technically also be put on your axe. However, it is only beneficial if you are planning on mining a lot of melons, as it will increase the number of melons that you can get from one mined melon block.

Minecraft Flint
One thing you should keep in mind, however, is that if you enchant one of your tools with Fortune, you will not be able to enchant it with Silk Touch. Silk Touch is the counterpart to Fortune and allows you to mine block and get it itself instead of the usual item or block that you would expect. If you enchant your pickaxe with Silk Touch I and then mine a stone block, you will get that exact stone block instead of cobblestone. This enchantment only has one level.

Minecraft Silk Touch Enchantment
Enchanting a pickaxe with Silk Touch I and one with Fortune III. Your Axe should, in most cases, be enchanted with Silk Touch I, just like your shovel.

Lure and Luck of the Sea

Fishing is not only an easy way to get food but also allows you to obtain rare loot while fishing. Through fishing, you have a chance to obtain an enchanted book with Mending, and with Luck of the Sea III, you can increase the likelihood of obtaining rare loot. The lure enchantment does not have an effect on what you fish but on how fast you fish. If you enchant your fishing rod with Lure III, you will have to wait less for a bite and would hence be fishing more efficiently.

Minecraft Lure and Luck of the Sea Enchantments

Mine, Craft, Enchant

These have been the best and most important Minecraft enchantments for your tools. Grab a pickaxe, start mining and gather some leather for an enchanting table, or look out for the next librarian villager so you can start enchanting your tools!
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