15 Best Minecraft Survival Seeds for Version 1.20

Find 15 amazing Minecraft survival seeds for your next survival world
Best Minecraft Survival Seeds for 1.20Article posted on June 25, 2023 - 04:00 PM
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Are you looking for the best Minecraft survival seeds to use in your next world? Then you have come to the right place! Here are 15 amazing Minecraft seeds for survival.

These seeds have everything from Woodland Mansions right at spawn to incredible survival islands. Keep reading to find your next favorite Minecraft seed!

Best Minecraft Survival Seeds for Java

  1. Seed 1407374885693783: Woodland Mansion Minecraft seed with floating village
  2. Seed 4000258: Scenic Minecraft Village seed with Ruined Portal
  3. Seed 281474991710756: Snowtopped Mini-Village seed
  4. Seed 562949961421314: Minecraft survival island seed
  5. Seed 844424938132248: Igloo with basement seed
  6. Seed 562949976423648: Perfect survival jungle seed
  7. Seed 323234: Amazing Minecraft survival island seed with Village
  8. Seed 844424953145004: Minecraft Plains Village with Ocean Monument
  9. Seed 562949971422651: Pillager Outpost seed
  10. Seed 562950017422387: Desert Village with Desert Temple seed
  11. Seed 157011823: Zombie Village seed
  12. Seed 28000095: Massive Minecraft Mooshroom island seed
  13. Seed 18000008: Beautiful survival seed with island Village
  14. Seed 108000052: Minecraft Jungle Village with blacksmith seed
  15. Seed 2251799823685811: Minecraft 1.20 Cherry Grove seed

Woodland Mansion Minecraft with floating Village seed 1407374885693783

A village floating on a lake near a Minecraft woodland Mansion
The Woodland Mansion is one of the rarest structures in Minecraft. Therefore, 1407374885693783 is an incredible seed, as it spawns you right next to one. Worried about being under-geared while exploring the Woodland Mansion? Make sure to get gear at a nearby village (X: 320 Z: -192) before heading into the Woodland Mansion.

One cool feature of this village is that it appears to be floating on water, with only a few pathways connecting it to the mainland.

If the Woodland Mansion isn't enough for your exploration desires, check out not one but two Shipwrecks within a few hundred blocks of spawn (X: 120 Z: -152) and (X: -152 Z: -232).

With a beautiful mountainous landscape covered in an extensive forest, there are plenty of spots to build your next survival base.

Scenic Minecraft Village with Ruined Portal seed 4000258

A scenic village with a ruined portal
Looking for a beautiful location to build your next survival base? Seed 4000258 will be perfect for you! spawn immediately into an extensive Minecraft village complete with a Blacksmith. You will have plenty of space to build any future empire, as this village is in a Plains biome.

For loot, Minecraft survival seed 4000258 offers a Ruined Portal along the ridge, just southeast of spawn (X: 104 Z: 72). With such a blank canvas, this Minecraft seed is perfect for your next survival world!

Snowtopped Mini-Village seed 281474991710756

a snowtopped miniature village
Gaining many points for its uniqueness, Minecraft seed 281474991710756 offers a small yet cozy village perched on a hill. Interestingly, half of this village is covered in snow, while the other half falls in a meadow. This creates an excellent visual effect that will certainly make your next Minecraft survival base unique.

Just south of the village, you will find a small meadow, perfect for building a survival house/compound. If one village was not enough, check out another resource-rich Minecraft village located just over a snowy slopes biome (X: 384 Z: -240).

Minecraft survival island seed 562949961421314

A Minecraft survival island seed with a village
There is nothing like starting your survival experience in Minecraft on a desolate island. With Minecraft seed 562949961421314, you will first spawn on the mainland in a Sparse Jungle. There, you can collect wood from a Forest biome, resources, and loot from a nearby shipwreck (X: 40 Z: 24) before traveling south by boat a few hundred blocks.

You will meet a reasonably unassuming island consisting of a Plains biome and a beach, hosting a small village.

You can get your creative juices flowing with a completely clean slate. Imagine turning the whole island into a dense fortress. Or perhaps make it your remote getaway. The possibilities are endless.

Igloo with basement seed 844424938132248

An igloo with a basement seed with a village nearby
Igloos with basements in Minecraft provide a unique opportunity for curing Zombie Villagers. For this reason, they are often sought out by survival players. With seed 844424938132248, you immediately spawn on top of an Igloo, which happens to host a basement.

Of course, this Minecraft seed also has a Minecraft Snowy Village north of the igloo, making it ideal for survival (X: 80 Z: -144). While you may find an additional igloo located within the village, the one near spawn is the only one with a basement.

Perfect jungle survival seed 562949976423648

A Minecraft jungle temple near a village
Minecraft jungles are one of the most challenging biomes to navigate and survive in. This is mainly due to their highly dense foliage and lack of spawnable structures like villages. However, Minecraft jungle seed 562949976423648 is perfect for your next Minecraft survival world, as it eliminates many of the negative aspects of a regular jungle.

First, you will immediately spawn on a Jungle Temple, offering you some loot. This is great. However, even better is that you will find yourself in a Sparse Jungle. This means that the vegetation won’t be as dense, allowing you to easily explore and gather resources.

Speaking of resources, northwest of spawn, you will find a vast Stony Peaks biome (X: -244 Z: -40) covered in exposed iron ore. You will have plenty of iron ingots to jumpstart your survival empire in no time.

If that weren’t enough, further northwest, you would find a Savanna Village (X: -416 Z: -272). Since villages do not spawn in Jungle biomes, finding a village nearby is often a rarity.

Amazing Minecraft survival island seed with Village 323234

a large Minecraft survival island with a village and large forest biome
Seed 323234 will spawn you on a modest-sized island packed full of exciting features to explore. On the southernmost tip of the island, you will find a multi-elevation Minecraft village built upon a dozen floating islands. It may be a challenging village to navigate, but the landscape provides a unique building opportunity.

In the island's interior, you will find a few meadows and waterfalls, all located in a Taiga biome. There is plenty of room for farms and buildings, so you can quickly expand your survival base. Simply put, this island may be one of the most beautiful Minecraft generations you will find in any Minecraft seeds.

But wait, there's more. South of the island, you will find a giant Mushroom Fields biome (X: 215 Z: 215). With a few boat trips, you can have a few Mooshroom cows hosted at your survival base. What more could you ask for in a Minecraft island seed?

Minecraft Plains Village with Ocean Monument seed 844424953145004

A village near an Minecraft ocean monument
Minecraft survival seed 844424953145004 will initially spawn you in a Plains biome. Just south of the spawn point, you will come across a village with a Blacksmith. On the edge of the Plains biome, you will find a forest providing plenty of resources and materials. Already, this area is great for any starter survival base.

However, when you are ready for a challenge, head to (X: 8 Z: 8), just northwest of spawn. There, you will find a massive Ocean Monument ready to be explored. Be careful, though, as Guardians will do everything they can to keep you out.

Pillager Outpost seed 562949971422651

A Pillager outpost seed near a normal village
Ready to wage war? Seed 562949971422651 in Minecraft immediately spawns you in the middle of a Pillager outpost. A few hundred blocks south lies a harmless and defenseless village. Whether you want to get an easy Hero of the Village effect or just want to see the world burn, this seed will set you up for success.

In addition to the precariously placed Pillager outpost, this seed also offers several opportunities for loot. Nearby the village, there is a Ruined Portal (X: 104 Z: 280), along with a Jungle biome. While you might not be able to find any Jungle Temples nearby, there are shipwrecks further north at (X: -488 Z: -296).

Desert Village with Desert Temple seed 562950017422387

A Minecraft desert temple right next to a desert village seed
The Desert biome in Minecraft contains one unique structure often sought out by players. That structure is a Desert Temple, which can often carry valuable and unique loot, such as Minecraft Diamonds and Saddles. The Minecraft Desert seed 562950017422387 will spawn you right on top of a Desert Temple.

To get the Desert Temple loot, simply dig down near the middle of the temple. There, you will find a deep hole. You must be careful, as Desert Temples often have pressure plates, trapped chests, and TNT to deter any potential looters. You should dig below the bottom of the hole to remove any TNT before opening chests.

In addition, this seed offers an extensive village just south of spawn, which will serve as the perfect location to jumpstart your survival base. You can even find more Desert Temples north (X: 24 Z: -136) and west (X: -248 Z: 136).

Abandoned Village seed 157011823

A zombie village with jagged peaks in the background
Have you ever encountered an abandoned village? They are somewhat rare and not very useful, but they still provide a unique experience. Not only do you spawn in the middle of an Abandoned Village with survival seed 157011823, but you also spawn near a normal village (X: -240 Z: 224). This means you can explore the Abandoned Village while still having a valuable base of operations for your survival empire.

One of this seed's most enticing survival aspects is the Jagged Peaks biome, which surrounds the two villages. Not only are they extremely cool looking, but they provide more iron than you could ever need.

Massive Minecraft Mooshroom Island seed 28000095

A massive mooshroom island with mushroom fields
Another unique Minecraft biome, which you may have never encountered before, is the Mushroom Fields biome. This biome will only spawn in the form of Mushroom islands surrounded by the ocean.

Not surprisingly, on the island, you will find plenty of Mushrooms. However, you will also find a variant of the Minecraft cow called the Mooshroom. Instead of just using a bucket to get milk, you can also use a bowl to get Mushroom stew, making Mooshrooms a valuable food source.

In addition to the Mushroom Fields island, you can find a village north of spawn, providing plenty of resources (X: -416 Z: -384). There is even an Igloo with a Basement right next to the village (X: -504 Z: -360).

Beautiful survival seed with island village 18000008

A island village with a moat around it
Initially, you will spawn into a vast giant Old Growth Pine Taiga biome. Right away, you can obtain plenty of building resources, such as wood. However, this seed's main attraction is a village on a small island within a Plains biome.

Each side of this survival island contains water in a moat-like fashion. Perhaps this would be an ideal place to build a Minecraft castle.

If more than the village, Plains biome, and Taiga biome is needed, there is yet another village west of spawn (X: -656 Z: -320). If you're looking for some sweet villager trading discounts, there is a Pillager Outpost near the second village, which you can use to start a raid (X: -656 Z: -320)

Minecraft Jungle Village with blacksmith seed 108000052

A village near a jungle with a blacksmith
As mentioned, it is impossible in Minecraft for villages to spawn within Jungle biomes. However, villages can spawn near jungles, which is what survival seed 108000052 offers.

You will start near a Bamboo Jungle biome. In the Bamboo Forest, you can gather Bamboo to create sticks or admire the cute Minecraft pandas. When you're ready, make your way over to (X: -416 Z: 32), where you will find a Minecraft village alongside the jungle border.

Not only does the village offer a Blacksmith, but there is a Ruined Portal just west of the village for you to loot (X: -536 Z: 104)

Minecraft 1.20 Cherry Grove seed 2251799823685811

A Minecraft Cherry Grove biome near a village
Minecraft 1.20 was just released, and with it comes a new biome, the Cherry Grove biome. The Cherry Grove biome's main attraction is its beautiful foliage. With Minecraft seed 2251799823685811, you get a gorgeous Cherry Grove biome. Located on the side of an empty hill, there is plenty of space to build your survival base.

You will find a Minecraft village at the base of the hill. Included in the village is a Blacksmith, and there are plenty of villagers to start trading with. For an authentic 1.20 experience, check out seed 2251799823685811.

These are the 15 best Minecraft survival seeds you need to check out! This list has everything you could ask for in your Minecraft world, from Woodland Mansion seeds to useless Zombie Village seeds. Before you head out into Minecraft survival, check out these fantastic Minecraft survival mods. They will completely transform your survival experience!
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