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Find out about the best Minecraft Trident Enchantments
Best Trident EnchantmentsArticle posted on June 26, 2024 - 06:00 PM
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The Trident in Minecraft is the only weapon that can deal both melee and ranged damage. You can throw it and damage other players, animals, or mobs but you can also hold it and use it like a sword.

Though, the trident is not great for combat. It does less damage than a sword and a bow and should not be used for combat as you will always be better off with a sword, a bow, or an axe.

However, there are a few Minecraft Enchantments that you can put on your trident, which will make it much more useful and may help you escape dangerous situations or just replace the way you are currently traveling.


Minecraft Loyalty Enchantment

As the name suggests, the loyalty enchantment keeps your trident with you. If you throw a trident, it will stick inside of the block where it lands. This means that you have to go and get it yourself and if you throw it far away, this can become quite a hassle.

Instead, you should enchant your trident with loyalty. This means that the trident will always come flying back and you can keep on throwing it without having to worry about losing it in an accident.

There are three levels of this enchantment and the only difference is the speed at which the trident will return. If you have some spare levels, you should get Loyalty III but if you do not, then Loyalty I will also get the job done for the time being.


Minecraft Riptide Enchantment

We have previously mentioned that tridents are not the best weapons when it comes to combat. However, this enchantment gives it a completely different purpose, which we think is even better.

With the riptide enchantment, you can throw the trident and fly through rain, water, or thunderstorms. The only problem with this enchantment is that you cannot apply loyalty to the trident at the same time, nor can you apply channeling at the same time.


Minecraft Channeling Enchantment

Just now we mentioned channeling. Channeling allows you to throw your trident during thunderstorms and cast a thunderstorm at the location where the trident lands.
As you might already know, hitting a creeper with a bolt of lightning will charge it. And if a charger creeper explodes, all the mobs affected by the explosion will drop a head upon their death.

This enchantment is great for farming wither skulls and heads in general but cannot be combined with riptide. So if you want to travel through the skies, and water and also get the benefits of channeling, you should get yourself two tridents, which you then enchant separately.


Minecraft Mending Enchantment

If you want to use the trident frequently, then you need to get the mending enchantment. You might already know this enchantment, it allows you to repair the trident using experience points.
If you hold the trident in your hand or your off-hand and you are picking up experience points, you will repair the trident instead of picking up the experience.


Minecraft Unbreaking Enchantment

And if you want to prevent your trident from breaking too fast, you can also enchant it with Unbreaking. The highest level of this enchantment is 3 and if you enchant your trident with mending and Unbreaking 3, you will be good to go for a while.

If you are planning on traveling with your trident, you can keep it in your off-hand and repair it by killing mobs during your adventure.

You are best off keeping two of them with you. One to travel and one to get mob heads easily. If you do not need mob heads, then you can just keep one with you to travel fast and efficiently. Instead of having to build long paths of ice, for example, you can use your trident and fill up a small tunnel with water.

We can also recommend using a durability display mod to keep track of when you have to repair your trident if you do not have mending yet. If you are traveling through the skies with it, this is a must-have as you may end up breaking it mid-air and dying to fall damage.

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