The 5 Best Minecraft Wall Designs (With Schematics)

Check out these 5 amazing Minecraft wall designs
The 5 Best Minecraft Wall Designs (With Schematics)Article posted on April 29, 2023 - 08:30 AM
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Players often overlook the importance of including good Minecraft Wall designs in their builds. While putting focus on Minecraft walls might seem trivial, using these 5 designs for walls in Minecraft will completely transform your builds. Not only does using walls in Minecraft keep unwanted animals (and players) out of your base, but it will also add a surprisingly pleasing aesthetic element.

Minecraft Castle Wall Design

A Minecraft Medival Castle Wall design
Planning on building a castle in Minecraft? Check out this original Minecraft Castle wall design. The combination of Acacia logs, Soul Lanterns, and Lodestones will give your design a medieval Minecraft wall theme.

While this Minecraft wall has a beautiful design, the enhanced detail does come at a cost. Each 5 by 6 section of wall will require you to use 4 Lodestone blocks. While Lodestones can be found as loot in Bastion Remnants, you will most likely need to craft them for your wall if you are playing Minecraft in survival mode. You can substitute it for a different block, but we highly recommend keeping it in as it makes this design unique compared to other Minecraft castle wall designs.

Each Lodestone is made by surrounded one netherite ingot with 8 Chiseled Stone Bricks. This makes this wall ideal for late-game players after you have established a successful Netherite mine. You can read more about how to find Netherite easily in Minecraft in our Minecraft Netherite article.

Download the Minecraft Castle Wall Schematic

Items required for a 9 by 6 section of wall:

Acacia Logs18
Azalea Leaves6
Cobblestone Wall3
Soul Lantern2
Stone Brick Slab14
Stone Brick Stairs7
Smooth Stone28

Minecraft Stone Wall Design

A Minecraft stone wall design
Want a medieval Minecraft wall design that isn't too resource heavy? Check out this medieval-esque Minecraft stone wall design. The best part is the materials required to build it are fairly easy to obtain.

One notable feature is that this wall can be extended horizontally and vertically and still look fantastic.

Download the Minecraft Stone Wall Schematic

Items required for a 9 by 7 section of wall:

Black Candle4
Chiseled Stone Bricks16
Dark Oak Slab22
Polished Basalt18
Smooth Stone4
Stone Brick Slab6
Stone Brick Stairs16
Stone Bricks16

Minecraft Village Wall Design

A Minecraft village wall design
Need a cheap yet stylish wall to protect your Minecraft Village? This wall achieves just that. Designed to blend in with the existing village structures, this wall is extremely cheap and is one of the most simple Minecraft wall designs. In addition, it's designed so that it can easily fit in with most landscapes surrounding Minecraft villages.

Simple yet sweet, this wall is a must-use!

Download the Minecraft Village Wall Schematic

Items required for a 7 by 5 section of wall:

Oak Fence6
Oak Log12
Stone Brick Slab8
Smooth Stone8

Minecraft Wood Wall Design

A Minecraft wood wall design
Are you confident your base is fireproof? You may want to check out this next wall design for Minecraft. Contrasting with the many stone wall designs you will find, this Minecraft wood wall design will add a positive and inviting look to your base.

Being made out of wood means this wood wall design is relatively cheap. If you are in Minecraft Survival and have a birch tree farm, you won't have any issues making this wall.

Download the Minecraft Wood Wall Schematic

Items required for a 9 by 4 section of wall:

Birch Button12
Birch Fence12
Birch Log12
Birch Stairs12
Cobblestone Wall6
Stripped Birch Log24

Minecraft Interior Wall Design

A Minecraft interior wall design
This Minecraft interior wall design would be great for a wood structure. While slightly more expensive, the wall adds character to your builds. Perhaps you can use it as a wall for a library or study.

Most Minecraft Wall Designs you will find are meant for exterior walls. However, the interior walls of builds are often overlooked. How much an interior wall makeover can add to a build would surprise you.

Download the Minecraft Interior Wall Schematic

Items required for a 9 by 4 section of wall:

Note Block10
Oak Log9
Spruce Slab12

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With all the options shown in this article, start enhancing your builds with these 5 Minecraft wall designs. Whether it be a cold and dark Minecraft castle or a friendly Minecraft Survival base, there is a Minecraft wall design for you!

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