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How to collect every Dye in Minecraft!
Every Dye in MinecraftArticle posted on April 4, 2024 - 01:00 PM
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In this guide, we will cover everything you need to know about Minecraft dyes. From how to obtain them, craft, to transforming your Minecraft world into a colorful adventure. Get ready to unleash your creativity and add a splash of color to your Minecraft journey!

Moving ahead, let's explore the basics of obtaining and crafting dyes in Minecraft. Learn these steps to unlock the full creative potential of dyes, making your building adventures more exciting and colorful!

What are Minecraft Dyes?

In Minecraft, players use dyes to color objects like wool, terracotta, glass, armor and more. They allow players to add their personal touch to their builds. Players can get Minecraft Dyes through a few different ways such as crafting, smelting, trading with villagers, or finding them in chests.

A picture showing all dye colors

How to get all Dyes in Minecraft?

Minecraft Dyes can be crafted from natural resources like flowers, plants, and minerals. These are the most common ways to obtain dyes. Other methods are mob drops, crafting and trading. Certain Dyes in Minecraft have multiple crafting options that we will cover down below.

  • White Dye - How to get White Dye in Minecraft? You can make White Dye in Minecraft by using bone meal or Lily of the Valley.
  • Light Gray Dye - How to get Light Gray Dye in Minecraft? Another dye that has various crafting options, for example by placing a white Tulip in a crafting slot will give you Light Gray Dye, placing an Azure Bluet or Oxeye Daisy will also give you the same color.
  • Gray Dye - How to get Gray Dye in Minecraft? You can get it by placing one Black Dye and one White Dye in the crafting slots.
  • Black Dye - How to get Black Dye in Minecraft? Minecraft Black dye is obtained by placing an ink sack or Wither Rose in the crafting slot, both give the same color.
  • Brown Dye - How to get Brown Dye in Minecraft? Brown Dye in Minecraft has only one way to be obtained and that is by entering the Jungle biome and finding Cocoa beans and placing them in the crafting slot.
  • Red Dye - How to make Red Dye in Minecraft? Red dye in Minecraft is crafted by the following flowers/foods: Beetroot, Red Tulip, Poppy and Rose Bush, each one gives the red color.
  • Orange Dye - How to make Orange Dye in Minecraft? It can be obtained by combining red and yellow dye, also by using a Torchflower or an Orange Tulip.
  • Yellow Dye - How to get Yellow Dye in Minecraft? Minecraft Yellow Dye is crafted by using a Sunflower or a Dandelion and placing it in one of the crafting slots.
  • Lime Dye - How to get Lime Dye in Minecraft? Lime Dye is crafted by combining and placing Green Dye and White Dye in the crafting slots.
  • Green Dye - How to make Green Dye in Minecraft? Minecraft Green Dye is crafted by gathering a cactus and burning it in a furnace.
  • Cyan Dye - How to make Cyan Dye in Minecraft? Cyan Dye in Minecraft is crafted by combining Blue Dye and Green Dye or by using a Pitcherplant.
  • Light Blue Dye - How to make Light Blue Dye in Minecraft? Light Blue Dye is crafted by combining Blue Dye and White Dye or by using a Blue Orchid.
  • Blue Dye - How to get Blue Dye in Minecraft? Blue Dye in Minecraft is obtained by using Lapis Lazuli or the Cornflower.
  • Purple Dye - How to get Purple Dye in Minecraft? Purple Dye in Minecraft is crafted by combining Blue and Red dye.
  • Magenta Dye - How to get Magenta Dye in Minecraft? Magenta Dye in Minecraft can be crafted from Lilac or Allium, also it can be crafted by combining Blue, Red and White Dye.
  • Pink Dye - How to make Pink Dye in Minecraft? Pink Dye in Minecraft can be made from the following flowers Pink Tulip, Peony, Pink Petals, and by combining White and Red Dye.

Most of the mentioned flowers can be found in the Flower Forest biome. To learn more about how to find all flowers in Minecraft 1.20 please check out our article on that topic. Also, check out the video down below for a demonstrated version on how to get all dyes.

What are Dyes used for in Minecraft?

Dyes in Minecraft allow players to Dye and personalize their blocks and items. One of the most common applications of dyes is in coloring wool blocks. Wool comes in a natural white color, but by applying different dyes, players can transform it into various colors.

They are also used to color other blocks like Glass, Concrete and Terracotta. You can also color Items like beds, candles, banners, Shulker boxes and signs.

A picture showing all dyed blocks

How to Dye Leather Armor in Minecraft?

Leather Armor is the only type of Armor in Minecraft that can be Dyed in different colors. First, gather leather to make armor. Then, collect at least 4 pieces of dye in any color you like.

After that the process is simple. All you have to do is to place your piece of armor in the crafting table and add a dye next to it, and that is it you have dyed your piece of armor, now you have to repeat the process for each piece.

A picture showing all dyed armor combinations

When you tame a Wolf or Cat, you can change the color of their collar. To do this, hold a color dye in your hand. Then, right-click on the animal. Also, you can dye a Sheep's wool by right clicking on it with your selected dye in hand.

A picture showing all dyed pet collars

Minecraft Dyes have a broad use in the Minecraft world, they allow players to add their personal touch to a good amount of items in the game. If you found this article useful consider using Badlion Client! It contains over 100 built in mods that are ready use.
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