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A guide to Minecraft GoldArticle posted on June 21, 2024 - 05:15 PM
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Minecraft Gold should not be your go-to material when it comes to crafting items like tools and armor, even though they are not the best they do have some benefits which we will cover later in this guide. Gold in Minecraft is one of the oldest Minecraft ores in the game and it has its own unique uses.

Where to find Gold in Minecraft?

Minecraft Gold is the only Minecraft Ore that generates both in the Overworld and the Nether biomes. In the Overworld, Gold generates from Y level -64 to 32 in most Minecraft biomes. The best Y level to mine Minecraft Gold is Y level -16. This is the level where you will be able to mine the most gold.

Minecraft Gold found in a dark cave

Gold in Minecraft generates slightly differently in the Badlands biome in comparison to other biomes. It is much more common in the Badlands biome than in any other Overworld biome. Gold in this biome can generate anywhere from Y level 32 all the way to Y level 256.

In Nether, Minecraft Gold is much more common and it can spawn from 0-16 ores at once. It attempts to generate 10 per chunk, but in the Basalt Deltas biome it attempts to generate 20 times per chunk, as there are fewer valid generation areas.

To learn more about Minecraft Ore Distribution check out our article that covers that topic.

For easier mining and exploring download Badlion Client and use our Full Bright mod, it will allow you to have maximum visibility wherever you are in your Minecraft world. Besides the Full Bright mod we also have over 100 other mods that will enhance your Minecraft experience.

A preview of the Badlion Client FullBright Mod


Bartering was added to Minecraft in the 1.16 version and ever since then it is by far the best use for Minecraft gold. In the update Mojang introduced a mob called Piglin. This mob has an affinity towards Minecraft Gold. Players need to approach them and drop them one piece of gold and they will get one of the following items in return:

  • 8-16 Blackstone
  • 8-16 Gravel
  • 6-12 Spectral Arrow
  • 2-8 Nether Brick
  • 2-8 Soul Sand
  • 2-4 Leather
  • 1-3 Crying Obsidian
  • 1 Firing Charge
  • 1 Soul Speed Book
  • 1 Water bottle, Fire Resistance, splash potion or regular
  • 10-36 Iron nuggets
  • 1 Obsidian
  • 5-12 Quartz
  • 3-9 String
  • 2-4 Ender Pearls

A tip for Bartering with Piglins is that you can craft a Minecraft gold farm to a bartering system for the most efficient farming of these items.

A Minecraft Piglin holding a piece of Minecraft Gold

Protection from Piglins

As we mentioned before Piglins are obsessed with Minecraft gold and they will attack any player that is not wearing golden armor. Therefore, players can avoid piglins by wearing golden armor. Beginner players are advised to wear a single piece of golden armor to avoid being targeted by piglin hordes.

However, wearing golden armor while raiding a Bastion Remnant will not protect you from the Brute Piglins that are protecting the Bastion.

Two Brute Piglins protecting the Minecraft Nether Bastion Remnant

Armor Trims

Armor trims are one of the best customization options that you can have in the game, it allows you to add certain designs to your armor. Of course you will need to find Smithing Templates before doing this. In Minecraft 16 different Armor Trim designs exist.

You can find smithing templates in different structures. To duplicate them, you need 7 diamonds and a block that matches the template.

A preview of all 16 Armor Trim designs made with gold applied on Netherite Armor

Villager Trading

After Villager trading changes, Emeralds are more valuable. Players can trade 3 Gold Ingots for 1 Emerald. This could be a reasonably inexpensive transaction with the use of a Minecraft Gold farm.

A showcase of some Minecraft Villager trading offers

Minecraft Golden Carrots

Golden Carrots in Minecraft are one of the best foods in the game. They offer the highest saturation of stackable food items. They are easy to farm and craft, all you need is a carrot and 8 golden nuggets.

The Minecraft Golden Carrot is also used as a potion ingredient for Night Vision. With how cheap and easy they are for crafting, Golden Carrots in Minecraft are one of the best foods and best uses for Minecraft Gold in the game.

Besides the Golden Carrot you can also craft the Minecraft Golden Apple, also a stackable food item which can heal you in tricky situations.

Minecraft Golden Carrot crafting recipe

Crafting Netherite

Players use Minecraft Gold for crafting Netherite. To make one Netherite ingot, you need 4 gold ingots in Minecraft. Although it may seem expensive, only 4 gold ingots are needed along with 4 Netherite Scrap, making it a small cost.

Minecraft Netherite crafting recipe

You can use Minecraft gold for crafting tools and armor. However, we do not recommend using it. This is because gold tools and armor are weak and not durable. We suggest making golden armor when going to the Nether to protect against Piglin attacks.

The Minecraft Golden pickaxe is fast, but it has a durability of 32 which is extremely low. In the following video you can check out whether Golden tools are faster than Diamond tools.

Minecraft Gold is one of the oldest ores in the game, it is one of the more useful Minecraft ores and it adds diversity to the game. It may not have huge amounts of crafting options but it still counts as one of the more valuable ores in Minecraft. We hope that this guide has helped you learn how to find Minecraft Gold and some of its uses.
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