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Learn everything you need to know in order to use the Minecraft Anvil
Everything about the Minecraft AnvilArticle posted on June 28, 2024 - 08:00 PM
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The Minecraft Anvil was introduced to us in the 1.4.2 Minecraft update. Dinnerbone, then Lead Engineer on Minecraft tweeted the first images of the Minecraft Anvil interface on the 7th of October 2012 then it was fully released later in the same month.

Anvils in Minecraft went through a lot of changes since their addition to the game, from the change of the crafting recipe, new additions and mechanics, the Minecraft Anvil went through all of them.

What is an Anvil in Minecraft?

Minecraft Anvils are mainly used to fix equipment in Minecraft. However, you need two of the same items to make repairs. They are also useful for combining enchantments.

The more you use an anvil, the more it wears out, similar to tools and weapons. You can tell it is wearing out by its appearance. A new anvil has no cracks, but as it gets used, cracks will start to show. Typically, you can use an anvil about 25 times before it breaks.

A Minecraft Anvil

How to craft an Anvil in Minecraft?

Crafting an anvil is now relatively cheap and easy compared to older versions of Minecraft. When the Anvil was introduced to Minecraft players, crafting one required 6 blocks of iron and one single iron ingot. Now crafting one is much cheaper as you only need 3 blocks of iron and 4 iron ingots.

It still requires a decent amount of mining to obtain one, but it will be well worth it especially if you can find an enchanted book in the early days of your survival world. After gathering the required resources place them in the crafting table like shown below:

The Minecraft Anvil crafting recipe

If you are having issues with finding certain crafting recipes especially in the new versions when new blocks are being added we recommend you to download Badlion Client and use our Just Enough Items mod.. This mod has every crafting recipe in the game at one place. With this mod you won’t need to use Google to find certain crafting recipes.

The Badlion Client Just Enough Items mod

How to use a Minecraft Anvil?

The Anvil has a few basic functions that we will go over:

Renaming items, including blocks, makes the name appear in italics and not colored by rarity. Most blocks lose the rename when placed, except some containers, which show the name when opened (e.g., naming a chest "My Secret Chest" will display this name when the chest is placed and opened).

Renaming a Minecraft chest:

Renaming a Minecraft Chest

Opening the renamed chest, you can see the name on the top of the chest inventory:

Renamed a Minecraft Chest

You can repair gear using its material, like iron ingots for iron tools and armor. Most items use their material for repairs, except turtle shells (scutes) and elytra (phantom membranes). Golden, wooden, diamond, netherite, leather, and iron tools/weapons/armor can be repaired on a Minecraft anvil.

Repairing a iron pickaxe

Combining two iron pickaxes in Minecraft, especially when both have low durability, increases the durability of one pickaxe. This repair method helps extend the tool's lifespan without needing to craft a new one. This is especially useful when you have good enchantments on tools.

Combining two iron pickaxes

Combining a tool with an enchanted book allows you to transfer the book's enchantment to the tool. This method is more cost-effective than combining enchantments from two similar items, for example two efficiency 4 pickaxes to get one efficiency 5 pickaxe. Of course that is also one of the possibilities with the Minecraft Anvil.

Combining a Enchanted Book with a Minecraft Netherite Pickaxe

Now we have covered everything that you need to know to use the Minecraft Anvil. This utility block will prove its worth as you progress through your survival world. Make sure to check out Badlion Client and boost your experience with our already pre-installed mods and performance boosts.

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