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A Guide to Minecraft CopperArticle posted on February 9, 2024 - 06:00 PM
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The 1.17 Caves and Cliffs update introduced Minecraft Copper to us. Currently copper in Minecraft has a limited amount of crafting options, but that will change in the upcoming Minecraft 1.21 update. In this guide we will cover everything that you need to know about Minecraft copper, from its unique properties to its practical applications in your Minecraft adventures.

Where can you find Copper in Minecraft?

The copper ore is most commonly found underneath beach biomes. Although copper ore appears all over the Overworld, it spawns on all levels from -16 to 112. For a more detailed guide about Minecraft 1.20 Ore Distribution please check out one of our other articles. The most common layers where Minecraft copper spawns are y-levels 47 and 48. The ore usually generates 6 times in each chunk in groups of 0 to 16. If you need help with chunks in Minecraft we recommend you to download Badlion Client and use our Chunk Borders.

A preview of the Chunk Border Mod

On average, the copper ore veins are larger in dripstone cave biomes. To mine copper, use a stone pickaxe or a better tool. When you break a copper block, it produces raw copper that you can smelt into copper ingots. In addition, when players slay Drowned Zombies, they drop copper.

This picture shows a Minecraft Copper ore in a cave

What is Copper used for in Minecraft?

Since the addition of copper in Minecraft, players have wondered, “What can you use copper for in Minecraft?”, You can use Minecraft copper for building, decorating, or crafting items, like the:

  • Spyglass - this item is used as a telescope. Players use it to zoom in on distant objects in their field of view (FOV). To make a Spyglass, you need 2 copper ingots and an amethyst shard. Put them in the crafting table as shown in the picture.

This picture shows how to craft a Spyglass in Minecraft

  • Lightning rod - this item is used to divert lightning strikes. When placed the lightning rod will divert lightning strikes within a radius of 128 blocks. If your base is in a forest, you can use it to prevent forest fires. However, remember that placing the lightning rod on a flammable block can still cause fires in a small area around it. To craft the lightning rod, you will need 3 copper ingots and place them in the crafting table as shown in the picture below.

This picture shows how to craft a Lightning rod in Minecraft

  • Brush - A brush is a tool used in archaeology to excavate suspicious blocks for different items. Gradually brushing against a suspicious block reveals a random item until it falls out. To craft a brush, you will need one copper ingot, one feather, and one stick. Place them in the crafting table as shown in the picture below. These Minecraft copper recipes are easy to remember, and we are sure that you will have fun with them!

This picture shows how to craft a Brush in Minecraft

When building and decorating, you can use the copper block in various ways. There are 4 new copper blocks.

  1. Block of Copper
  2. Cut Copper
  3. Cut Copper Stairs
  4. Cut Copper Slabs

To make a copper block, put 9 copper ingots on the crafting table. Place them in the crafting table as shown in the picture below.

This picture shows how to craft a Copper block in Minecraft

Next, put the copper block you made into the stonecutter. Then, decide whether you want to create Cut Copper, Cut Copper Stairs, or Cut Copper Slabs.

This picture shows how to use a stonecutter in Minecraft

In 1.17, the game added a new game-mechanic called Copper Oxidation that applies to all copper blocks, gradually turning them into a greenish-blue color. All copper blocks have four different stages.

  1. Normal - Block of Copper
  2. Exposed - Exposed Copper
  3. Weathered - Weathered Copper
  4. Oxidized - Oxidized Copper

This picture showcases all copper blocks in Minecraft

On the left is the first stage, the Normal Copper Block. Next to it is the second stage, the Exposed Copper Block. Then comes the Weathered Copper Block, and finally the Oxidized Copper Block.

How to Oxidize Copper in Minecraft?

The best way to oxidize copper in Minecraft is to space them out. At least four blocks of air between them will speed up the process, five blocks of air will be even faster. Here you can find a test of how oxidation works in Minecraft.

How to wax Copper in Minecraft?

To prevent copper from oxidizing, apply a Honeycomb by right clicking with it on any of the blocks. When you apply the Honeycomb, your Copper Block will transform into a Waxed Copper Block. To remove the wax you just need to use an Axe and right click on the block.

Additional Use

One more interesting thing that you can do with copper is to customize your armor. Although we don’t have Minecraft copper armor, we can customize any other type of armor. All you need to do is place a smithing table and have a copper ingot and a smithing template.

This picture shows how to customize armor in Minecraft with copper

Minecraft Copper has added a new dimension to the game since its introduction in the 1.17 Caves and Cliffs update. While its crafting options may currently be limited, the promise of expanded possibilities in the upcoming Minecraft 1.21 update hints at exciting features for players. Looking ahead to Minecraft 1.21, players can anticipate even more exciting uses and features for Minecraft Copper.
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