Find Gold easily in Minecraft

Find out how you can easily obtain loads of gold ingots and blocks in Minecraft
How to find Gold easily in Minecraft 1.20Article posted on June 7, 2023 - 01:00 AM
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As you progress through Minecraft 1.20, you will require gold ingots at one point. They can be used to craft golden apples, netherite ingots, or golden carrots, for example. You can obtain them through mining or through a zombified piglin farm.

Keep reading to find out how to find Gold in Minecraft 1.20 as easily as possible.

How to mine for Gold in Minecraft?

Just like other ores, you can find gold ore by mining. Gold can be most commonly found between y = -48 and y = -64. If you are going through caves, then make sure to stay between these two y levels to have a high likelihood of finding gold.

Caving to find Gold in Minecraft
Another way to mine for gold is branch mining. For this method, you have to dig a tunnel that is two blocks high and one block wide. The tunnel should be at y level -16, ideally for the best chances. Branch mining is also known as strip mining. Every two blocks, you dig a branch into the tunnel. It should look the following:

Branch Mining for Gold

Mining for Nether Gold Ore

As of 1.16, you can find Nether gold ore in the nether. If you are playing Minecraft 1.20, you can use this to your benefit. Nether gold ore drops 2 to 6 gold nuggets, which you can then craft together to get gold ingots. If you use the fortune enchantment, then you can get even more gold nuggets. And since Nether gold ore is easy to spot in the nether, you can get plenty of gold in no time.

Searching Nether Gold Ore

Ocean Monuments and Bastions

You can find gold ingots in loot chests, which generate in various different structures in Minecraft. Some of the structures are mineshafts, bastion remnants, or shipwrecks. This means that exploring your Minecraft world allows you to get a good amount of gold ingots nearby. And since Minecraft 1.20 is all about Trails and Tales, you will definitely be exploring your world.

If you are traveling across an ocean, then you might stumble upon an ocean monument. Ocean monuments are especially good when it comes to getting a lot of gold in no time. Keep in mind to come prepared to defeat the Guardians and Elder Guardians. But once you have done so, you can loot the gold blocks. Each of the gold blocks is worth nine gold ingots.

Ocean Monument in Minecraft
You can also find gold blocks in the nether. They generate in the treasure room of a bastion, which you will have to go through either way to get the netherite upgrade templates.

Gold in a Bastion in Minecraft

Zombified Piglin Gold Farms in Minecraft

If you want to have the process of finding gold somewhat automated, then gold farms are your go-to. There are countless different designs that you can go with and it all depends on what you personally prefer the most. Some of them take a couple hours to build, some of them take a couple minutes and some just take a couple seconds.

We can recommend this YouTube video from Shulkercraft. He tests multiple different designs, which you can pick your personal favorite from, or go with their recommendation.

Are there other ways to get gold in Minecraft?

Yes, there are even more ways to get gold in Minecraft. If you have gold equipment, you can smelt it in a furnace. You will then get gold nuggets, which you can craft into gold ingots. You will get plenty of them if you have a zombified piglin farm. And since gold equipment is not really useful either way, it is a good way to repurpose the items.

Is there anything else you should know?

We previously mentioned that you can find gold blocks in bastions in the nether. You can also find gilded blackstone in these bastions. They do not stick out as much as the nether gold ore does but you can still see them easily. You can mine them and use the gold nuggets that they drop to craft gold ingots.

Gilded Blackstone in Minecraft Bastion
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