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How to get Minecraft Armor Trims and what Armor Trims areArticle posted on April 1, 2023 - 08:00 PM
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The Minecraft 1.20 Update is right around the corner, and one of the highly anticipated features, which you can already try out on the latest Snapshot version, is even better than you think. Keep reading to find out how you can get Armor Trims in Minecraft and what they are. You can also check out our table to see the different unique patterns!

How to get Minecraft Armor Trims?

Minecraft Armor Trims can be applied to your Armor through so-called Armor Trim Templates. These are combined with an ore of your personal preference in a smithing table and the armor piece that you would like to add it to. Keep in mind, they only serve a decorative purpose and no actual functional one. If you add a netherite trim to your armor, it will still burn in lava, and if you add a gold ingot trim to your armor, you will still be attacked by piglins.

Where can I find a Armor Trim Template in Minecraft?

The Snout-, Rib- and netherite upgrade templates can be found in nether structures. Snout trims can be found in bastion remnants, just like netherite upgrade trims and rib trims can be found in nether fortresses. The spire trim is currently the only end-dimension trim that can be found in an end city.

All other armor trims are located in the overworld. The coast trim can be found in a shipwreck, the dune trim in a desert temple, the eye armor trim in a stronghold, the sentry trim in a pillager outpost, the vex trim in a woodland mansion, and the wild trim in a jungle temple. The ward and silence trims can both be found in ancient cities.

Trail ruins

Minecraft 1.20 also introduces a new structure, the trail ruins. This is a buried structure that works as an archeology site and hides the wayfinder, shaper, and host trims in suspicious sand and gravel. They can be found on land or underwater and are almost fully generated underground, while their tip still sticks out above the surface.

What Armor Trim Templates exist?

There are currently 16 different Armor Trims in the game. Below, you can find a chart with all currently available armor trims, their names, and a picture of what they look like in-game when applied to Netherite Armor. For this example chart, we used quartz as the material.

However, you can also use other ores. As of right now, you can use emeralds, redstone dust, lapis lazuli, amethyst shards, nether quartz, netherite ingots, diamonds, gold ingots, iron ingots, and copper ingots. There are octillions of combinations for you to explore and make your armor truly unique. If you ever want more customizability, then this feature is definitely the right one for you!

Minecraft 1.20 Vex Armor TrimVexMinecraft 1.20 Ward Armor TrimWardMinecraft 1.20 Wayfinder Armor TrimWayfinderMinecraft 1.20 Wild Armor TrimWild

Minecraft 1.20 Coast Armor TrimCoastMinecraft 1.20 Dune Armor TrimDuneMinecraft 1.20 Eye Armor TrimEyeMinecraft 1.20 Host Armor TrimHost

Minecraft 1.20 Raiser Armor TrimRaiserMinecraft 1.20 Rib Armor TrimRibMinecraft 1.20 Sentry Armor TrimSentryMinecraft 1.20 Shaper Armor TrimShaper

Minecraft 1.20 Silence Armor TrimSilenceMinecraft 1.20 Snout Armor TrimSnoutMinecraft 1.20 Spire Armor TrimSpireMinecraft 1.20 Tide Armor TrimTide

How to trim Armor in Minecraft?

Armor Trim Smithing Templates can be combined with any piece of armor and one ingot or crystal of your personal choice in a Smithing Table in Minecraft. The Armor Trim will then be applied to your Armor, and the color of the Trim will depend on the ingot or the crystal that you chose.

So, for example, if you choose Redstone, then the armor trim will be red. If you were to use quartz, then the armor trim would be white. This is how the GUI looks like when you have everything added to the right slot:

Applying Redstone and Armor Trim to Netherite Chestplate

How do you upgrade your Diamond Equipment to Netherite Equipment?

You can no longer add a netherite ingot to your diamond armor to upgrade it but have to collect a so-called "Netherite Upgrade" Smithing Template first. You can find one of these in a bastion remnant and then use it alongside one netherite ingot to upgrade your armor. This is what the layout of the smithing table looks like:

Upgrading Minecraft Diamond Leggings to Netherite

Can you duplicate Smithing Templates in Minecraft?

Yes, you can duplicate your Smithing Templates. Having to find four in individual structures scattered in your world would take a lot of time, so instead, you can use seven diamonds, the Armor Trim, as well as the corresponding item that it requires to duplicate it. This is the crafting recipe for duplicating a netherite upgrade smithing template:

Duplicating Smithing Templates Minecraft

Start Exploring

This is everything you must know about the Minecraft 1.20 Armor Trim feature. Make sure to grab your elytra and a few rockets and start exploring Minecraft structures to find whatever Smithing Template you personally like the most! Using the Badlion Client, which you can download from the [url=https://client.badlion.net/download}download page, you can start playing the most recent snapshots with your favorite mods without waiting days for them to get updated!
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