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Find out about the best Minecraft Enchantments and the different ways to repair a Bow in Minecraft
How to Repair and Enchant a Minecraft BowArticle posted on September 1, 2023 - 10:00 AM
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If you have ever used a bow in Minecraft, chances are that you noticed that they tend to break really fast. If you are fighting a skeleton, a creeper, or even a baby zombie, it is better to switch to a long-range weapon.

You can easily deal damage from a safe distance and with the right enchantments, you do not even have to carry loads of arrows with you. If you want to find out about the best enchantments and how to repair your bow properly, then keep reading.

How to craft a Bow in Minecraft?

You can craft a bow with three sticks and three strings. You will need a crafting table and need to align the items like this:

How to craft a Minecraft Bow
You may also end up getting a bow from killing a skeleton every now and then if you do not want to craft it.

If you want to know all crafting recipes right away, we can recommend the "Just Enough Items" Minecraft Mod. Simply download Badlion Client from here for free and you can check the crafting recipes in-game.

How to repair a Bow in Minecraft?

There are multiple ways to repair a bow in Minecraft. You can either use an anvil, a grindstone, or even the crafting grid in your inventory. All of these three have their advantages and disadvantages.

Repairing a Bow using the Crafting Grid

You can use the crafting grid to combine the durability of the two bows. Though, this will remove all the enchantments from the bows. If you are using bows without enchantments, then this is a good way to repair them.

Repairing Minecraft Bow in the Crafting Table
If you are using a bow without enchantments, then you can also go ahead and craft a new one. But if you have a skeleton mob farm, you will have excess bows and can use them to repair your bow either way.

Using the Grindstone to repair a Bow

You can also use the grindstone to repair a bow. You will have to put two bows into the grindstone and you will end up with one bow that has the durability of the two previous bows combined with an additional 5% of durability.

Repairing using Grindstone
This is the best way to repair your bow if you want to repair it most efficiently and do not care about your enchantments as they will also get lost in this process.

Repairing a Bow in Minecraft using the Anvil

You can use the anvil to repair a bow in Minecraft without losing its enchantments. For this, you will need your bow with enchantments, another bow, and some experience points. You will then have to put your bow with enchantments into the first grid and the other bow into the other grid.

Repairing using the Anvil in Minecraft
This process costs a few levels but allows you to keep all of your enchantments.

Best Bow Enchantments in Minecraft

You can easily enchant bows in Minecraft through the enchanting table or by using enchanted books. You can combine the enchanted books with your bow in an anvil and apply it to the bow this way.

We recommend getting the following enchantments for your bow:
  • Mending I
  • Unbreaking III
  • Power V
Best Minecraft Bow Enchantments
You can additionally get "Flame" and "Punch" but these are optional. Flame is the "Fire Aspect" equivalent for bows and puts mobs on fire if you hit them with your arrows. And "Punch" is the same as knockback but for your bow.

Some players prefer not to have these enchantments on their bow as they also come with their disadvantages in some scenarios. You can also replace "Mending I" with "Infinity I" if you personally prefer having infinite ammunition.

Infinity enchantment on Bow
Mending allows you to repair your bow by collecting experience orbs. All you have to do is have your bow either in your hand, or your off-hand and you will automatically repair it.

Unbreaking prevents your item from breaking as fast. And power, as the name suggests, allows you to deal more damage with your arrows.

And if you decide to go with the infinity Minecraft enchantment, you can still repair it using an anvil. This way it will cost a bit more but you will not have to carry as many arrows with you.
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