Minecraft 1.19 Support on the Badlion Client

Start exploring the Minecraft 1.19 Wild Update on the Badlion Client
Minecraft 1.19 Support on the Badlion ClientArticle posted on June 7, 2022 - 02:00 PM
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Minecraft 1.19 is right around the corner. On June 7th, you will be able to jump right into the action and experience the Minecraft Wild Update to its fullest on the Badlion Client. This article will showcase the new features that this update offers and will show you how to play Minecraft 1.19 on the Badlion Client for free once it is released.

How will I be able to play the Minecraft 1.19 update?

Selecting Minecraft 1.19
First and foremost, you have to download and install the Badlion Client. If you have already installed the Badlion Client, it will automatically update itself when opening the launcher. If you have not installed it yet, then please go to our official website and download it:

Once you have installed the Badlion Client, open the launcher. Then select "1.19" as the Minecraft Version and press "Launch". This will throw you right into action. If you have any questions or need help, then feel free to contact our support through Discord, the website, or our support desk at any given moment.

New Materials, new blocks, and brand-new locations to explore

The Minecraft 1.19 update is a highly anticipated major update. This update contains new mobs and animals like frogs or the Warden and brand-new locations for you to explore, such as the Mangrove Biome and the Ancient City. On top of all these things, a boat containing a chest, similar to the Minecart with a chest, has been added to Minecraft. Keep reading to see a showcase of some of the new features you can expect in the update right around the corner!

The Deep Dark

Minecraft 1.19 deep dark biome
The Deep Dark is a brand new biome at the deepest depths of the overworld in Minecraft. The surface of the Deep Dark contains stains of the new sculk-related blocks. This biome, however, comes with some limitations. Other than the Warden and mob-spawners, no mobs can spawn here.

The Ancient City

Minecraft 1.19 ancient city
The Ancient City is another brand-new structure. It only generates within the Deep Dark biome that we previously mentioned in this blog article. It is extremely large in size and contains chests with unique loot like echo shards, books with the new Swift Sneak enchantment, disc fragments, and different redstone puzzles, depending on the variant of the city, for you to solve.

The Mangrove Swamp

Minecraft 1.19 mangrove swamp
The Mangrove Swamp is a new swamp variant that is being introduced with this update. It contains Mangrove trees, frogs, slimes, as well as tropical fish that can spawn in water. Unlike the regular Swamp biome, you will not be able to find witch huts here.

Minecraft 1.19 day-one Shaders support

To ensure that you do not have to enjoy your game without Shaders, the Badlion Client comes with built-in shaders available for you right away when a new version of Minecraft becomes available on the Badlion Client. This means that you can jump right into the action with shaders without waiting for OptiFine or your shaderpack to be updated to the latest Minecraft version.
Our shaders can enhance your Minecraft gameplay experience by adding more details and shadows to your gameplay. With the use of our free built-in shaders, you can:

  • Use Shadowing on blocks
  • Have Waving plants
  • Use Shading on water

  • Enjoy exploring the Minecraft 1.19 update in all of its glory with the Badlion Client for free with our handcrafted features and without any compromises!
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