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Minecraft 1.19 Mod Support Now Available on the Badlion Client
Minecraft 1.19 Mod Support Now Available on the Badlion ClientArticle posted on June 8, 2022 - 12:00 PM
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With the release of the Minecraft 1.19 update, many of our favorite mods are suddenly out of date and need to be updated for the latest Minecraft version. Badlion Client has you covered with Minecraft 1.19 Mod support from day one. With a single download, the client provides you with a Minecraft 1.19 Modpack, including over 100 different types of Minecraft 1.19 Mods. This post explores some of the most game-changing Minecraft Mods for 1.19 currently available on Badlion for free.

Using Minecraft Mods 1.19 on the Badlion Client

Who said that you have to wait for certain mods to be updated or that you have to build your own Minecraft 1.19 Modpack? The Badlion Client allows you to seamlessly transition with all of your favorite mods to new Minecraft versions as soon as they are released!
The client offers a wide variety of free built-in survival mods to make Minecraft 1.19 a better experience for you. The best part is that you can instantly use them and do not have to install any manually. In addition, you have various options to customize the Minecraft 1.19 Mods and change them to your liking. Simply go to our official website and download the latest version of Badlion to get started:

Viewing the Minecraft Mods 1.19 on the Badlion Client

Badlion makes it incredibly easy to play with your favorite mods. Still, there are some basic skills to review to ensure you make the most of what Badlion offers. To start, you can easily access the wide variety of Minecraft 1.19 Mods by opening the Mod Menu. The Mod Menu is used for browsing and selecting mods. This will be your central hub for all things mod-related. If you have not used Badlion before, the default key to open this menu is "right-shift." Pressing "right-shift" will open the menu and display all Badlion mods. You can also access the Mod Menu from the Esc Menu by pressing Esc and clicking "Mods" directly.

Use the search bar in the top right corner to search for mods by name. This way, you can easily find your favorite mods fast.

Minecraft 1.19 Mods Menu on the Badlion Client

Minecraft 1.19 Mods available on the Badlion Client

The Badlion Client provides many mods which can enhance your gameplay in the Minecraft 1.19 update. Some of these popular mods include Armor Status, Keystrokes, Potion Status, and CPS.

Consider giving our easy-use and lightweight mods like Waypoints or Weather Changer a try if you are just starting your Minecraft modding experience. While these mods may not seem as game-changing as other features Badlion Client offers, you will never play Minecraft 1.19 Survival the same again.

Waypoints 1.19 Mod

Minecraft Mods 1.19 on Badlion Client – Waypoints Mod

Have you ever gotten lost in the infinite world of Minecraft? Are you tired of writing down and navigating to numerical coordinates? The Waypoints Mod for Minecraft 1.19 marks the end of your navigation troubles. The Waypoints 1.19 Mod has become essential for survival worlds with multiple farms, structures, and points of interest. With the Waypoints Mod, you can easily visually see all your saved locations and how far you are away from them.

Weather Changer 1.19 Mod

Minecraft Mods 1.19 on Badlion Client – Weather Changer Mod

When building large structures in Minecraft that take multiple in-game days to complete, some of the most annoying intrusions can be mother nature. The last thing you want on your multi-day project is a thunderstorm or blizzard stealing your focus. With the Weather Changer Mod, you gain the ability to control the weather around you.

Armor Status 1.19 Mod

Minecraft Mods 1.19 on Badlion Client – Armor status Mod

Have you always wanted to see the durability of your armor without having to check it in your inventory? Well, you can now do this by enabling the Armor Status Mod. Once enabled, this displays the durability of your armor, which automatically updates during gameplay.

Keystrokes Mod

Minecraft Mods 1.19 on Badlion Client –  Keystrokes Mod

You may be interested in monitoring the keystrokes on your mouse or keyboard on the screen by using the Keystrokes Mod. This mod will display and highlight the keystrokes pressed during gameplay.

Potion Status Mod

Minecraft Mods 1.19 on Badlion Client –  Potion Status Mod

Do you want to see your potion effects on screen? Well, you can do this with the Potion Status Mod. The Potion Status Mod works by displaying the amount of time you have remaining on a potion effect during gameplay. You can see your potion effects on the GUI without checking your inventory.


Minecraft Mods 1.19 on Badlion Client –  FPS Mod

The FPS Mod displays your frames per second during gameplay. Once enabled, the mod automatically updates in the background and allows you to see your frame rate at any time. The mod displays your FPS in a cleaner style, unlike the F3 Debug Menu which clutters your screen with lots of text.

Can't get enough of the 1.19 Mods Badlion has to offer? Browse through a complete list of Minecraft Mods for 1.19 that Badlion Client supports here.

Can I customize 1.19 Mods on the Badlion Client?

Yes! Not only are our mods available for free, but they are also customizable using different options like:

  • Using a different font style
  • Changing the color of the font
  • Changing the background color of the mod
  • Changing the mode of the mod, for example, brackets mode
  • Adjusting the position and size of the mod using the GUI Editing feature
  • Hiding mods while in F3

What are you waiting for? Start exploring the mods available on the Badlion Client in the Minecraft 1.19 Update for yourself. With one download, you will have all your favorite mods and many more game-changing features at your disposal. Download Badlion Client today:
Badlion Client
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