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Minecraft 3D Skins ModArticle posted on February 7, 2023 - 05:00 PM
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Minecraft skins have been a core feature of Minecraft for years. With over 3,000 customizable pixels, the possibilities for Minecraft skins are endless. One tool that skin creators use to give their skins more depth is Minecraft's skin layer system. When creating skins, you have two layers to work with. The first layer is the base layer, which must be filled entirely for each Minecraft skin. However, the second layer can be transparent and is raised slightly from the base layer. Using this second layer, skin creators can add elements to their skins, such as hair, hats, jackets, and much more, which look realistic due to the raised nature of the second skin layer. However, no matter how cool looking your Minecraft skin may be, there will be one major flaw in its design. Because the second layer is floating, there will be a gap between the first and second layers when you look at the skin closely. Ultimately, this undesirable effect takes away from the skin's realism.

Minecraft skins without 3D layers
With this said, there is an easy fix with what is known as the Minecraft 3D Skins mod. The Minecraft 3D Skins mod makes your previously 2D Minecraft skin layers into a solid 3D model. The problematic gaps mentioned above are filled in by the 3D skins mod, making your skins far more aesthetically pleasing. Keep reading to see how you can start using the 3D skins mod in Minecraft!

Minecraft skins with 3D layers

How to install the Minecraft 3D Skins mod

The fastest and easiest way to start using the 3D skins mod is by downloading the Badlion Client here. Badlion Client is a single download Minecraft launcher/mod pack that includes 100+ extremely useful Minecraft mods. In addition, Badlion Client supports all the most popular Minecraft versions and allows you to switch between versions seamlessly. Because of how easy it is to download and start using, we highly recommend using Badlion Client when installing the 3D skins mod.

Once installed, you can select the Minecraft version which you want to use in the Badlion Client launcher. Then, simply click launch, and Minecraft will start with Minecraft mods already included.

Launching Minecraft

How to get 3D skins for Minecraft

To get 3D skins in Minecraft, open the Minecraft Mod Menu using right-shift. In the top right corner, search for the "3D Skins" mod. You should see the 3D skins mod appear in the menu, at which point you can enable it using the toggle below the icon. Once enabled, all skins will now appear with 3D layers!

Install the Minecraft 3D Skins mod

Additional Minecraft 3D Skin settings

Want even more customization? Click on the mod in the mod menu to open its settings page. Here you will find numerous settings related to the mod, which you can use to both increase performance and customize features.

3D Skins Minecraft mod settings
The first four options will help you control performance. To get the most Minecraft FPS with the 3D skins mod, disable transparent pixels, and the fancy compiling options. In addition, the render distance slider and "show others" setting can control whose skins get rendered in 3D. Note that having the render distance set to a low value or disabling "show others" will cause Minecraft 3D skin layers to not consistently render. If you want to use the 3D skins mod while still having the best possible performance, check out our FPS article here, where we discuss ways to improve your FPS.

Below the performance settings, you will find a set of toggles for each part of the Minecraft player model. These toggles allow you to control which areas are rendered or not. For example, imagine you have a skin that includes sunglasses. You may want the gap between the base and second layer of your skin for the glasses to look more realistic. In this case, you could disable the "Head" toggle so that everything but Minecraft player heads gets rendered in 3D.

3D Minecraft skins body part settings
In addition, you can use this feature to improve performance. Let's say you only want to use the 3D skin mod for your arm overlay. First, you can disable all the model toggles except "right arm." Then, you can disable the "show others" toggle, which we mentioned a couple of paragraphs ago, and only your player's right arm will be displayed.

3D Minecraft skins right arm
Are you ready to take your Minecraft skin experience to a whole new level? Download Badlion Client and try the 3D Skins mod out for yourself today. You won't ever want to play Minecraft without 3D skin layers again!
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