How to Beat the Minecraft Ender Dragon

Find out how to defeat the Ender Dragon and about some Minecraft Mods that you should definitely consider for the fight!
How to Beat the Minecraft Ender DragonArticle posted on January 31, 2023 - 05:00 PM
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The End?

Minecraft currently features two major bosses, the wither, and the Ender Dragon. And even though it seems easy to defeat the Ender Dragon, it can be quite challenging without proper equipment, knowledge, or experience. If you have not yet defeated the Ender Dragon and would like to hold the dragon egg in your hands for the first time in your Minecraft survival world, then this article is perfect for you! If you have already defeated the Ender Dragon but would like to find out about some other mechanics, then this article is also perfect for you. Keep reading to find out about the best techniques, equipment, as well as about the best Minecraft mods to help you defeat the Ender Dragon!

Getting geared up

Let us start by picking the perfect armor for you. We would recommend that you stick to diamond armor. Ideally, you would want your armor to be enchanted with Protection IV, or even better, have netherite armor that is enchanted with Protection IV. However, in most cases, you should also be able to defeat the Ender Dragon in diamond armor without any problems. You can, of course, also go with enchanted iron armor. If you struggle to defeat monsters in the overworld, or the nether, then we recommend you stick with better armor. If you have little to no issues with them, then you can stick with lower tier armor. When picking your armor, also consider getting yourself a pumpkin. Replacing your helmet with a carved pumpkin will help you with endermen as they will not become aggressive. However, carved pumpkins also have a downside, as the overlay will disturb your vision.

Minecraft Pumpkin Overlay

If the carved pumpkin overlay distracts you too much, we recommend you to check out the Pack Tweaks Minecraft mod that comes pre-installed and ready-to-use with the Badlion Client. It is completely free and has a setting to disable the annoying overlay. All you have to do is download the Badlion Client from and open the Mod Menu by pressing "Right-Shift" on your keyboard. And last but not least, search for the Pack Tweaks mod, enable it, and then enable the "Hide Pumpkin Overlay" setting in the options that you can open by simply pressing the Minecraft mod icon in the Mod Menu.

Minecraft Pumpkin Overlay disabled

As easy as that you were able to overcome the major downside of carved pumpkins! If you decide to replace your helmet with a carved pumpkin, then we recommend sticking to slightly better armor as you will be missing out on your helmet.

To be able to deal permanent damage to the Ender Dragon and prevent him from regenerating, you will have to break the end crystals that are located on the obsidian pillars. Your equipment should include either blocks, scaffoldings, or ladders, as they will help you get up the obsidian pillars to be able to destroy the end crystals. You should also consider bringing a pickaxe, as you can use it in case you should run out of blocks. Most of the end crystals will not be protected by iron bars. We recommend destroying these with a bow, or a crossbow that you have brought with you as this will prevent you from taking any unnecessary damage. You are free to choose whether you would like to use a bow or a crossbow. We recommend bringing a bow to the Ender Dragon fight that is also enchanted with Power, ideally Power IV, or Power V, as this will allow you to deal more damage to the Ender Dragon and hence defeat the Ender Dragon much quicker. The bow will also allow you to shoot more frequently than the crossbow as it reloads faster. If you have an infinity book lying around, then you can add that enchantment to your bow. However, if you do not have one lying around, then that is not a problem either. Just make sure to bring sufficient arrows to the fight.

Minecraft Aiming at End Crystal with Bow

Now that we have a way to destroy the crystals that are not protected through iron bars and know how to get on the obsidian towers to destroy the crystals that are protected through iron bars, how do you get down? The easiest method is to bring a water bucket with you. You can place the water at the top, then remove it and jump into the water. If you brought ladders with you, then you can, of course, also use them to get back down again. Keep in mind that destroying the end crystals will throw you away from them if you are in the radius of the explosion, so make sure to place the water before breaking the crystal or to go away far enough.

You should also make sure to bring bottles with you to collect the Dragon's breath. You can use the Dragon's breath to brew lingering potions.

Minecraft Dragon's Breath

You can use the bow that you brought with you to damage the Ender Dragon but you can also wait for the dragon to dive at the portal and for it to hover above it. While the dragon is hovering you can attack him using a sword, or an axe. The sword allows you to damage the Ender Dragon more frequently. You may experience some trouble trying to find the hitbox of the Ender Dragon. By pressing "F3" + "b", you can enable hitboxes that will help you hit the Ender Dragon and prevent you from missing him countless times. However, using the Hitboxes Minecraft mod that also comes pre-installed with the Badlion Client, you can even customize the color, thickness, what entities have hitboxes, and even more!

Minecraft Dragon Hitboxes

Now that we have talked about what you should bring to an Ender Dragon fight, this is what your loadout could look like:

Possible Minecraft Ender Dragon Equipment

Useful tips

We have previously mentioned that you can use the hitboxes to hit the Ender Dragon more easily and more frequently. In fact, you can even use the hitboxes to be able to see the end crystals easier. You can customize the Minecraft mod to your liking and make the hitboxes bigger, thicker, or even change their color. You also do not have to build up to the end crystals that are protected by iron bars but can shoot them from below. Finding the perfect angle might be a bit more difficult than building up, so make sure to choose whatever method you personally prefer!

If you decided to wear a helmet instead of a carved pumpkin, then you can also use the water bucket to push away endermen from you. You can of course also use the axe that you brought with you to deal more damage and kill them much easier. If you do not feel confident enough, then you can of course also add boats to your loadout and trap the endermen in boats before killing them.

You can defeat the Ender Dragon countless more times, all you have to do is place four end crystals on the edges of the exit portal. Placing one on each side will then cause the Ender Dragon to respawn. However, keep in mind that you can only obtain the Dragon Egg the first time you defeat the Ender Dragon.

You can find four torches at the portal in the center of the island. Make sure to grab at least one to collect the Dragon Egg after the fight. Punching the Dragon Egg will teleport it to a different position so that you can then place a torch two blocks below it and let it fall on the torch after breaking the block between the torch and the egg.


Killing the Ender Dragon with a bow and, or a sword, can get boring. So why not try out a different method that deals a lot of damage? For this method, make sure that you bring flame resistant blocks with you as the explosion from the beds would otherwise cause your blocks to catch fire. This technique is fairly straightforward, however, is not recommended for newbie players as it may be a bit hard to execute. If you feel confident enough, then you are most welcome to try it out! First, make sure to head to the portal in the center of the island and build a path from the outer ring toward the center. Then place a bed on top of the bedrock in the middle. It should look similar to this:

Minecraft Dragon Bed technique

Now all there is left for you to do is wait for the Ender Dragon to approach the portal. As he is flying down, right-click the bed and replace it.

Minecraft Dragon Bed Damaging

Is it worth it?

Defeating the Ender Dragon is definitely worth it. During the fight, you get to obtain Dragon's breath, which you can later use for the brewing of lingering potions. The Ender Dragon fight also gives you a lot of experience points that you can then later use to enchant your equipment even better. And of course, defeating the Ender Dragon also gives you the opportunity to collect the rare Dragon Egg that you can then display as one of your trophies. Upon defeating the Ender Dragon you will be able to return to the overworld and an end gateway will be generated. You can use the end gateway to go further out in the end and start seeking an elytra!

We believe that every player should defeat the Ender Dragon at least once. There are countless more Minecraft mods for you to explore using the Badlion Client, be it Minecraft Survival Mods, Minecraft PvP Mods, or Mods that help you defeat the Ender Dragon. You can customize fire to be less distracting, add an item, or block counter, keep track of your supplies, and much more. What are you waiting for? Time to get equipped and jump right into the end portal and defeat the Ender Dragon so that you can come home with that Dragon Egg!
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