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Learn about the best strategies and tips for Minecraft Bedwars
Hypixel's Minecraft BedwarsArticle posted on November 23, 2022 - 03:00 PM
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If you have ever played on any form of player-versus-player Minecraft server, chances are you have heard of Minecraft Bedwars. Modernized by the Hypixel network, Bedwars has quickly become one of the most popular game modes among Minecraft minigames. Unlike many Minecraft minigames, Bedwars is unique in that it is highly strategic and supports many different play styles. This article will look at Minecraft Bedwars in-depth, going over the best strategies and tips. While we will focus mainly on Hypixel Bedwars, the material we discuss can be easily applied to other Bedwars servers.

How to Play Bedwars in Minecraft

For playing Bedwars, we recommend you use Minecraft version 1.8. This will provide you with the best Hypixel and PVP experience. To start playing Bedwars on Hypixel, navigate to the multiplayer section of your Minecraft client. Click "Add Server" at the bottom of your screen, and type "mc.hypixel.net" into the Server Address field. Once done, name the server and click "Done." Back in the Multiplayer Menu, click on Hypixel, then click "Join Server." You have now joined the Hypixel network!

how to join hypixel
Once you have entered the Minecraft server, you will need to navigate to the Bedwars lobby. To do this, use one of the following methods:
  • Type the following in chat "/bedwars"
  • Right-click the compass in the first hotbar slot, then click on the Minecraft Bed icon.

how to play minecraft bedwars

How to Play Bedwars in Minecraft

Currently, there are five permanent Bedwars game modes on Hypixel:
  • Solo: single teams, eight teams total
  • Doubles: teams of two, eight teams total
  • 3v3v3v3: teams of three, four teams total
  • 4v4v4v4: teams of four, four teams total
  • 4v4: teams of four, two teams total
Select the game mode that you wish to play. For beginners, we recommend playing either 4v4v4v4 or Solos for your first game mode.

hypixel bedwars game modes

Once in-game, the goal is relatively straightforward. Protect your bed at all costs while trying to destroy enemy beds and eliminate teams. As long as your bed is intact, you will respawn in the game whenever you are killed. However, if an enemy team destroys your bed, you will no longer be able to respawn and will be out for the remainder of the game if you die. This is called a final kill. The game ends when only one person is left alive whose team is declared the winner.

To fuel this battle, you will have access to an Item Shop. Here, using resources gathered in your team generator, you can buy blocks to defend your bed, weapons to help you fight other players, or utilities to conquer other teams. However, some items in your shop will require resources you can only get on other islands. For example, you can only find emeralds on the large, middle islands. In addition, diamonds, used for the Upgrades shop, can be found on islands between teams.

hypixel bedwars generator and item shop

Bedwars Tips

Whether you are new or returning, the following tips will help you throughout your Bedwars games!

Use the Right Strategy for the Right Game Mode

Bedwars strategies come in all shapes and sizes. However, a common mistake new and returning players make is using the wrong Bedwars strategy for the wrong game mode. Specific Bedwars strategies are designed to work effectively only in specific game modes, so you should take time to learn the most common strategies and how you can put them to good use.

In Solo or Doubles Bedwars, you should try and initiate your first rush against the teammate closest to you as soon as possible. Rushing is when you focus on attacking other teams more quickly rather than spending time on defense or team upgrades. The goal is to catch the enemy off guard before they have time to put up extensive defenses or buy gear (weapons, armor, etc.). To do this, you should wait in your generator to get 16 iron. On most Solo Bedwars maps, this will be enough iron to buy enough wool blocks to bridge to the next island while still having extra. In addition, if you are not a PVP-oriented player, you can wait for four gold ingots to buy TNT. This will take care of any bed defense your opponent has set up. The key to this strategy is to be fast, so as soon as you have your iron and gold, set up a one-layer wool bed defense and bridge as quickly as possible to the closest enemy!

For teams, there are two standard methods for rushing. First, you can all target one team. Usually, one person will defend or cover the bed, one will bridge, and the rest will rush with tools (pickaxe and axe) and utilities (TNT and fireballs). The benefit of this method is that since your entire team is targeting one enemy, it's generally easier to destroy their bed and eliminate their team. The downside is since your focus is only on one team, that gives the other two teams time to gather resources and potentially start attacking you.

A solution to the above is known as the "IYN" strategy. This strategy is similar to the previous strategy; however, instead of attacking just one team, you will attack two teams simultaneously. In this strategy, you will have two bridgers, one bridging to the team on your left and one bridging to your right. Each bridger will start bridging as soon as they have enough blocks to complete their bridges, giving the remaining teammates whatever gold they collected before they leave the base. The remaining teammates will work together to create a "butterfly" defense (shown below) around the bed. One will buy 12 endstone, while the other will buy 14 glass blocks. In addition, each should use their remaining gold to buy TNT. Once the bed defense is complete, one teammate will join the left bridger, while the other will join the right bridger.

minecraft bedwars butterfly defense
At the enemy team's base, the teammate with TNT will jump down and place the TNT next to the enemy team's defense. Next, once the bed is exposed, the bridger will jump down and break the bed. Both teammates will then try and eliminate the enemy until they have done so. When done correctly, this strategy can lead to two team eliminations within the first couple of minutes, which is why it is so effective. The downside is that since two people attack each team of four, your team becomes susceptible to counterattacks.

Use a PVP Client

There are numerous Bedwars Mods currently available that will enhance your Bedwars experience, but the best way to get their benefits is through a Minecraft client like Badlion Client. Not only does Badlion Client provide you with Bedwars/PVP-specific mods, but it will also bring an FPS boost. To get started using Badlion Client, visit our website here. Here are some of the mods we recommend trying out for Bedwars currently available on Badlion Client.

Height Overlay

minecraft bedwars height overlay mod
Height overlay is a Hypixel-specific mod that warns you when you have reached the height limit. This is especially helpful in Bedwars since you will often find yourself towering up to avoid plays. Each map has a slightly different limit, so knowing how high you can go can save you some time and even prevent you from falling. The mod will display the height limit in text and give you a visual warning overlaid on blocks.

Bedwars Timers Mod

minecraft bedwars bedwars timers mod
The Bedwars Timers Mod gives you the ability to see a timer for all game events. These events include generator upgrades, bed destructions, sudden death, and game end. This can help you pace out the game to better time your attacks and strategies.

Bedwars Bed Mod

minecraft bedwars bedwars beds mod
The Bedwars Bed Mod changes the color of beds in Bedwars to match their associated team's color. This mod benefits those playing on MC versions older than 1.12 since those versions do not contain colored beds. Because the mod allows you to see individual bed colors for each team, it not only makes the game more visually appealing but is also helpful with identifying what team you are attacking.

Speedometer Mod
minecraft bedwars speedometer mod
The Speedometer Mod displays your speed in meters per second. This is especially useful for practicing bridging since you can see how fast you're going. With this information, you can improve your bridging technique or gauge how long it will take you to cross the map.

minecraft bedwars hystats
Hystats is a mod that displays various Hypixel game mode statistics. One of the game modes supported is Bedwars. With this mod, you can view a variety of Bedwars stats such as K/D ratio, W/L ratio, win streaks, and more. Overall, this is an excellent HUD mod for any Minecraft Bedwars player.

Minecraft Bedwars Texture Pack

Texture packs make your game more aesthetically pleasing and usually come with FPS improvements. For this reason, they are especially favorable. One of the easiest ways to install Bedwars texture packs is through the Badlion Client resource pack search feature. With this, you can search and install Bedwars texture packs all within the game, which makes using texture packs easier, safer, and faster.

To get started while in-game, go to "MC Options" and "Resource Packs." Once in the resource pack menu, click "Find New Packs." You will now be in the pack search menu, where you can search and install resource packs.

minecraft bedwars texture pack

Additional Tips and Tricks

  • Play with Friends! If none are online, you can usually find other players looking for teams in Hypixel Bedwars lobby one.
  • Practice makes perfect. Use Hypixel's various practice modes to work on bridging techniques, fireball/TNT jumping, and more. You can also work on your PVP ability in other Hypixel game modes, such as Duels.
  • Use the upgrade shop wisely. We recommend upgrading Protection and Sharpness first.
  • If PVP fights aren't your forte, use Bedwars' various utilities and range weapons, such as fireballs, bows, and TNT.

At this point, you should be well-equipped for any Bedwars game you play. As you get more experience playing Bedwars, you will get more comfortable with its game mechanics and nuances. Make sure not to get discouraged if you lose games, and always remember to have fun!
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