Minecraft Bridge Designs

Here are five Minecraft Bridge ideas you should try building in your next Minecraft Survival world
5 Minecraft Bridge DesignsArticle posted on January 27, 2024 - 05:00 PM
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A good Minecraft Bridge design can greatly enhance the look of your Minecraft survival base, more than you may expect. While a simple one-block-wide bridge will get the job done, spending time making a fancier bridge will change how your base feels by making it look more inviting. In this article, we will show you five incredible bridge ideas for Minecraft that will work for most survival bases in various Minecraft biomes.

Table of Contents

  1. Stone bridge by Spudetti
  2. Basic Survival Bridge by WaxFraud
  3. Simple Rope Bridge
  4. Easy Minecraft Survival Bridge by Flashhaft
  5. Minecraft 1.20 Cherry Blossom Bridge by Polar Cat

#1 Stone Bridge by Spudetti

A large stone bridge crossing a stream with vast Minecraft mountains in the background
The first bridge on this list is a towering stone bridge by Spudetti. Made primarily of stone bricks, this bridge fits into most biomes while providing an extremely functional design. The entire bridge is lit by alternating lanterns, so you won't have to worry about monsters spawning.

How to build this bridge
To build this bridge, you will need to gather the following materials, give or take some quantities:
  • Chiseled Stone Bricks: 14
  • Cobblestone Slab: 52
  • Lantern: 7
  • Oak Fencee: 14
  • Stone Brick Slab: 54
  • Stone Brick Stairs: 34
  • Stone Brick Wall: 12
  • Stone Bricks: 130
  • Stone Slab: 14
Once you have gathered the required materials, follow along with Spudetti's video, which will show you step-by-step how to build this bridge in your survival world. An even easier way to build this bridge is to use the Schematica mod included with Badlion Client. If you haven't already, you can download the Badlion Client here. Once downloaded, simply download the schematic file below and put it in your schematic folder!

Minecraft Bridge Schematic: Download Bridge

#2 Basic Survival Bridge by WaxFraud

A large and short Minecraft bridge spanning the edge of a pond in Minecraft
With a robust-looking design, this Minecraft wood bridge by WaxFraud is sure to get the attention of anyone exploring your Minecraft builds. This bridge is primarily comprised of spruce logs and has eye-catching symmetry. Furthermore, extinguished campfires make up this bridge's floor, giving it an authentic feel.

How to build this bridge
For this bridge, you will need the following items. Depending on how long you will make the bridge, you may need more or less items:
  • Campfire: 100
  • Chain: 10
  • Deepslate Tile Wall: 55
  • Flowering Azalea Leaves: 30
  • Glowstone: 4
  • Lantern: 40
  • Oak Button: 40
  • Oak Planks: 40
  • Oak Sign: 63
  • Oak Slab: 36
  • Oak Trapdoor: 10
  • Spruce Fence Gate: 44
  • Spruce Fence: 47
  • Spruce Log: 15
  • Spruce Slab: 70
  • Spruce Stairs: 37
  • Spruce Trapdoor: 143
  • Stripped Spruce Log: 78

Using WaxFraud's video, you can recreate this bridge in your Minecraft Survival world. In addition, we provide a downloadable Minecraft Schematic that will allow you to build this bridge with the Schematica mod, included on the Badlion Client.

Minecraft Bridge Schematic: Download Bridge

#3 Extremely Simple Rope Bridge

A long rope bridge spanning a ravine in Minecraft
Maybe the previous designs were a bit too much for the resources you currently have access to in your survival world. In that case, this simple Minecraft rope bridge design is perfect for you. Only made out of six different types of blocks, this bridge won't require you to put much effort into your construction. With campfire floors and lantern lights, this minimalistic bridge still has an appealing design.

How to build this bridge
To start, gather the following materials:
  • Campfires: 10
  • Lantern: 4
  • Smooth Stone Slab: 8
  • Spruce Fence Gate: 20
  • Spruce Fence: 12
  • Spruce Trapdoor: 2

Once you have all the materials and have cleared your desired build location, start by placing two trapdoors on either end. Between the trapdoors, place campfires spanning the entire length of the bridge. Extinguish the campfires by right-clicking on the fire with a shovel, and you should get a rope/wood-looking structure. Finally, place the light posts on each end of the bridge, as shown below, and fill the sides in with fences.

The end of a large rope bridge in Minecraft
In addition, you can use the following schematic to build this bridge: Download Bridge

#4 Easy Minecraft Survival Bridge by Flashhaft

A short but appealing Minecraft survival bridge nestled on a pond near a large drop off in Minecraft
If you're looking for a bridge that is not "break the bank" fancy but still want something a bit more appealing, then you should check out Flashhaft's Minecraft survival bridge. Flashhaft's bridge design features the depth and detail of more complicated bridges while still keeping the required materials to a minimum. Another bonus is that this bridge is extremely scalable, allowing you to tailor-build it for any size crossing.

How to build this bridge
For this bridge construction, use the following items:
  • Barrel: 4
  • Campfire: 6
  • Cobblestone: 8
  • Lantern: 8
  • Oak Fence Gate: 8
  • Oak Fence: 6
  • Spruce Slab: 12
  • Spruce Stairs: 4
  • Spruce Trapdoor: 13
  • Stone Brick Wall: 8
  • Stone Bricks: 4

Follow along with Flashhaft's video for an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide, or use the schematic file we link below.

Minecraft Bridge Schematic: Download Bridge

#5 Minecraft 1.20 Cherry Blossom Bridge by Polar Cat

A short but appealing Minecraft survival bridge nestled on a pond near a large drop off in Minecraft

Looking to make use of the new Cherry Blossom Biome blocks? If so, then this Minecraft 1.20 bridge design is for you. Primarily consisting of Cherry wood, Polar Cat's Miencrafrt Cherry Blossom bridge is heavily themed. The stone walls and lanterns included in the design provide an incredible contrasting effect, making this design stand out.

How to build this bridge
Even though this bridge design is incredible, all you need to build it is the following items.
  • Cherry Fence Gate: 12
  • Cherry Fence: 16
  • Cherry Leaves: 9
  • Cherry Slab: 67
  • Cherry Trapdoor: 38
  • Cobblestone Wall: 10
  • Lantern: 4
  • Stripped Cherry Log: 4

The video below, created by Polar Cat, will walk you through how to build this bridge. As always, we have provided a download link for a schematica file, making building this bridge design much easier.

Minecraft Bridge Schematic: Download Bridge

With these five Minecraft bridge designs, you will no longer have an excuse to build boring 1-block bridges! If you would like to use the schematica files included in this article, we highly recommend downloading and trying out Badlion Client, which contains the Schemtica mod. If you would like to learn more about Badlion Client, check out our Badlion Client mods article, where we talk about all the amazing features of the client.
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