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Want to display your keystrokes in Minecraft? In this article, learn how to use the Minecraft Keystrokes Mod
Display your keystrokes in Minecraft with the Minecraft Keystrokes ModArticle posted on March 5, 2023 - 04:00 PM
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You may have never used it before, but if you have ever watched a Minecraft content creator, chances are you have seen the Minecraft Keystrokes Mod in use. The Keystrokes Minecraft Mod enables users to display which keys on their keyboard are being pressed, all within a neat and organized heads-up display. While this mod allows content creators to share more aspects of their game with an audience, the Keystroke Minecraft Mod also benefits all Minecraft players. In this article, we will take a deep dive, showing you how to install and use the Keystrokes Mod in Minecraft, along with tips to make your experience better. Perhaps you already use the Minecraft Keystrokes Mod? Skip to the end, where we discuss two tricks you might have never known existed!

How to install the Keystrokes Mod in Minecraft

The easiest way to install and start using the Keystrokes Mod in Minecraft is through a Minecraft client such as Badlion Client. Clients include many mods, all within a clean, simplistic, single-download launcher. To get the most features and performance, we recommend using the Badlion Client, which provides the best performance for the number of features it offers.

To start using the Keystrokes Minecraft Mod on Badlion, download and install the launcher for your operating system here. After following all the installation prompts, select the Minecraft version you want to use in the launcher. Badlion supports all the most popular Minecraft versions, so you do not have to worry about updating mods whenever you want to switch versions. This means with Badlion Client, you can use Keystrokes with Minecraft versions 1.8.9, 1.12, 1.16, and 1.19 seamlessly. Click "launch," and Minecraft should launch in a matter of minutes!

Starting Minecraft with Badlion Client
Once the game has fully opened and you have entered a world/server, click right-shift to open the Mods Menu. In the top right corner, type "Keystrokes," then enable the first mod which appears in the Mod Menu.

Installing and enabling the Keystrokes Mod for Minecraft
When enabled correctly, you should now see a new HUD popup on your screen displaying the letters "W," "A," "S," and "D." Each of these letters represents a key on your keyboard. You should be able to notice immediately that whenever you press one of these keys, the respective letter will appear highlighted.

Keystrokes Mod for Minecraft

Customize the Keystrokes Mod

You could simply use the default Keystrokes configuration. However, why not enhance your Minecraft experience by customizing the Keystrokes Mod even further? With Badlion Client, you will have access to numerous settings which can be used to upgrade the HUD's appearance. Here are a few customization tricks you can use with the Minecraft Keystrokes Mod.

The first setting category you will come across is the General section. Here you will find settings such as Text Shadow, CPS Mode, Space Thickness, Fade Delay, Border Width, and Text Size.

General settings for the Keystrokes Minecraft Mod
Did you know that the Minecraft Keystrokes Mod is not only meant for your keyboard keys? Rather, a feature is included in the mod that displays your clicks per second (CPS) for each mouse button. When you attack a player in the game or break blocks, you should see both the "LMB" and "RMB" buttons light up. You should also see a numerical value below the text, which represents how fast you are clicking. You can adjust the appearance of the CPS text with the "Global CPS Mod" setting. This will allow you to change the size, as well as completely disable this feature.

CPS integration for the Keystrokes Minecraft Mod
The second setting you will want to try out is the Fade Delay. This setting takes the form of a slider and allows you to select a value between 0 and 1000. When the slider is set to the lowest value, "0," there will be no fade delay. This means the letters will only light up while the associated key on your keyboard is depressed. On the other hand, having this setting set to "1000" will mean that after you press a key on your keyboard, the letter will slowly fade back to normal.

Keystrokes Minecraft Mod fade delay
Not a fan of the default black-and-white color scheme? With the color category, you can change virtually every visual element included in the Keystrokes Mod. To do this, simply select the colored box next to the element you want to change. A color picker GUI will appear, allowing you to change the color to whatever you want. If, for some reason, you do not want a specific element to have any color, uncheck the checkbox next to that element. For example, let's say you want Minecraft Keystrokes with a white font, no background, but a white border, and fade when a key is clicked. You would uncheck the "background" element, set "font" and "font clicked" to a specific color, and check the "border" element.

Are you left-handed? Perhaps you prefer to play Minecraft with a steering wheel. Whatever the case, you can use the "Edit Keystrokes" section to customize the keys displayed. If you are left-handed and prefer to use IJKL instead of WASD, then all you need to do in order for the Minecraft Keystrokes Mod to display your preferred keys is add them using the "Add new key" button.

Adding custom keystrokes for the Minecraft Keystrokes Mod

Minecraft Keystroke Mod tips and tricks

Already enjoy using the Keystrokes Mod in Minecraft? Here are two tips that will greatly improve your Keystrokes experience

#1 - Custom display names

No matter what key you add to the Keystrokes Mod, all keys can be assigned a custom name which will be displayed on the HUD. To do this, open the mod settings and scroll down to the "Edit Keystrokes" section. Click on the gear icon for the key you want to change, and enter something into the "Display Character" box. The input is not limited to just one character; rather, you can input words, numbers, and even some emojis!

Let's say you want the Keystrokes Mod to display what key you are pressing as an associated direction. You can assign "Forward" to the "w" key, "Back" to "s," "Right" to "d," and "Left" to "s."

Adding custom text for the Minecraft Keystrokes Mod
Or maybe you want to use arrow emojis instead to display your direction. Simply assign "Forward" to "⬆," "Back" to "⬇," "Right" to "➡," and "Left" to "⬅."

Adding custom emojis for the Minecraft Keystrokes Mod
Alternatively, you can just type random emojis to confuse your friends. The possibilities are endless!

#2 - Move around the keystrokes

Like any mod included in Badlion Client, you can move the Keystrokes Mod around your screen to a position of your liking. However, you are also able to move individual key displays! To do this, start by disabling the "Lock Keys" toggle found in the "Advanced" section of the Keystrokes Mod settings. From there, open the GUI editor by clicking on the pencil icon in the mod menu. You should now be able to move around individual keys!

The main benefit of this feature is that you can organize your custom keys to logically format your display. In theory, you can even recreate your entire keyboard layout.

What are you waiting for? The Keystrokes Mod for Minecraft is available for free today on the Badlion Client. Download the Badlion Client here and forever change your Minecraft experience!
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