Minecraft Kitchen Ideas

Ideas to help you build the Perfect Kitchen
Minecraft Kitchen IdeasArticle posted on May 19, 2023 - 02:00 PM
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Minecraft offers endless different possibilities. You can build a spruce-themed kitchen, a modern kitchen, and much more. There are plenty of Kitchen Ideas out there for you to explore and recreate. But what matters more is that they remain truly unique and match your style.

This article will showcase some Minecraft kitchen design ideas and some tips and tricks that you probably didn't know about earlier. This way, you can combine all of the individual pieces and come up with the perfect kitchen in Minecraft.

So without further ado, let us jump right into the kitchen build ideas.

Dining Table Ideas

Let us first take a look at some chair ideas that you can use for your dining table. If you are currently using a stair for this purpose, then take a look at these ideas:

Minecraft Chair Designs
As we mentioned earlier, you can customize these completely to your personal liking. Maybe you liked the design of the left one but did not like the blocks that were used. And maybe you would like the chair to have armrests. Within no time, you would have something like this:

Minecraft Chair Design
As for the table itself, you could build something out of trap doors. An example would be this spruce trap door dining table:

Trapdoor Table Design
This design is also perfect for a long table.

Or maybe you like something more unique and exotic that still looks modern? In this case, why not turn your table into an aquarium?

Aquarium Table Design
You can also make the glass more clear and look much better. Simply download Badlion Client here today and enable the Clear Glass Mod.

You can also combine something modern and add a bit of birch wood to it. And did you know that you can hide an item frame under a pressure plate? As long as the pressure plate is made out of birch, it will be completely hidden.

Birch Table Design

Fridge Ideas

The most common fridge colors are white, gray, and black. So when building fridges in Minecraft, you want to try and create something with this color scheme. Here are four examples of fridges that you can build in no time:

Minecraft Fridge Designs
Customize these to your personal preference, adjust the banners, or even come up with something completely new if you like.

Oven Ideas

Your kitchen would be useless if you couldn’t cook anything there. Ideally, you want to have some smokers in your kitchen. These are a few ideas to give you some inspiration:

Oven Designs Minecraft
And something else that your kitchen should definitely not be missing, in this case, is a cooker hood. Here are three designs for you to experiment around with:

Minecraft Cooker Hood Design

Counter and Cupboard Designs

Your kitchen does not only need to look good but also be useful. We have previously talked about the cooker. This will allow you to make food in your kitchen. But you also need a way to store your food.

This is where Counters and Cupboards come in. You can use barrels for medieval-themed kitchens. You can even hide some with a wooden door to make it look like a medieval fridge.

Medieval Themed Kitchen
And you can use colored shulker boxes for all the other kinds of kitchens. If you are playing on the latest Minecraft version, 1.20, then you might consider building a kitchen out of cherry planks. In this case, a pink shulker box may be beneficial.

Your counter should also definitely not be missing out on a sink. You can use a cauldron and a Tripwire hook to easily recreate this.

Minecraft Sink Design

Building your Kitchen

You now know how to build the individual pieces that belong in a kitchen. We, of course, recommend letting your creativity room freely.

Here is an idea for a Minecraft kitchen in a modern design. We created it from the different examples that we have shown in the article. And you can of course go ahead and customize it to your likings!

Minecraft Kitchen Design
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