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See your Minecraft worlds from a new perspective with the Minecraft Minimap Mod on Badlion Client
Minecraft Minimap ModArticle posted on December 9, 2022 - 05:00 PM
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Want to see your survival base from a birds-eye view? If so, check out the Minecraft Minimap Mod available on Badlion Client. Like a Minecraft map in-game, the Minimap Mod allows you to display loaded chunks from a top-down perspective. Yet, unlike Minecraft Maps, you can display the minimap for Minecraft as a permanent heads-up display using the Minimap Mod. You can even make large world-sized maps showing important locations within your survival world. Keep reading to see how you can enhance your survival experience using the Minimap Mod!

How to Install the Minecraft Minimap Mod

Using the Minimap Mod with Badlion Client is easy! While in-game, open the Mods Menu by pressing right-shift (default keybind). Search for and enable the "Minimap Mod." A graphical minimap for Minecraft will display on your screen once enabled.

The Minimap Mod has several key features:
  • Displays Minecraft chunks
  • Displays a compass rose
  • Shows your current location in the world
  • Shows your set waypoints (Set by the Waypoints Mod)
  • Renders a world map as you explore new regions of your survival world

How to Customize Your Minecraft Minimap

Found in the Minimap Mod are multiple settings which allow you to customize the look of the mod. The first setting you should check out is the round/square toggle. This setting allows you to change the shape of the minimap that appears on your screen. When you enable the square mode, the map will display as a square, making it look more like a vanilla Minecraft Map. On the other hand, the round mode will display your surroundings in a disk shape.

Minecraft Minimap Mod Shapre
Besides the map shape, you can change how the cursor on the map appears using the cursor type setting. The three main settings are arrow, cross, and dot. The arrow cursor is great if you want to see your orientation in-game, while the cross can be particularly helpful for building.

Minecraft Minimap Mod Cursor
One of the most appealing features is the ability to change the mod's colors. Using the color selectors under the "Color" section in the mod settings, you can change various parts of the heads-up display. In addition to changing colors, you can also disable certain sections. Below is an example of what your Minimap Mod may look like after customization.

Minecraft Minimap Mod Color

How to Create a Minecraft World Map

A new feature included in the Minimap Mod is the Full Map feature. Instead of displaying the world around your current location, the Full Map feature lets you see all the chunks you have explored. No longer will you need to create Minecraft Maps for each region of your world!

Minecraft Minimap Full Map
To start using this feature, set a keybind for "Full Map" under the Minimap Mod settings. You can then use the keybind you set to open the Full Map GUI. This GUI gives you the ability to zoom in/out and pan around your map. Just like a normal Minecraft Map, as you explore your world and render new chunks, your map will get filled in. In addition, you can toggle between a map of the Overworld, Nether, and End.

Another great function of the Full Map feature is the ability to display waypoints. Currently, you can display two types of waypoints, the first being user-created waypoints. Using the waypoints mod, you can set new waypoints throughout your world. In addition to showing up in-game, these waypoints will now also appear on your Full Map. This allows you to visualize the location of all your waypoints efficiently. The second type of waypoint is the death waypoint. In survival, if you die, you can have the Minimap Mod add a waypoint indicating the location of your death. This is very helpful for survival worlds as it allows you to return to wherever you died to retrieve your stuff.

Minecraft Minimap Death Waypoints

The Minimap Mod is extremely versatile and can be helpful for all types of activities, from survival worlds to creative building. With many ways to customize this mod to your liking, you will never need another Minecraft Minimap Mod. Ready to change the way you play Minecraft? Download Badlion Client and start using the Minimap Mod today!
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