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Everything you need to know about Minecraft NetheriteArticle posted on February 15, 2023 - 12:00 PM
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Tired of your Minecraft Survival partners always out-gearing you? Ready to turn the tides? In this article, we will show you how you can leverage Minecraft Netherite to your advantage. Being the most powerful material in Minecraft, Netherite allows you to obtain the strongest possible set of armor, tools, and weapons, even stronger than Diamonds! We will show you everything you need to know about Netherite in Minecraft, including where to find Netherite and how to make Netherite armor, weaponry, and even Netherite tools. Continue reading to up your Minecraft survival game!

Interestingly enough, Minecraft Netherite is unlike any ore currently in the game of Minecraft. Added in the 1.16 Minecraft update, Netherite neither comes in the form of an ingot or ore block. Instead, it is mined as Ancient Debris. Furthermore, the Ancient Debris required to make Netherite can not be found anywhere in the Minecraft overworld. Instead, you must travel to the depths of the Nether to obtain it.

How to find Netherite in Minecraft

Like Diamonds, Ancient Debris spawns most frequently at a specific height, which is referred to as the "y-level." For Netherite, the best y-level is between 8 and 22. How do you know what your y-level is? Simply press the F3 keybind, and you should see your current coordinates in the top left of your screen.

Minecraft Netherite y-level in F3 menu
While using the F3 menu works, it's extremely messy and hard to read. In addition, it may cause your FPS to dramatically decrease whenever you open it. For this reason, if you plan to mine for Netherite regularly, we recommend you try the Minimap Minecraft mod. The Minimap mod creates a miniature map on your screen that shows your surroundings. In addition, the mod will provide your current coordinates, allowing you to easily see your y-level without compromising FPS. Read our recent Minimap Mod article here to see how you can easily download and install the Minimap mod.

Minecraft Netherite y-level with minimap mod
So, you have entered the Nether and have mined down to the Netherite y-level. What now? Unfortunately, Ancient Debris is even rarer than diamonds. However, since you are mining in the Nether, there are special mining techniques that you can use to extract Ancient Debris and make Netherite relatively quickly. In the following section, we will go over four easy methods for finding Ancient Debris for Netherite in Minecraft quickly.

Strip Mining for Minecraft Netherite

Want to start mining Ancient Debris for Netherite immediately without having to gather extensive resources? Then strip Mining is probably the best Netherite mining method for you. Using nothing more than a pickaxe, you can use the Strip Mining technique to begin finding Ancient Debris.

How to Strip Mine for Netherite

To start Strip Mining, you will need a pickaxe. To mine quickly, this pickaxe should have at least Efficiency II, which will mine Netherrack blocks instantly. In addition, you will want to put unbreaking on your pickaxe since your pickaxe will endure a lot of damage and will lose durability quickly. Better yet, you can put mending on your pickaxe to help regenerate lost durability. The ideal Netherite mining pickaxe should look something like this:

Best pickaxe for mining Minecraft Netherite
Assuming you are already in the Nether, you will need to mine down to a y-level of 15 which will allow you to find the most Ancient Debris while staying at the same y-level. Start Strip Mining by creating a tunnel in any direction. Once you have established this initial tunnel, return to your starting point and create additional tunnels or "strips" off the main tunnel. Each branch should be separated by three blocks and can extend outward as far as you want.

Minecraft Netherite Strip Mine
This method should work well for finding Netherite. However, always keep blocks in hand in case you come across lava. If the tunnels are too dark, we recommend using the Fullbright Minecraft mod, which you can find included in the Badlion Client. Check out the Badlion Client here, or visit our recent Useful Mods article to learn about the Fullbright mod!

Using Chunk Borders for mining

Another simple Mining method you can easily utilize is the Chunk Border method. In this method, instead of making a one-block-wide tunnel, you will make a two-block-wide tunnel along the border of two chunks. Because of the way Ancient Debris spawns, this method will provide a better chance of finding more Ancient Debris.

How to use the Chunk Border Netherite mining method

Just like Strip Mining, you will need a pickaxe for the Chunk Border method. The pickaxe should be identical to the one used with Strip Mining, that is, Unbreaking III, Mending, and at least Efficiency II.

Once you have your pickaxe in hand, you will need to again dig down to y-level 15. This time, however, you will need to make the tunnel align with two chunk borders. To view the border between two chunks, simply press F3 + G. Additionally, you can use the Chunk Borders mod, which is included on the Badlion Client. This mod will give you even greater border customizability without a decrease in Minecraft FPS. Learn more about the Chunk Borders mod here.

Once you have found two chunks, start mining in a straight line. You should find Ancient Debris in no time!

Using Chunk Borders to find Minecraft Netherite

Bed Mining for Minecraft Netherite

Ready to take your Netherite mining up a notch? Try the Bed Mining method! If you have ever tried to sleep in the Nether, you will know all too well that it never works out. One click and beds explode. As it turns out, you can use this explosion to your advantage. When you explode a bed surrounded by Netherrack, you can create a large empty pocket, breaking many blocks with just one click. Since Ancient Debris does not break due to explosion damage, this easily reveals any Ancient Debris. For this reason, Bed Mining is the mining method of choice for many people.

While a popular mining method, Bed Mining does come with a few caveats. First, as the name suggests, it requires Minecraft beds. A lot of beds. Don't be surprised if you go through multiple double chests worth of beds in one Bed Mining session. This makes this method only practical in the long term if you have a good wool supply from sheep and an easily accessible tree farm. In addition, you will be dealing with a lot of fire and lava while Bed Mining. Because of this, it is a necessity to carry a few fire-resistance potions with you.

How to find Netherite using Bed Mining

To start mining for Netherite with beds, you will need to create an initial tunnel at y-level 15 in the Nether. Make this tunnel about eight blocks long, then create a 2x1x1 pocket at the end of the tunnel, off to one side, and forward one block. Place a bed in this pocket, then walk back until you are nearly out of range from clicking on the bed. Click on the bed, and watch the magic happen!

Bed Mining for Minecraft Netherite
Bed Mining explosion while mining for Minecraft Netherite
After the explosion, you should see a newly formed cavity. Inspect the area for Ancient Debris, then if none are found, proceed by making a bridge to the other side of the pocket. Mine into the untouched wall about four blocks create a pocket like the one above and place a bed. Repeat this step for as many beds as you have!

TNT Mining for Minecraft Netherite

If you like the Bed Mining method, you will love the TNT Mining strategy. Similarly to Bed Mining, you will use TNT to create large air pockets. However, instead of creating one pocket at a time, you will place TNT in a way that makes a chain reaction, blowing up and clearing a significant area with one click.

While TNT Mining can cover a larger area than Bed Mining, it is also much more expensive. You will have to create stacks of TNT with sand and gunpowder. This means you will probably spend a lot of time in the desert gathering sand and have to build a mob, or even better, a creeper farm, for gunpowder. With that said, if you have the resources, we highly recommend you give this method a try.

How to find Netherite with TNT

As with the previous methods, start by mining down to a y-level of 15, where you will be able to find the most Netherite. Make an initial tunnel that is long. You will need to dig about five blocks for every TNT you place, so you can use this ratio to estimate how long you would want the tunnel. Once the tunnel is dug out to your desired length, place TNT along the tunnel floor so there is a four-block gap between each TNT. Continue until the entire length of the tunnel is complete. Once at the end, light up the first TNT, and watch as your previously skinny tunnel becomes a vast cavern. Make sure to watch out for lava!

TNT Mining for Minecraft Netherite

How to use Netherite in Minecraft

You have mined your Ancient Debris, but how does one turn this seemingly useless block into powerful Netherite gear? Typically, to make Diamond armor, you would mine Diamond ore to get Diamonds. You could then simply put the Diamonds on a crafting table to create whatever Diamond gear you desire to make. With Netherite, you will need to follow the additional steps listed below to make Netherite swords, Netherite axes, Netherite armor, or any other Netherite gear in Minecraft.
  1. Create a Netherite Scrap: First, take your Ancient Debris and smelt them in a furnace to create a Netherite Scrap.
  2. Smelting Ancient Debris in Minecraft
  3. Create a Netherite Ingot: Next, take four Netherite Scraps and four Gold Ingots and combine them in a crafting table using the following pattern.
  4. Crafting Netherite Ingot
  5. Upgrade Gear: Take the Netherite Ingot and combine it with an existing Diamond gear item using the Smithing Table. This will allow you to turn any Diamond gear into Netherite gear. For example, if you want to make a Minecraft Netherite sword, craft a Diamond sword first, then combine it in the Smithing Table. Repeat this process for any Diamond gear to make Netherite armor and tools.
  6. Upgrading to Netherite Minecraft gear

Just like that, you now have Netherite gear!

Overall, Netherite is by far the most powerful resource you should utilize in Minecraft Survival. While it is rare and can be a pain to turn into usable gear, its benefits are numerous. To help alleviate some of the pain which comes from mining and processing Netheriter, we recommend checking out the numerous Minecraft Survival mods included on the Badlion client. Not only will these mods help you with your Netherite endeavors, but they will also greatly improve your Minecraft Survival experience. Check out our Minecraft Survival mod article here, or download the Badlion Client here.
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