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Optimize Minecraft Without Optifine 1.18Article posted on December 2, 2021 - 08:00 AM
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Hurray! The new Minecraft 1.18 update has now arrived on the Badlion Client. However, with Optifine 1.18 support being slow, there is a chance you may experience low frame boosts and slow gameplay. We have a solution for you, and that is our performance boosting technology called Betterframes. We are going to show you how to customize Betterframes to achieve smooth and fast gameplay on the Badlion Client for free.

What is Betterframes?

Betterframes is our own custom coded, performance boosting feature that provides additional FPS boosts to achieve smoother Minecraft gameplay. Betterframes is always available on the latest Minecraft version on the day that Minecraft releases a new update within an hour or two. We provide over 20 different types of options to optimize your gameplay. These options include:

  • FPS Boost (massive FPS gains)
  • World Optimization (massive FPS gains)
  • Lazy Chunk Loading
  • Low Graphics Mode
  • Smooth Lighting
  • Item Fast Render
  • Hide Tall Grass
  • Hide Double Tall Grass
  • Hide Fences
  • Hide Fence Gates
  • Hide Skills
  • Hide Armor Stands
  • Hide Item Frames
  • Hide Maps in Item Frames
  • Hide Stuck Arrows
  • Hide Ground Arrows
  • Player Render Distance
  • Passive Entity Render Distance
  • Hostile Entity Render Distance
  • Misc Entity Render Distance
  • Minimal Portal Textures
  • Hide Particle Lighting
  • Hide Lava Particles

These options can be customized and toggled at any time while using the Badlion Client for free and help you improve your overall gaming experience.

How does Betterframes compare against Optifine performance?

Without the use of Betterframes, you may not benefit from huge FPS boosts. This is because Betterframes focuses on several different areas of the Minecraft client to make your gameplay optimized. Some examples include: reducing the number of entities that render, hiding various items, drops, or non-blocks, and slowing down the number of chunks that render. These settings reduce the amount of strain on your computer processor and graphics card to provide you with an improved framerate. Unlike Optifine which overwhelms users with tons of options, Betterframes is designed to be user friendly and easy to use with fewer options. For example, Betterframes can allow you to hide non-blocks to increase FPS, whereas Optifine does not provide this feature, therefore you lose out on optional FPS improvements. In addition, the settings Optifine provides do not have full customization. An example of this is the Lazy Chunk Loading feature, which can only be enabled or disabled, whereas with Betterfames, you can not only enable or disable this feature, but you can also use different settings provided by us. Therefore, we recommend you use Betterframes to take advantage of higher Minecraft FPS.

Minecraft 1.18 Shaders Support now available on Badlion Client

We have gone ahead and released Minecraft Shaders Support on the Badlion Client. Our Shaders have been custom coded, allowing you to customize the quality of your gameplay. Custom coded shaders means that you get better FPS without trading the quality of the shaders on Badlion Client for free.

Betterframes Hostile Entity Render Distance Setting

With Betterframes, you have the option to change how far away hostile entities render. When you lower this option it will cause hostile entities to disappear from far distances, thereby reducing the number of hostile entities that render, which improves your FPS.

Betterframes Hide Tall Grass Setting

Are you sick and tired of your world rendering too much tall grass? Well, this setting once enabled, will hide all of the tall grass in the world, just as if it never existed. This allows your gameplay to be less cluttered and renders fewer non-blocks, increasing FPS in the process.

Betterframes Minimal Portal Textures Setting

End portals once successfully activated use several textures. However, using several textures can reduce FPS. With this setting enabled, all end portal's textures will be replaced with a minimal texture, therefore reducing the amount of graphics being used to render.

Why is Betterframes more suitable compared to Optifine 1.18?

So you may be wondering, why is Betterframes more suited than Optifine 1.18? Well, one of the main reasons is that Betterframes is available on all Minecraft Versions on the Badlion Client from day 1. This means that you can swap to any Minecraft version while keeping your Betterframes configuration, and you can benefit from performance boosts without any additional wait time! Secondly, the settings provided can be customized at any time during gameplay, without having to navigate away from the game and can be changed depending on your preferences. We also have various different settings to allow you to benefit from FPS boosts, without taking too much quality of your gameplay away, so you don't lose out. Finally, we have implemented Optifine related settings, for example, Lazy Chunk Loading, so if you want to use Optifine's features right away, you can do so with Betterframes, on any Minecraft version for free on Badlion Client today.

Comparison of 1.18 Optifine Features vs Betterframes Features

Are you still unsure of the differences between Optifine 1.18 and Betterframes? Let's highlight some key differences below.

FeatureOptifine 1.18Betterframes
Entity Render DistanceYou can only control the number of entities that render via one setting. There is no additional configuration on other entities.You can control the number of entities that render with four different settings for different entities. These include players, hostile mobs, passive mods, and other entities.
Shaders SupportYou must download third party shader packets in order to use with Optifine.You can adjust shaders directly in game by changing the mod settings during gameplay. Custom shader support is planned to come early in 2022.
FPS BoostFPS Boosts can only be delivered with the correct configuration of settings.You only need to enable the 'FPS Boost' feature to start taking advantage of FPS Boosts.
Lazy Chunk LoadingYou can only enable, or disable the feature. You cannot use different settings of configuration.You can not only enable, or disable the feature, but you can also use different settings: Quality, Performance, Balance, Off, etc.
Smooth LightingYou will be required to manually configure this yourself for the feature to do its job.You only need to enable the 'Smooth Lighting' feature to have the feature do its job.
World OptimizationThis feature is not available on Optifine.We have built extra FPS boost options that help with large Minecraft worlds to make a smoother gaming experience for users.
Low Graphics ModeThis feature is not available on Optifine.You can enable/disable this setting.
Hide Stuck and Ground ArrowsThis feature is not available on Optifine.You can enable/disable this setting.
Hide Tall and Double Tall GrassThis feature is not available on Optifine.You can enable/disable this setting.
Hide SkullsThis feature is not available on Optifine.You can enable/disable this setting.

Start playing Minecraft 1.18 with Betterframes for optimized gameplay without Optifine 1.18 on the Badlion Client. With Betterframes, you can enhance your Minecraft Gameplay experience by taking advantage of big FPS Boosts anywhere and anytime. Are you unsure of the new features available in the update? Check out our Minecraft 1.18 article to find out more information. Explore Betterframes with the Badlion Client today.
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