A Guide to Minecraft PvP

An up-to-date guide on Minecraft PvP mechanics, tips, and texturepacks
A Guide to Minecraft PvPArticle posted on November 27, 2022 - 04:00 PM
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PvP (player-versus-player) is one of Minecraft's oldest mechanics. PvP differs from PvE (player-versus-entity) in that you fight against actual players. For this reason, PvP fights are heavily strategic. Read on as we discuss the most common PvP strategies for various Minecraft versions, showing how you can improve your PvP tactics.

Old Vs. New PvP

While PvP is an old mechanic of Minecraft, it is far from unchanged. In earlier versions, Minecraft PvP fights were primarily won based on how fast you could click. In newer Minecraft versions, weapons, armor enchants, positioning, and utility usage plays a much more significant role. For simplicity, in this article, we will refer to two Minecraft versions, 1.8 when mentioning "old" Minecraft PvP and 1.19 when referring to "new" Minecraft PvP.

Minecraft 1.19 PvP

Gear plays a massive role in every Minecraft 1.19 PvP fight. Your primary melee weapon is the first significant factor that could mean the difference between winning and losing. Many items, such as a sword or axe, can take this role. However, it's essential that you understand the benefits of each.

In newer versions of Minecraft, axes do more damage than swords. For this reason, most players prefer an axe over a sword in most combat situations. Additionally, axes can be used for non-PvP-related tasks such as cutting down trees, making them especially favorable for survival worlds. However, you must time your hits better if you want to do the most damage with an axe. This is because, in newer versions of Minecraft, axes have set recovery speeds that allow you to maximize damage. For example, if you hit a player with a wooden axe, you would have to wait for 1.25 seconds to hit them again and do full damage. While it's possible to attack them sooner, this won't allow for the most damage. Ultimately, this mechanic makes axe PvP more effective but also more complex.

Minecraft axe pvp
Swords, as opposed to axes, won't do as much damage. In addition, there are not many tasks besides fighting for which they can be used. With that said, their recovery speed is significantly less than axes. For example, when attacking a player or mob with a wooden sword versus a wooden axe, you would only have to wait 0.625 seconds for the sword to recover.

Minecraft sword pvp
In older versions of Minecraft, the five main tiers of armor were leather, chainmail, iron, diamond, and gold. With the Minecraft 1.16 update, netherite is now the new highest-tier armor, providing the most protection. Unfortunately, netherite is rarer than diamonds and found in low y-levels of the nether. This makes creating a set of netherite armor extremely difficult, turning it into a prestigious achievement in any survival world. However, the benefits of netherite armor are numerous, as it is considered the strongest armor and provides additional knockback resistance without needing enchantments.

In addition to armor, you can use shields in Minecraft to block attacks. While shields can block melee attacks, they can also block projectiles and explosions from creepers or TNT. One of the shields' only downsides is that they have a chance of being disabled from axe attacks.

Minecraft 1.8 PvP

Even though Minecraft 1.8.9 is an older version, it is still heavily used today on many competitive PvP servers. One of the main reasons behind this is its unique combat system. Unlike new versions of Minecraft, 1.8.9 PvP revolves around how fast you can click, otherwise known as clicks per second (CPS). In addition, in most PvP fights, swords will be preferred over axes since axes do not do any additional damage. Furthermore, the shield mechanics previously discussed do not exist in 1.8.9. With this said, you can sword block, reducing damage from melee attacks. Overall, PvP fights in older versions of Minecraft are very different from fights in newer versions.

How to Get Better at Minecraft PvP

To get better at PvP in Minecraft, do the following:
  • Practice frequently
  • Use various game mechanics to your advantage
  • Use a Minecraft PvP client for PvP mods and to improve FPS
  • Learn common strategies for the PvP game mode you are playing

You can use the following strategies in most Minecraft PvP situations to expand upon the above tips.

Critical Hitting

Critical hits allow you to do 150% damage on an enemy or mob. The most common method to induce a critical hit is jumping, then hitting an enemy while falling. When done successfully, you should see additional star-like particles appear. You can also use this method for PvP fights in newer versions of Minecraft.

Minecraft pvp critical hitting


You will deal additional knockback when you hit a player for the first time while sprinting. W-tapping is when you tap w briefly after hitting the player, allowing your sprint to be reset. This means you can deal additional knockback to your enemy multiple times within a short period. This method is beneficial for game modes such as "Sumo," where the goal is to push other players off the edge of an arena.

Minecraft pvp w-tapping


Strafing in Minecraft PvP fights is when you continuously move perpendicular to the enemy you're attacking. This movement makes it harder for the enemy to attack you, allowing more openings for you to attack them. This strategy works well in an arena PvP environment.

Minecraft pvp strafing

Minecraft Mods for PvP

You can instantly improve your PvP experience through Minecraft PvP Mods. The easiest way to incorporate Minecraft PvP Mods into your game is through a Minecraft client like Badlion Client. Badlion Client bundles numerous mods into one clean download and offers support for all popular versions of Minecraft, so you do not have to worry about mod compatibility issues. In addition, Badlion Client will provide a significant FPS improvement, making PvP fights feel more smooth. Below are some of the best PvP-related mods available on Badlion Client!


Minecraft pvp cps mod

The CPS mod provides a heads-up display (HUD) showing how fast you click each second. Since 1.8.9 relies heavily on CPS, this value becomes vital for assessing your performance during a PvP fight. You can also set it so that it displays both right and left mouse buttons, which allows for greater customizability.

Hitboxes Mod

Minecraft pvp hitboxes mod

A hitbox is an invisible box that surrounds entities in-game. In a Minecraft PvP fight, the only hits that count are those that fall within the hitbox. The hitbox mod makes these previously invisible boundaries visible. This is helpful for PvP fights since it allows you to perfectly place your hits so that you inflict the most damage.

PvP Info Mod

Minecraft pvp info mod

The PvP Info mod is another useful HUD mod that provides PvP statistics, including potion accuracy, w-tapping accuracy, arrow accuracy, rod accuracy, and recovered health. This information helps you analyze your Minecraft PvP fights. For this reason, this mod works well with the CPS Mod and other PvP-related HUD Mods.

Minecraft PvP Servers

One of the best ways to get better at Minecraft PvP is by actually getting into PvP fights. You can find many servers which offer PvP game modes for practice. However, Hypixel is one of the most popular servers. To join Hypixel, go to the multiplayer section of your Minecraft Client. Then, click "Add Server" and enter "mc.hypixel.net" into the address field. Once you are finished, input any name in the name field, then click "Done" and "Join Server."

How to log into hypixel, Minecraft PvP
For PvP practice, one of the most popular game modes is Hypixel Duels. Hypixel Duels allow you to fight directly against random players in a solo or team environment. Hypixel offers several duel modes to choose from that focus on different aspects of PvP. For example, you can play Bow Duels if you would like to work on your shooting aim or play Classic Duels if you want a vanilla PvP experience. We recommend trying out multiple game modes to improve a variety of skills.

Another helpful game mode for PvP is The Pit. The Pit is similar to Duels in that it focuses on PvP, but it is also free for all (FFA). This means you can continuously fight players of all skills in various environments, making it a very authentic Minecraft PvP experience. In addition, The Pit offers a fleshed-out perk/upgrade system that makes the game mode more engaging.

Minecraft PvP Texture Packs

Texture packs are not just aesthetically pleasing but can also provide additional FPS improvements. The easiest way to add texture packs to your game is through Badlion Client's texture pack finder feature. The resource pack finder allows you to browse resource packs and add them to your game without downloading any additional files or restarting your game! You can find this feature located in the resource pack menu.

GleyMeteo Minecraft PvP Texturepack

Getting more proficient at Minecraft PvP is not something that will happen overnight. It could take weeks to even months to start consistently winning games. However, using the above tips, you should have a headstart in improving your PvP!
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