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Here are five essential Minecraft Redstone creations you will want to check out to enhance your Minecraft survival world!
5 Essential Minecraft Redstone Creations You Need in Your Survival WorldArticle posted on January 21, 2023 - 04:00 PM
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It’s hard to deny that Redstone has become essential in Minecraft Survival. Most high-capacity Minecraft Farms rely on critical Redstone components to function correctly and efficiently. One of the biggest downsides to Minecraft Redstone creations is the complexity. If you are not a Redstone professional and still want Redstone creations in your Minecraft Survival world, this article is for you. Using the Minecraft Schematica Mod, we will explore how easy it is to start building game-changing Redstone machinery. Keep reading to learn more!

What is the Minecraft Schematica mod?

The Minecraft Schematica Mod is a Minecraft modification that allows you to create a faint overlay of pre-existing structures in your world. Using various Schematica features, you can use the mod to create a blueprint for building. The main benefit of using the Schematica mod is that all the information you need to create a structure is displayed in-game, which means you do not need to follow videos or articles to copy existing structures.

Minecraft Schematica
Because we will provide Schematica files for all the builds in this article, we will start with a brief overview of how to use the Schematica Mod. The first step is the install the mod, which is easiest to do using Badlion Client. Badlion Client is a mod pack/client which contains many useful Minecraft Mods, Schematica being one of them. By downloading Badlion Client, you can start using Schematica and other mods with just one download.

Once you have installed Badlion Client, you can begin adding and loading schematics! Since the primary focus of this article is Redstone creations, we won’t go into detail regarding how to use the Schematica Mod. However, if needed, you can find a full explanation here.

#1 Minecraft Super Smelter

Minecraft Super Smelter
Later in your Minecraft Survival experience, when you have stacks of ores to smelt, manual rows of furnaces just won’t cut it. Enter the Minecraft Super Smelter. This Minecraft creation has two main functions. First, it allows you to smelt a large number of items in a short amount of time. Second, it can automatically handle the smelting process, from fueling the furnaces to collecting items.

The primary mechanism that allows the Minecraft Super Smelter to be so efficient is the equal distribution of items. Using two rows of rails and three rows of hoppers, the Minecraft Super Smelter takes items from a central chest and distributes the items evenly into a set of furnaces. One of the most significant benefits of the Minecraft Super Smelter is that it is entirely scalable. In other words, the number of furnaces that make up the Minecraft Smelter is up to you. In addition, the Minecraft Super Smelter is not resource intensive and is reasonably simple to make.

How to make a Minecraft Super Smelter

To make a Minecraft Super Smelter, you will need the following items:
  • 1x Redstone Block
  • 6x Chests
  • 8x Cobblestone / Building Blocks
  • 9x Furnaces
  • 27x Hoppers
  • 20x Powered Rail
  • 2x Rail

Download Minecraft Super Smelter Schematic

Once you have collected the required materials, download the Minecraft Super Smelter schematic above and start building! Note the quantities for each item are adjustable as needed to fit your desired smelter size. In addition, yellow wool serves as a placeholder for wooden chests to represent proper chest placement within the schematic. Finally, you will need to add two additional Minecraft Hopper Minecarts at the chest end of the smelter. When the build is complete, the chest end of the smelter should look like the image below.

Minecraft Super Smelter Chest

#2 Minecraft Flying Machine

Minecraft Flying Machine
Get ready to take to the skies with our next Redstone creation, the Minecraft Flying Machine. In addition to serving as a fun way of travel, a Minecraft Flying Machine is one of the most fundamental pieces of Redstone machinery for major Redstone projects. Whether it’s a Sugarcane farm or an automatic mining machine, you will want to know how to make a basic Minecraft Flying Machine. This article will show a simple yet versatile flying machine design you can use to fly around.

How to make a Flying Machine in Minecraft

To make a Flying Machine in Minecraft, start by gathering the following materials:
  • 2x Block of Redstone
  • 2x Piston
  • 2x Slime Block
  • 1x Sticky Piston

Download Minecraft Flying Machine Schematic

After you have gathered all the required materials, you can start building the flying machine using the downloadable schematic above or by referencing the image above. Once created, you will need to add a boat between the two Redstone blocks. To start the machine, place a Redstone block below one of the pistons, then break it, as shown below.

Minecraft Flying Machine Flying

#3 Minecraft Bubble Elevator

Minecraft Bubble Elevator Outside
Tired of walking up or down thousands of flights of stairs just to get to your diamond mines? If so, this next creation is for you. A Minecraft Bubble Elevator is an elevator made up of a water column. Thanks to bubble column mechanics, you can move through this water column extremely quickly, making it an effective transportation method. The traditional Minecraft Bubble Column design involves two water columns. One to transport players up and the other to transport them down. However, the design we will show today allows you to go up and down using only one water column and a lever.

Minecraft Bubble Elevator

How to make a Bubble Elevator

The following materials are needed to create a Bubble Elevator:
  • 303x Cobblestone / Building Blocks
  • 35x Redstone Dust
  • 10x Redstone Comparator
  • 7x Redstone Torch
  • 2x Piston
  • 2x Oak Trapdoor
  • 1x Stone Button
  • 1x Soul Sand
  • 1x Observer
  • 1x Magma Block
  • 1x Lever
  • 1x Cobblestone Slab
  • 12x Buckets worth of water

Download Minecraft Bubble Elevator Schematic

Using the materials gathered and the schematic linked above, you can begin creating your new Bubble Elevator!

#4 Minecraft Item Sorter

Minecraft Item Sorter
Most Minecraft Survival creations aim to take previously tedious tasks and make them automated. This is the exact goal of the Minecraft Item Sorter. As the name implies, the Minecraft Item Sorter sorts items into various chests or locations. The benefits of using an Item Sorter are numerous. Imagine if you wanted to create an iron farm but only wanted to keep iron ingots and have poppy flowers thrown out. You could use an item sorter to send Iron Ingots to storage chests while sending all poppies to a disposal system.

How to make an Item Sorting System in Minecraft

To create an item sorting system in Minecraft, you must gather the following materials:
  • 18x Cobblestone / Building Blocks
  • 12x Hopper
  • 3x Redstone Comparator
  • 9x Redstone Dust
  • 3x Redstone Repeater
  • 3x Redstone Torch
  • 6x Chest

Download Minecraft Item Sorter Schematic

Have all the required materials? Use the schematic above to start building an Item Sorting System in Minecraft. Make sure to consider the location of your item sorter so that the input and output are usable. As with the smelter, yellow wool is a placeholder for wooden chests within the schematic. Depending on whether your Minecraft version allows adjacent chests, you may need to adjust the design. Lastly, before using the Item Sorter in Minecraft, you must set up the hopper system for the item you want to sort. To do this, add at least 41 blocks of the item you wish to sort, along with four filler blocks taking up the remaining hopper slots, to a hopper in the middle row. Repeat this process for all the items you want to sort. Below is an example of how it should look for sorting Sand, Dirt, and Cobble Stone.

How to make Minecraft Item Sorter

#5 Minecraft Piston Doorr

Minecraft Piston Door
While it may not be the most useful Redstone creation on this list, the Minecraft Piston Door just might be the coolest. With the Minecraft Piston Door, you can create the ultimate entrance to your secret Minecraft base. The piston door design we will show you in this article can close flush with whatever blocks are around it. This makes it the ideal covert Redstone door and creates a cool opening sequence.

How to make an Item Sorting System in Minecraft

The make a Piston Door in Minecraft, the first step will be to gather the following materials:
  • 2x Oak Button
  • 140x Stone / Building Blocks
  • 25x Redstone Dust
  • 2x Redstone Repeater
  • 1x Redstone Torch
  • 24x Sticky Piston

Download Minecraft Piston Door Schematic

Once you are ready to start building, use the schematic above as a blueprint. Our design uses buttons to open and close the Piston Door. However, you can use other Redstone sources as your project requires. In addition, we recommend changing out the blocks you use for building materials to match whatever blocks surround your Piston Door to make it blend in.

What are you waiting for? Building these creations with Badlion Client’s Minecraft Schematica mod is incredibly simple. Start enhancing your Minecraft Survival world today by downloading Badlion Client!

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