Minecraft Cinematics in Minutes with Replay Mod

Learn how to download, install, and use Replay Mod to create Minecraft cinematic videos
Minecraft Cinematics in Minutes with Replay ModArticle posted on December 14, 2022 - 04:00 PM
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Ever wonder how people make amazing-looking timelapse videos or stunning cinematic shots in Minecraft? As it turns out, the method behind such creations is a Minecraft Mod called Replay Mod. Replay Mod lets you record your environment, then replay those recordings later. Within the replays, you can adjust elements such as weather, speed of time, shaders, and camera location to create your own cinematic Minecraft video. Continue reading as we show how easy it is to start using the Minecraft Replay Mod.

How to Install Replay Mod

The easiest way to install and start using Replay Mod is by downloading Badlion Client. Badlion Client bundles many mods, including Replay Mod, into one clean, easy-to-use client. In addition, Badlion Client supports all popular Minecraft versions. This means you can use Replay Mod for multiple versions without having to download and install various versions of the mod. Using Badlion Client, follow the steps below to start working with Replay Mod in Minecraft!
  1. Launch your desired Minecraft version
  2. Enter the game and open the Mods Menu by pressing right-shift (default keybind)
  3. In the search box, type "Replay Mod"
  4. Enable the first mod that appears

Installing Minecraft Replay Mod
You should see a new "start recording" button in the ESC menu. This means you have enabled the mod!

How to Use Replay Mod

The first step in using Replay Mod is creating a recording. To start a recording, there are two main methods. First, you can use the "start recording" button after hitting your ESC key. This will start the recording, indicated by the camera icon in the top left corner.

You can also use the start/stop recording keybind. The keybind should, by default, be bound to your "P" key. However, if you want to change this key, you can click on the mod in the mod menu to open its settings, from which you can edit the keybind.

Replay Mod Settings
After you start the recording, everything in your game will be recorded and saved. Either press the start/stop keybind to end the recording or click "stop recording" in the ESC menu. While you are recording, there are a few things to remember.

  • Only blocks/players within your render distance will show up in your replay
  • You can adjust texture packs, shaders, weather, time, and player visibility after recording
  • Both the text chat and inventories will not show up in the recording
  • Raw recordings are saved as a .MCPR file, which requires editing to turn into a video

How to Edit Replay Mod Recordings

You have created a Replay Mod recording, but how do you convert that recording into a cinematic-looking .mp4 video? Badlion's built-in Replay Viewer makes this process simple. Start by opening the viewer by clicking the Replays icon in the main menu.

Replay Mod Viewer
You should see a list of your Replay Recordings. Select the Replay Recording you want to edit, then click "load." Once loaded, you should see the following editor come up.

Replay Mod Editor
  1. Replay Timeline - When moving, in-game events will progress forwards/backward
  2. Keyframe Timeline - When moving, Set keyframes (camera, time, effects) will progress forward.
  3. Camera Movement Keyframes - Sets movement keyframes for the camera
  4. Time Keyframes - Sets time keyframes that control recording time
  5. Save Button - Used for exporting the replay
To create a video, you will need to set two camera movement keyframes and two-time keyframes. In this example, we will be creating a static replay. This means that while our camera moves through the scene, our recording does not progress.

The first step in setting a camera movement keyframe is to move the camera to the desired location. The controls for moving the camera are the same as the control for moving a player in spectator mode (space - up, shift - down, WASD - forward-back left-right). You can also rotate the camera using the mouse and roll the camera by pressing the "J" or "L" keys.

Once you have moved the camera to a position of your liking, create a camera movement and time keyframe. Move the keyframe timeline cursor to a new spot on the timeline, then move the camera to a new location. Again, set the second pair of camera movement and time keyframes. This process is demonstrated in the video below.

How to Save your Replay Mod Videos

Once you have successfully created at least two camera movement and time keyframes, you are ready to save your video. Click on the save icon in the top left corner. A menu with a few rendering options will show up. Using the default settings should give you a good-quality video. However, feel free to adjust these settings to your liking. Once you click "Render," your video will begin rendering. This process can take anywhere from a few minutes to multiple hours, depending on the length of your recording. Once finished, you can view your final video in your "replay_videos" folder found in the ".minecraft" folder. Congratulations, you have just created your first Minecraft Replay Mod recording! If you want to learn more about the replay editor and how to further enhance your videos, check out our Replay Mod wiki page, which has a complete explanation for all the features included in the Replay Viewer.

Minecraft Replay Mod Tips

#1 Use Shaders
Because Replay rending occurs frame by frame, you do not need to worry about shaders making your Replay Mod recordings laggy. For this reason, you should use shaders to enhance your Replay Mod videos.

#2 Make use of the Replay Mod Effects Panel
This panel will allow you to change the weather, time, saturation, and more, all within the Replay Viewer. You can open this panel by pressing the ";" key.

#3 Hide players when needed
Using the "B" key, you can open a player menu that displays all visible players. Within this menu, you can control which players are visible. This is helpful if you want a video of your environment without players in your shot.

Badlion Client makes using Replay Mod quick and easy, allowing you to make cinematic-looking videos in minutes. Start using Replay Mod today to create your own Minecraft videos!
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