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The Minecraft Scoreboard Mod on Badlion ClientArticle posted on October 11, 2022 - 03:00 PM
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Most multiplayer servers on Minecraft use scoreboards to display game information like game modes, players, points, and more. These scoreboards in Minecraft are a pre-defined part of the server code. However, with the Badlion Client, you can customize Minecraft scoreboards! Here is how it works.

Scoreboard Mod: What is it, and how does it work?

The Scoreboard Mod is a simple mod that allows you to customize the scoreboard (sidebar) during gameplay on the Badlion Client. The Scoreboard Mod can be used to:
  • Show or remove the scoreboard
  • Customize the appearance/style of the scoreboard

Scoreboard Mod: What is it, and how does it work?

First, join the multiplayer server you want to play on. This Minecraft server must have scoreboard support implemented already (meaning scoreboards are displayed when logging onto the network). Otherwise, the Scoreboard Mod will not be available. If you're using a new profile, by default, the Scoreboard Mod will be enabled. There is no scoreboard command needed - you can go straight to customizing the board to your preferences. However, if you are using an existing profile and have scoreboards disabled, you have to enable it first. To do so, open the mods menu on BLC. Using the search bar, look for "Scoreboard" and toggle the switcher until its background becomes light blue.

Once the Minecraft Scoreboard Mod is enabled, a scoreboard will automatically be displayed on the right side of your screen, located in its default position. To customize the settings of the mod, simply select it in the mod menu, and from there, change the scoreboard to your liking and needs. Find out what features are supported on the Scoreboard Mod below.

Settings of the Scoreboard Mod

General Settings - These settings customize the Scoreboard
  • Default Position
  • Number
  • Remove Numbers Width
  • Text Shadow
  • Badlion Font

Default Position

how to move minecraft scoreboard

This unlocks the default positioning of the scoreboard, which allows you to move and/or resize the scoreboard on screen.


how to remove numbers minecraft scoreboard

This shows a list of numbers on the scoreboard in descending order. By disabling the setting, these numbers are removed from the scoreboard, which makes it look cleaner.

Remove Numbers Width

how to remove number widths minecraft scoreboard

When disabling the "Number" setting, the scoreboard can leave unnecessary width behind, making it look wider and take up more space. Enabling the setting removes the extra width and shows a slimmer version of the scoreboard.

Text Shadow

text shadow minecraft scoreboard

This activates a text-shadow behind the text on the scoreboard, which allows you to see a realistic view of the scoreboard. It can help you to see text more clearly when using darker or lighter background colors.

Badlion Font

badlion font minecraft scoreboard

This activates Badlion's font system, which uses a custom font for the scoreboard. This means that the vanilla default font is removed and replaced with a fancy and visual text style font on the scoreboard.

Text Shadow and Badlion Font

badlion font and text shadow minecraft scoreboard

Ever wanted to use the Scoreboard Mod with Badlion Font and Text Shadow? Well, now you can! Just activate the Badlion Font and Text Shadow setting together, and watch the magic happen.

Background Settings of the Scoreboard Mod

Color Settings - These settings customize the background of the Scoreboard
  • Background
  • Top Background


background color minecraft scoreboard

This changes the background color of the scoreboard.

Top Background

header color minecraft scoreboard

This changes the top (header) background color of the scoreboard.

Minecraft scoreboard custom background

Start customizing your Minecraft scoreboards with Badlion Client using the Scoreboard mod. Adapt them to your style and liking and improve your gameplay. And while you're at it, check out the 80+ other mods and features like "Betterframes" to boost your Minecraft gaming experience. Download Badlion Client for free today!
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