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In this article, learn how to add and customize Waypoints in Minecraft with the Minecraft Waypoint Mod
Minecraft Waypoint ModArticle posted on January 10, 2023 - 07:00 PM
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Do you wish you could organize your survival farms, bases, and points of interest into a collection of Waypoints? If so, you need to check out the Minecraft Waypoint Mod. Simply add Minecraft Waypoints for all your desired locations, and the Waypoints mod will display them. This article will show you how to get started using the Waypoints Mod, along with several tricks and tips to make the most out of the mod.

How to Install the Minecraft Waypoint Mod

Want to start using the Minecraft Waypoint Mod in-game immediately? Start by downloading Badlion Client. Badlion Client contains numerous useful mods, including the Waypoints Mod. These mods work seamlessly with each other and are all contained within a single download. Simply put, downloading Badlion Client is the easiest way to start using Minecraft Waypoints.

After installing Badlion Client, you can enable the Waypoints Mod in-game. To do this, press right-shift which is the default keybind for opening the mods menu. You should see a large number of mods appear on your screen. Use the menu's search bar in the top right corner to search for "Waypoints." Enable the first mod that appears. Once enabled, you can start using the numerous features included in the Waypoints Mod!

Enable the Minecraft Waypoint Mod

How to Use the Minecraft Waypoint Mod

The first step in using the Waypoints Mod is creating a new Waypoint. To do this, click on the mod in the mod menu to open its settings page. Additionally, you should be able to use the keybind "M" to open this page. Next, press the "Create New Waypoint" button to create a Waypoint. This will add a new Waypoint at your location. You should see the new Waypoint under the "Waypoints" category and in-game.

Minecraft Waypoint Mod Settings

How to Customize Minecraft Waypoints

While you have added a new Waypoint, its name and design will be generic. To change this, click on the gear icon next to any Waypoint you create. This will open a sub-menu with the following settings.

The Name setting gives you the ability to change the text representing your Waypoint in-game. Making names descriptive will help better organize your Minecraft Waypoints. For example, if you want to mark the location of a farm in your survival world, you can denote the crop type in the Name field so you can remember exactly what farm the Waypoint represents.

Minecraft Waypoint Mod Name Setting

The X, Y, and Z inputs allow you to change the exact location for which the Waypoint represents. By default, when you create a Waypoint, the Waypoint will be set to the exact coordinates of the player. However, these inputs are beneficial if you want to add a Waypoint for a location you currently are not at.

Minecraft Waypoint Mod X, Y, and Z Setting

The Waypoint will default to white text with a gray background. However, the Background and Text Color settings will allow you to customize the Waypoint style. By clicking on the gray/white box next to the color setting, you will have access to a color pallet where you can set any color you desire! You can also uncheck the Background Color setting if you would like the Waypoint to have a transparent background.

Minecraft Waypoint Mod Color Setting

Additional Waypoint Settings
Minecraft Waypoint Mod Visibility Setting

Depending on what you are using Minecraft Waypoints for, you may or may not want to see your Waypoints in multiple worlds or dimensions. For this reason, the following four settings will be helpful.
  • Text Marker - Toggles whether or not the text marker is displayed in-game
  • Global Waypoint - When toggled, the Waypoint will be displayed on any world/server you play on
  • Dimension Specific - When toggled, the Waypoint will only be displayed in the dimension (i.e. Overworld, Nether, The End) that it was set in
  • Badlion Font - When toggled, the marker text will use Badlion's custom font

Beam, Map, and Direction Settings

The final set of settings to consider for your Minecraft Waypoints are the Beam, Map, and Direction settings. These settings allow you to add different ways for Waypoints to be displayed. In addition, it gives you the ability to link the Waypoints Mod with other Badlion Client Mods.

The first setting that will appear is the Beam Settings. Enabling "Beam Marker" will display your Waypoint with a beam, similar to a Minecraft Beacon. You can additionally use the Color and Mode settings to customize the beam's appearance.
Minecraft Waypoint Mod Beacon

The Map Settings adds your Waypoints to the Badlion client Minimap Mod. Like the Beam category, you can use the Color and Mode settings to customize how the Waypoint is displayed on the map. If you want to learn more about the Minimap Mod, check out our recent Minimap article.
Minecraft Waypoint Mod Minimap Map

Finally, the Direction Settings allows you to use the Waypoints Mod with Badlion Client's Direction Mod. This mod displays your current heading on a compass, and when connected to the Waypoints Mod with this setting, it will display the direction to your Waypoints.
Minecraft Waypoint Mod Compass

Minecraft Waypoint Mod Tips

To help you make the most of the Waypoints Mod in Minecraft, we have compiled a short list of tips!
  1. Use the color settings to help differentiate Waypoints. If you have multiple of the same farm, assigning different colors can help group your Waypoints. In addition, you can color code Waypoints to represent different types of locations (i.e., farms are red, villages are blue, portals are green, etc.)
  2. Use the custom X, Y, and Z fields to your advantage. For example, if your friend gives you a set of coordinates to their base, create a new Waypoint and input the coordinates. Even if you have never been to those coordinates, you can still set Waypoints!
  3. One of the biggest benefits of using the Waypoints Mod with Badlion Client is the ability to use the Waypoint Mod with other Mods, such as the Minimap and Direction Mod. Making use of this feature can greatly improve your user experience.

Are you ready to start using the Waypoints Mod in Minecraft? Download Badlion Client and start using the Waypoints Mod today. You will never play Minecraft the same!
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