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Get exclusive Minecraft cosmetics and features with Badlion Client premium
Badlion Client Premium Article posted on September 8, 2023 - 05:34 PM
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While most players love Vanilla Minecraft, plenty of unimplemented features are still desired by players. For example, imagine if you could use highly detailed HD Minecraft Skins, not bound by the standard 128x128 resolution limit. Or you may want your own fashionable Minecraft cosmetics, such as a cape or cloak. With the new Badlion Client Premium rank, players can access features like these, previously inconceivable in Vanilla Minecraft.

What is Badlion Client

Badlion Client is what's known as a Minecraft Client. In its simplest form, a Minecraft client bundles multiple Minecraft mods into one Minecraft launcher. A Minecraft Client differs from your average mod pack in that all the mods included are pre-installed and, under normal circumstances, work seamlessly together on most versions. For this reason, they are incredibly user-friendly and can be significantly optimized compared to a normal Minecraft Modpack.

There are many Minecraft clients currently available, catering to different playstyles. The current most popular and well-known clients are Badlion Client, Lunar Client, and Laby Mod. Out of these, Badlion Client stands out for its ability to adapt to many different playstyles, all while providing the most significant Minecraft FPS boost for most computers.

Whether you are a competitive PvP player or casual creative builder, there are hundreds of mods available for you on Badlion Client. These features are entirely free to use and installed in your game in a matter of minutes!

What is Badlion Client Premium

As we have mentioned, Badlion Client is entirely free to use. However, to help support its continued development, there are additional features users can purchase. Badlion Client Premium is a new rank tier system that allows users to support the client while providing unique features such as HD skins, free Minecraft cosmetics, and more! Currently, there are two tiers of Badlion Client Premium.
PremiumPremium +
Starting from $3.99Starting from $7.99
10% Store Discount20% Store Discount
Custom Nametag MessageCustom Nametag Message
HD SkinsHD Skins
Ability to add a custom Minecraft ThemeAbility to add a custom Minecraft Theme
Monthly Minecraft EmotesMonthly Minecraft Emotes
AFK Emotes
Free monthly cosmetics
And More!

Minecraft HD Skins

Minecraft HD skins are skins that have an increased resolution. This makes it possible to create very detailed Minecraft skins. Since vanilla Minecraft does not support high-definition skins, you must use a Minecraft Mod to add the feature to the game. While you can find and use any number of free Minecraft HD Skin Mods available, these mods will only work client side, which means you, and only you, will see your stylish new skin.

With Badlion Client Premium, you gain the ability to add your own custom HD Minecraft Skins. Unlike other HD Skin Minecraft mods, not only are these skins visible to you but also to everyone else using Badlion Client.

HD skins in minecraft
To use HD Skins in Minecraft, you will first need to either find or make your own high-resolution Minecraft skin. Once created, you can add this skin to your game using the HD skin GUI. Add all the parameters, Click "Upload Skin," and select your file.

Minecraft HD Skin gui
Once added, you should see your new skin appear in the list. While your skin may appear, in order for other players to see it, the skin will need to be approved by moderators first. Usually, this process won't take long, so you will be showing off your Minecraft skins in no time.

Change your Minecraft Theme

Ever wanted to customize your Minecraft GUI? How about adding some custom colors to Badlion Client's already stylish menus? With the Theme Manager, you can customize your game to your heart's desire.

To find the theme manager, head to the game's main menu and click the list icon in the top left corner. Select "Themes." A new GUI will appear, allowing you to edit the color of menu items/buttons.

Minecraft theme manager

Free exclusive cosmetics

Who doesn't want free Minecraft cosmetics? With Badlion Client Premium, you get just that! Introduced in the most recent Premium update, players who are subscribed to Badlion Client Premium will now receive free monthly Minecraft emotes.

In case you are wondering, an emote in Minecraft is a player animation, which can consist of anything from a simple hand gesture to an elaborate dance move complete with fully modeled props. There are countless emotes on Badlion Client for you to enjoy.

Minecraft free emotes
If you want more, upgrade to Premium Plus to get access to a monthly Minecraft cloak rotation. Every month, you will receive an exclusive premium cape for you to show off to your friends.

Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, it does. Also included in Premium Plus is the mini-me pet. With this pet, you will have a miniature version of you displayed on your shoulder. The only way to receive this pet is by purchasing a Premium Plus subscription, which makes it very exclusive!

Starting at such a low price, Badlion Client Premium is the best-valued Minecraft Client subscription available to the public. So what are you waiting for? Go download Badlion Client today and forever change your Minecraft experience.
Badlion Client
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Badlion Client
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