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Find out what the Respawn Anchor does in Minecraft and how you can obtain it
What is a Respawn Anchor and How to Use it?Article posted on September 27, 2023 - 09:00 AM
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Chances are that you already lost items in the nether because you died and could not get back in time. If the chunk is loaded, then the items will despawn after five minutes. Which means, if you travel far, you will not get back to your items in time.

Luckily, there is a solution to this problem.

What is a Respawn Anchor?

As you might already know, you cannot use beds in the nether. If you place one and try to sleep in it, it will blow up and might kill you. The respawn anchor allows you to set a respawn point in the nether, just like the bed does in the overworld.

Respawn Anchor in the Nether
This block is especially useful if you travel a lot through the nether. But also if you want to loot a nether bastion, for example, but are not too sure if you are equipped well enough.

Crafting a Respawn Anchor

You can craft a respawn anchor with 6 crying obsidian blocks and 3 glowstone blocks. See the picture below for the respawn anchor recipe:

Respawn Anchor Crafting Recipe
While you can get crying obsidian and glowstone blocks from the nether, you can also obtain them in the overworld. This means that you do not have to visit the nether before getting a respawn anchor.

You can find glowstone blocks hanging from the ceiling in the nether. But you can also trade with the cleric to get glowstone blocks. If you break glowstone blocks without silk touch, you will receive glowstone dust. You can then use four glowstone dust to craft a glowstone block.

Glowstone Blocks in Minecraft
The easiest way to get crying obsidian is to travel your world. You will come across ruined nether portals, which may consist of some crying obsidian blocks. You can then mine them with a diamond or a netherite pickaxe.

Crying Obsidian at Ruined Portal Minecraft
If you want to make your life easier, then we can recommend the "Just Enough Items" Minecraft Mod. It allows you to view crafting recipes in-game. Badlion Client comes pre-installed with it and offers 100+ other Minecraft Mods.

Using A Respawn Anchor

Before you can use a respawn anchor in Minecraft, you will have to enable it. For this, you will need some more glowstone blocks. Hold them in your hand and then right-click the respawn anchor to charge it. Each respawn anchor can hold up to four charges.

This is what the different states look like:

Different Stages Respawn Anchor
If you die and respawn at the minecraft respawn anchor, it will lose one charge. You can recharge it by adding glowstone blocks again. But if you run out of charges, you will respawn at the world spawn point again.

Respawn charges can be shared with other players in your multiplayer world. This means that they only have to charge it and do not need to craft one themselves. And you can make your life even easier with death waypoints, which will show you exactly where you died.

Badlion Client also comes with the "Waypoints" Minecraft Mod, which means that you do not need to install anything else besides Badlion itself.

Placing A Respawn Anchor In The Overworld

You can place down a respawn anchor in the overworld. However, if you try to use it, it will blow up. Just like the bed does in the nether. If you want to set your respawn point in the otherworld, you need to use a bed.

How about the End?

The respawn anchor will also blow up in the end dimension just like it does in the overworld. You cannot use the bed in the end dimension either as it will also blow up.

Explosion from Respawn Anchor in the End Minecraft
To set a respawn point in the end, you can place a bed below the portal in the overworld. If you respawn, you will automatically enter the portal and get teleported to the end.

Is there anything else you should keep in mind?

Yes, even if you exit the nether, you will still respawn in the nether if your respawn anchor has enough charges left. So if you leave, make sure to take it with you. If you want to take it with you, you will need to use either a diamond or netherite pickaxe.

Charging the respawn anchor fully will also give you the "Not Quite 'Nine' Lives" achievement.
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