Top 5 Trail Ruin Seeds

The 5 Best Minecraft 1.20 Trail Ruin Seeds for Java
5 Best Minecraft Trail Ruin SeedsArticle posted on October 8, 2023 - 06:00 PM
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The Minecraft 1.20 Trails and Tales update is all about exploration and ancient secrets. With 1.20, archaeology was finally added to Minecraft. You can now find pottery shards and craft pots. To find these, you will have to find suspicious gravel and suspicious sand in your world. You can find suspicious sand in several places such as desert pyramids. On the other hand, suspicious gravel is hidden in trail ruins.

If you have recently played Minecraft on the latest version, you may have already found trail ruins. Though, they can be a bit tricky to find. Keep reading to find out about our top 5 trail ruin seeds for Minecraft 1.20.

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Trail Ruins near spawn point
This Minecraft Seed includes trail ruins near your spawn point, as well as a village nearby. You spawn near an ocean and have some smaller islands next to you. If you ever wanted to build a harbor or have direct access to the ocean, then this seed is perfect for you.

You will easily be able to spot the trail ruins as they are sticking out from the water. And will have to dig down a bit to unveil it entirely. The Trail Ruins are located close to X = 67 and Z = 45. The village close to them is located at X = 0 and Z = 256. If you want to find these easily in your world, we can recommend the Waypoints Minecraft Mod. It comes pre-installed with Badlion Client and is completely free. You can download Badlion Client and the Minecraft Mod from here today.

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Trail Ruins at spawn point Minecraft
This is the perfect seed for you if you do not like exploring that much. The trail ruins are very close to the spawn point and you can see the structure right away. Though is still covered by layers of stone and dirt and only the tip of it is visible.

As with the first seed, you will first have to do a bit of digging until you can reach the suspicious gravel.

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Ancient City and Trail Ruins Minecraft
This seed does not only come with trial ruins but also with an ancient city right next to it. The trail ruins are located at X = -288 and Z = 896. The ancient city is located at X = 176 and Z = 144. You will have to travel a bit but this seed is definitely worth it.

So if you have yet to explore your first ancient city, we recommend going with this one. If you do not need an ancient city right next to you, then you can go with one of the other seeds. You can follow our Ancient City Minecraft Guide to find Ancient Cities easily.

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Ravine Trail Ruins Minecraft
All of the seeds we previously mentioned included trail ruins that were mostly hidden. This seed is unique because a bigger portion of the trail ruins is revealed.

At around X = -500 and Z = -705, you will find a big portion of a trail ruin structure sticking out of the ravine. If you want to build something unique using trail ruins, then this seed is perfect for you. You can also find a lava lake right next to it, which you can use to quickly access the nether.

And using nether highways, you will be able to easily travel through your world and find more structures. If you combine your nether highway with waypoints, you will be able to travel your Minecraft world in no time and always know where to go.

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Trail Ruins submerged in Lake Minecraft
And last but not least, our number one spot on this list. This seed offers a trail ruin structure not too far away from the spawn. It is submerged in a lake and covered by layers of stone, sand, and other blocks.

The lake is surrounded by a jungle biome that is close to a range of other biomes and hills. The perfect location for your next base in Minecraft. And while the trail ruins are not entirely open, you can easily get rid of the layers covering them.

The entire structure is above the sea ground making it easy to see where it begins and ends. And with a little bit of effort, you can scrape off the unnecessary layers. You can then even go ahead and transform the lake into something else. The limit is your imagination!
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