The Best Minecraft PvP Mods

Step up your Minecraft PvP game with these must-have Minecraft PvP mods!
The Best Minecraft PvP ModsArticle posted on January 24, 2023 - 11:00 AM
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Elevate your Minecraft PvP battles to the Next Level

Minecraft offers both an amazing single-player experience, as well as an even better multiplayer experience. You can spend countless hours building an amazing fortress, exploring the world, or completing the game by killing the ender dragon, but sharing those amazing moments with friends makes the game even better! And while you are at it, why not challenge your friend to a duel? PvP is one of the core aspects of Minecraft, and having even a small disadvantage over your enemy can be fatal. This article will feature the best Minecraft PvP Mods that you should consider using, as well as share some tips on how you can improve your Minecraft FPS so that your duel can go as smoothly as possible! If you are more interested in the singleplayer, or the survival aspect of Minecraft, then make sure to give one of our previous articles a read that focuses on offering you the best Minecraft survival experience.

How to Install Minecraft PvP Mods

Installing Minecraft PvP mods using the Badlion Client is easy and can be done within no time. You do not have to download any Minecraft PvP mods when using the Badlion Client, as all mods come preinstalled. All there is left for you is to download the Badlion Client and launch the Minecraft version you would like to play! Installing the Badlion Client and enabling your favorite Minecraft mods can be done in only three steps:

Downloading the Badlion Client

    2. Open the Badlion Client Launcher and select the Minecraft version that you would like to play on. You can also enable OptiFine in the Launcher and it will automatically install the latest stable version for you.

Selecting the Minecraft version

    3. As soon as you are connected to the Minecraft server that you are playing on with your friend, all you have to do is press "Right-Shift." This will open the Mod Menu, where you can find over 100 Minecraft mods for you to play around with. You can use the search bar to search for your favorite Minecraft mods and enable them by pressing the switch below the Minecraft mod icon.

Improving your Minecraft FPS

Experiencing lag-spikes during a duel against your friend or while, for example, playing Bedwars, can not only be annoying but will also most likely lead to a disadvantage. On the one hand, you could consider getting yourself a new Computer, on the other hand, there is an easier solution to the problem that will not even cost you anything! Yes, you heard that right. You can improve your Minecraft FPS within a few clicks without paying anything. The Badlion Client not only comes with more than 100 Minecraft Mods that are pre-installed but also comes with many handcrafted FPS improvements. All you have to do is follow these couple of steps:

    1. Press "Right-Shift" to open the Badlion Client Menu
    2. Open the "Settings" menu.
    3. Open the "Betterframes" category

Now you can turn on a variety of options that range from the "FPS Boost" feature, to hiding spawner particles or mobs in spawners. If you want even more FPS, then we recommend you try out Badlion Client Lite, which you can turn on in the Main Menu of the Badlion Client by pressing the arrow button in the top left-hand corner or checking out our article that showcases even more settings that you can tweak!

Badlion Client Lite Betterframes Category

Armor Status Minecraft mod

The Minecraft Armor Status mod is most likely one of the most important Minecraft PvP Mods. It allows you to see how much durability each piece of your armor has left at any given moment and can also display information on the weapon, or tool you are currently holding in your hand. As with every Minecraft mod, you can go ahead and customize it to your liking! All you have to do for this is press "Right-Shift", then search for the Armor Status mod using the search bar, or by scrolling through the Minecraft mods that the Badlion Client offers. Once you have found the Minecraft mod you want to customize, you can press it to open the settings menu. The Armor Status Minecraft mod can, for example, be adjusted in the settings to show the maximal durability of the item. If you prefer a percentage, then you can also change the settings to show the percentage of the durability that is left. And if you want to have the name of the armor, or the item that you are holding in your hand displayed, then you can, of course, also enable that in the settings. These were only a few examples of the numerous adjustments that you can make with the settings.

Minecraft Armor Status Mod

Crosshair Minecraft mod

Speaking about customization, why not give your crosshair a new look to make it less distracting but still easily visible? If this is something that you are interested in, then the "Crosshair" mod is the perfect choice for you! All you have to do is open the Badlion Client Mod Menu with "Right-Shift" and search for the "Crosshair" mod. Pressing the mod icon should open the following menu:

Minecraft Crosshair Mod Menu

You can now customize the crosshair to your personal preference. You can change the color of the crosshair itself, change the outline color, or even disable the outline entirely, add a dot to the middle of the crosshair, and much more! Are you lazy but would still like to have a better crosshair than your current one? Then you should definitely give our presets a try. There are 36 different crosshairs for you to choose from and further customize.

Minecraft Crosshair Mod Presets

Animations Minecraft mod

The Animations mod is a fairly small mod but still includes noteworthy features. This Minecraft Mod allows you to change animation properties. You can change back to the 1.7 hitboxes, disable the shaking animation when taking damage, enable titles that are normally not present on 1.7, and also allow you to enable a setting that fixes liquids from appearing on your client that is not actually there on the server that you are playing on.

Minecraft Animations mod

OptiFine and Minecraft Zoom mod

OptiFine not only improves the Minecraft FPS but also adds a zoom feature to the game that can be a great advantage over your enemy's limited vision. Pressing a simple button allows you to view much further and potentially spot an enemy that you would otherwise not see. However, OptiFine is not right-away available for recently released Minecraft versions. This means that you either have to wait for the mod to be updated to the Minecraft version that you would like to use or that you have to use an alternative mod. The Badlion Client built-in Minecraft Zoom mod is a great replacement that comes with many more features than the OptiFine zoom feature offers. You can enable the smooth zoom feature in the settings, or even adjust the settings so that you can use your mouse wheel to adjust the zoom scale. Sounds amazing? There are even more settings for you to play around with!

Minecraft Zoom mod

Potion Status and Shinypots

Both the Potion Status mod, as well as the Shinypots mod are crucial Minecraft mods when your PvP gameplay includes potions. The Shinypots Minecraft mod is pretty straightforward. Open the Badlion Client Mod menu, then search for the "Shinypots" Minecraft mod and enable it. Now you should see that all of the potions in your inventory received an enchantment glint.

Minecraft Shinypots mod

This makes locating potions in your inventory much easier and prevents you from accidentally missing that crucial potion in your crammed inventory. Keeping track of your supplies is always crucial and that is where two other Minecraft mods can come in handy. The Item Counter mod displays the amount of an item that you have in your inventory. You can, of course, also customize this Minecraft mod to your liking. You can change, add, or remove items that you want to be tracked, lock the counter, and even more.

Minecraft Potion Status Mod

PvP statistics

Do you want to improve your performance or just find out how good you are already? Then there are a handful of Minecraft mods built into the Badlion Client that can help you with exactly that. The PvP Info mod, for example, is as straightforward as it sounds. Simply go ahead and enable it, and you will be able to see your arrow, rod, potion, and even w-tap accuracy. You can, of course, also see the amount of recovered health and adjust the Minecraft mod to your personal preference.

Minecraft PvP Info mod

Another useful piece of information to have is how far your enemy was when you hit them last. The Reach Display Minecraft mod does exactly that. And if your enemy cannot get out of your combo, then why not take a look at the amount of repeated successful attacks using the Combo Counter Minecraft mod?

Minecraft Combo Counter and Reach Display

Keystrokes and Mouse Strokes

The Keystrokes Minecraft mod allows you to see what key you are pressing in real-time. The default configuration comes with the "W," "A," "S," and "D" keys, as well as the left and right mouse buttons. However, you can go ahead and add many more letters and adjust the ones that come with the default configuration. The Keystrokes Minecraft mod also displays the number of clicks per second you are currently achieving on the left mouse button and the right mouse button. If you prefer to have that information displayed separately, then you can use the CPS Minecraft mod. You can adjust it to only display the number of clicks you are hitting on the left mouse button, on the right mouse button, or even let it display the number of clicks that you are hitting on both the left mouse button, as well as the right mouse button. And if you would like to get more information on your mouse movement, then the Mouse Strokes Minecraft mod is perfect for you. It displays your mouse movement on the screen and can also be used to display your clicks per second so that you do not have to use the CPS Minecraft mod. You can adjust every single mod to your liking.

Minecraft Keystrokes and Mouse Strokes mod

Perspective Minecraft Mod

Another very useful Minecraft PvP Mod is the Perspective mod. You can use it to gain more insight into the structures around you, as well as potentially spot an enemy that is approaching you but not directly in your line of sight or to find out if an enemy is still chasing you. Unfortunately, this Minecraft PvP mod is not available on all servers and is disabled using the Badlion Client API as it can be seen as an unfair advantage.

Minecraft Perspective Mod


As we already mentioned earlier, Badlion Client offers countless possibilities to customize your favorite Minecraft mods but there are even mods available that solely focus on that aspect. As the name of the Pack Tweak mod suggests, it offers you the possibility to tweak your resource pack. You can for example hide the pumpkin overlay, enable ore overlays, adjust the scale of certain items, and much more!

Minecraft Pack Tweaks

The Particles Minecraft Mod allows you to customize the Minecraft particles to make them less distracting, or make them more visible. You can also disable certain particles or enable the blood particles.

Minecraft Blood Particles

The Minecraft OofMod allows you to play custom sounds when you kill another player. You can use any sound you like and even play different sounds for different purposes. You can of course also adjust the volume of each sound and even turn it off if you decide that you do not like it as much as you initially thought.

Minecraft OofMod

Jump right into action

These were just a few Minecraft PvP mods that we believe would help you step up your Minecraft PvP game and improve your overall Minecraft experience. They all come pre-installed with the Badlion Client, which also offers handcrafted FPS improvements. And the best part is, it is all completely free! What are you waiting for? Download the Badlion Client from today and check it out for yourself!
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