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A Guide to all Biomes in Minecraft 1.20Article posted on August 16, 2023 - 03:00 PM
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What are Biomes in Minecraft?

Minecraft is a big world with different parts that have their own special characteristics. These parts are called biomes. They have different landscapes, like forests, deserts, or snowy areas. You can find different types of plants and animals in each biome. The weather can also change depending on which biome you are in.

Exploring different biomes in Minecraft is like going on an adventure. It is exciting because you never know what you will find in each new place.

How many Biomes are in Minecraft?

There are 79 biomes in Minecraft 1.20. Out of the 79 Biomes, 67 are overworld biomes, 2 are unused biomes and there are 5 nether and end biomes.

There are a lot of different Minecraft biomes and in this guide you will learn to identify all of them. So make sure to keep reading to find an up-to-date list with all biomes in Minecraft.

How to identify your current Biome?

The default way to identify a biome in Minecraft Java Edition is by pressing the "F3" button. After pressing it, the debug screen will appear and you will get loads of information on your Minecraft game and your system. The name of the biome will be located on the left hand side of your screen. It will say something like this: "Biome: minecraft:plains". It not only hurts your FPS but is also extremely complicated.

In just one click you can use the "Coordinates" Minecraft Mod that comes pre-installed with Badlion Client and is available for the latest Minecraft version 1.20.1. You can download Badlion Client from here completely for free.

How to identify your Minecraft Biome


Formerly known as the Mesa Biome, it is one of the rarest and most unique Biomes in Minecraft 1.20! Besides its stunning appearance the Badlands is not a great Biome to establish your home, with very few resources like wood and water, it will be a challenge to survive.

In these biomes it is much easier to find mineshafts as you can find them on the surface often. There are also two variations of the badlands biome in Minecraft.

Minecraft Badlands Biome

Wooded Badlands

This variant is slightly different from the regular badlands, which were mentioned just now. In this Minecraft biome you can find some signs of vegetation, the top layer is covered with grass and coarse dirt. You can also find oak trees growing in this biome.

Minecraft Wooded Badlands Biome

Eroded Badlands

Similar to the badlands biome, eroded badlands have unique terracotta structures called hoodoos. There are very few plants here and it can be difficult to navigate through the badlands.

Minecraft Eroded Badlands Biome


These are common coastal Biomes that generate where oceans meet other biomes. And as with the badlands biome, the beach also comes with two variations. You can often find shipwrecks and buried treasures at beaches. You may also find turtles on these beaches, so keep out an eye for them!

Minecraft Beach Biome

Snowy Beach

The terrain is similar to normal beaches. They are mostly made of sand but are entirely covered in snow. Instead of turtles, you will find rabbits here.

Minecraft Badlands Biome

Stony Shore

Stony shoes are often found close to mountain biomes. They are mostly covered in stone and gravel and you can even find coal on the surface of the biome. It is possible to find waterfalls and lava falls too. This terrain can be difficult to climb as cliffs are usually very steep.

Minecraft Stony Shore Biome


The desert biome is one of the most exciting biomes to explore. It features a lot of structures, such as desert temples, fossils and even villages.

It can be difficult to survive here because the biome itself has very few resources like trees and passive mobs. Water is also hard to find, though, if you go to a village, you should be able to survive in the desert quite easily.

Minecraft Desert Biome


The most common Biome is the forest, filled with oak and birch trees and loads of valuable resources for surviving. Because of its resources this is a great place to start your journey. There are five variants of forests, and each one has its own unique features.

Minecraft Forest Biome

Birch and Old Growth Birch Forest

As the name already suggests, you will find loads of birch trees here. The old growth birch forest has much taller trees in comparison to the birch forest. This biome also has a good amount of resources and would be a great place for your new home.

Minecraft Birch Forest and Old Growth Birch Forest

Flower Forest

In comparison to the regular forest, the flower forest in Minecraft has slightly fewer trees. But they are the home to most flowers in the game, the only flowers that do not spawn here are the wither rose, the blue orchid and sunflowers. Unlike the regular forest biome, the flower forest is a rare biome with beautiful plants.

Minecraft Flower Forest

Dark Forest

The dark forest biome in comparison to the other forest biomes has a much higher density in trees. Both birch and oak trees can spawn in the dark forest but less frequently. You can also find both types of large mushrooms in this biome, the red one being more common. Occasionally, you can stumble upon woodland mansions which are a great source to obtain the Totem of Undying.

Minecraft Dark Forest


When it comes to density the jungle biome is a direct competitor to the dark forest. jungle trees are the largest tree in Minecraft 1.20. The tallest can be over 30 blocks in height. By exploring the jungle biome you may come across a jungle pyramid, this structure can be difficult to explore as it is equipped with traps.

Minecraft Jungle

Bamboo Jungle

The bamboo jungle biome is the home to Pandas in Minecraft. This unique biome is covered with Bamboo all over its landscape. Because of this, it is very difficult to navigate through this biome. You can also find the jungle pyramids here.

Minecraft Bamboo Jungle

Sparse Jungle

It is much easier to navigate through this biome as the trees are much smaller and they are not as close to another. Though, keep in mind that you cannot find the jungle pyramid in this biome.

Minecraft Sparse Jungle

Mushroom Fields

Have you ever wondered what the rarest biome in Minecraft is? The rarest Biome are the mushroom fields. mushroom fields and the badlands biome are the most unique. Mushroom fields are covered in mycelium a special block that allows mushrooms to grow naturally.

However, mycelium can only be mined with an item that is enchanted with "Silk Touch". This is the only biome where hostile mobs will not spawn naturally. And it is the home to a unique passive mob called "Mooshroom". They do not spawn in any other biome.

Minecraft Mushroom Fields Biome


The ocean is the largest Biome by area. Unfortunately they are not as easy to explore as other biomes may be. Without respiration you will not be able to stay under water for a long time. However, you can find ocean monuments, ocean ruins and shipwrecks in oceans. This makes them worth exploring and getting the right enchantments for the adventure.

Minecraft Ocean Biome
  • Deep Ocean - This is the only ocean biome, where ocean monuments can generate
  • Cold Ocean - Often generates near colder biomes like taigas
  • Frozen Ocean - The most unique ocean variant. They are covered with layers of ice and they are the home to polar bears
  • Lukewarm Ocean - They most frequently generate near warmer biomes like jungles
  • Warm Ocean - They generate near the warmest biomes like badlands and deserts and can also generate coral reefs

Cherry Grove

The only place where you can find the cherry trees, as well as the pink petals. This is a new Minecraft biome, which was added in the 1.20 update. Bee hives can be commonly found in this biome. They usually generate near meadow biomes.

Minecraft Cherry Grove Biome


Just like the Flower Forest, the Meadow Biome is a home to various flowers but unlike the Flower Forest this Biome is generated only on higher altitudes. There are rarely any trees in this Biome, but if one spawns it will most likely have a bee nest.

Minecraft Meadow Biome

Stony Peaks

Stony peaks generate on top of mountains and are the warmer variation of other mountain biomes. You can often find various ores like coal, copper and iron on its surface. Emeralds are much more common in caves. Also, calcite can be found in this biome outside of amethyst geodes.

Minecraft Stony Peaks Biome

Jagged Peaks

This biome is home to the mountain goats and is the tallest biome in the game. It is not much different from the stony peaks biome besides its surface being covered in snow.

Minecraft Jagged Peaks Biome

Frozen Peaks

Covered mostly in snow, packed ice and ice, this biome is similar to the previous two. The main difference is that you this biome is covered in ice alongside the snow.

Minecraft Frozen Peaks Biome

Snowy Slopes

The only peaks biome, which has igloos. It is extremely similar to the taiga biome but without the trees.

Minecraft Snowy Slopes Biome


Out of all the biomes in Minecraft, the plains biome is the most common one. It has been existing since the creation of the game and are large and widely open. Structures like villages are fairly common in this biome.

Minecraft Plains Biome


Often serving as a border between two different biomes, they can form loops and often lead to oceans. Besides the plains biome, this is also one of the most common biomes you can find in Minecraft.

Minecraft River Biome

Frozen River

The alternative to the river biome is the frozen river biome, which is located near colder Biomes like Taigas. As the name suggests, the main difference is that the rivers are frozen in this biome.

Minecraft Frozen River Biome

Savanna and Savanna Plateau

You can find acacia trees and less commonly oak trees here. As for animals, you can find horses, donkeys and even llamas. They are not as rare and you can find pillager outposts and villagers in the savanna biome. The savanna plateau biome is the mountain version and does not generate and villages, nor pillager outposts.

Minecraft Savanna and Savanna Plateau Biome

Swamp and Mangroves

These biomes consist out of small islands and water canals. The mangroves biome is a variation of the swamp biome and is covered with mangrove trees. Witch huts can generate in the default version of the swamp and allow you to find black cats and witches.

Minecraft Swamp and Mangroves Biome

Taiga and Old Growth Taiga

Similar to the forest biomes, they only appear in colder regions. The taiga biome is home to the spruce forest in Minecraft and is the only place where spruce generates naturally. Foxes dominate these forests alongside rabbits, they are the native mobs in these biomes.

The difference between taigas and old growth taigas is in the density, size and length of the trees. Spruce trees in old growth taigas are much wider and taller than the regular spruce trees. Also, they are covered with podzol and mossy cobblestone.

Minecraft Taiga and Old Growth Taiga

Snowy Taiga and Grove

The snowy taiga is just like the regular taiga biome but covered in snow. Unlike groves, villages can spawn in snowy taigas. Groves are similar to the snowy taiga biome but are considered a mountain biome.

Minecraft Snowy Taiga and Growth

Windswept Hills

Previously known as the extreme hills biome, there are different variations of this Biome. They are called the windswept gravel hills and the windswept forest. All of them are mountain biomes and the main difference lies in the windswept gravel biome being covered in gravel and the windswept forest being covered in spruce trees.

Minecraft Windswept Hills

Lush Caves

They mostly generate under warmer biomes like the jungle and the dark forest. Characterised by its stunning vegetation you can find glow berries, which serve as torches, azalea trees, moss bocks and dripleafs. Lush caves are the only place where you can find axolotls.

Minecraft Lust Caves

Dripstone Caves

Filled with pillars of pointed dripstone blocks, this cave biome can be dangerous. However, dripstone can be very useful to get more lava so it is worth checking out.

Minecraft Dripstone Caves

Deep Dark

This is the only biome where you can find ancient cities. It has a very low light level and is covered in sculk blocks and other related blocks. This Biome has no natural light besides the light emitted from lava and sculk catalysts.

Minecraft Deep Dark

Nether Wastes

Nether wastes is the most common biome, which can be found in the nether. Filled with lava seas, it can be hard to navigate through this biome. Structures like nether fortresses, bastion remnants and ruined portals can be found here.

Minecraft Nether Wastes

Basalt Deltas

Basalt Deltas are the only location in the nether, where structures do not generate. This is considered a "volcanic" biome. magma cubes and ghasts are very common in this biome and can be a danger to the player.

Minecraft Basalt Deltas

Crimson Forest

The crimson forest biome is filled with hoglins and piglins, which are roaming these dense forests. These Mobs are actually breedable, which means that you can build some farms in these Biome.

Minecraft Crimson Forest Biome

Warped Forest

Unlike the crimson forest, the warped forest has endermen roaming them. As long as you do not look in their eyes, you will be fine. Then you can consider this biome to be the safest nether biome.

Minecraft Warped Forest Biomes

Soul Sand Valley

Nether fossils are most commonly found here. The biome consists out of soul sand and soul soil. These two blocks slow you down while you walk on them. Making the biome a danger to explore because ghasts have enough space to spawn and you cannot efficiently flee without additional blocks.

Minecraft Soul Sand Valley Biomes

The End

This biome is home to the ender dragon. You will have to go through an end portal to go to the end and beat the game by defeating the ender dragon.

Minecraft The End

End Highlands and End Midlands

These are the biomes, where the famous end cities and chorus fruits spawn. End cities require some exploration to be found but they are well worth the effort as you can find an elytra here.

Minecraft End Highlands and End Midlands Biomes
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