Top 5 Minecraft 1.19 Mountain Seeds

Find out about the best Minecraft Seeds with Mountains
Top 5 Minecraft Mountain Seeds for 1.19.4Article posted on April 12, 2023 - 09:00 PM
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Minecraft offers countless opportunities. You can explore your world and go on an adventure, gather resources, build bases and so much more. This article will showcase the best Minecraft 1.19.4 Mountain Seeds for you to choose from so you can find the right seed for you.

Keep reading to find out more, or just use the jump points below to jump to a certain seed right away. All of these seeds work on the latest Minecraft 1.19.4 version that you can use with the new Minecraft 1.20 Trails and Tales experimental features.

Table of Content:
  1. Mountains with an exposed Lush Cave [115200632929]
  2. Frozen Peaks and an Ancient City [8179980154959615707]
  3. Private Jungle Island [-3420545469178270849]
  4. Big Frozen Peaks and an Ancient City [7479547396003846755]
  5. Mountains surrounding a lake with a stronghold [131328073536422]

5: Mountains with an exposed Lush Cave [115200632929]

Coming in fifth place is this absolutely stunning Minecraft seed. The great thing about this seed is that you can experience all the highlights right away instead of having to travel. You have a village right next to you, an exposed lush cave right below your feet that you can also see from the ocean, and much more.

Minecraft Cliff Hills Mountains
When creating a world using this seed, you will spawn right next to the village in the mountains. You can then make sure to get some starter equipment by trading with villagers or gathering some resources for your starter equipment. If you are new to the game, then we recommend you to check out our beginners guide.

Minecraft Cliff Hill Mountains Village
This seed looks even more stunning when you are in-game. As previously mentioned, this seed also offers an exposed lush cave, as well as an underground mine shaft system and much more for you to explore.

Minecraft Cliff Hills Lush Village

4: Frozen Peaks and an Ancient City [8179980154959615707]

If you are a fan of the frozen peaks biome, however, are not too big of a fan of large mountains, then this is the perfect seed for you. This seed also features a giant underground cave system right underneath the mountains.

Minecraft Frozen Peaks biome seed
The underground cave system gives you plenty of space to build a base there. You can also go ahead and transform the ancient city into a livable space and then expand it further. Your imagination is the limit.

Minecraft Frozen Peaks biome seed cave system

3: Private Jungle Island [-3420545469178270849]

This is another seed that must be on this list. This Minecraft seed features a mountain spawn with a jungle biome that looks absolutely stunning and gives you countless opportunities when building a base.

Minecraft own jungle island
And that is not even the best part. This seed offers an open lush cave seed alongside a nearby coral reef and an ancient city right underneath it. If you are a fan of lush caves, want to have your own island to build a base on, or maybe even build a port and a castle, then this seed is perfect for you.

Lush Cave on the Minecraft Jungle Island

2: Big Frozen Peaks and an Ancient City [7479547396003846755]

This is the second-best Minecraft Mountain Seed on this list. You spawn in a frozen peaks biome that looks absolutely stunning.

This seed is similar to a frozen peaks seed that we have mentioned earlier, however, this seed offers much bigger mountains. If you are not a fan of flat terrain and want to build a castle, or just like the stunning view, then this is the seed for you. If you prefer flat terrain but also want to have that mountain scenery, then make sure to go with the previously mentioned seed.

Minecraft Big Frozen Peaks biome
This seed has more to offer than just its stunning scenery. If you go ahead and explore the cave systems underneath the mountains, you will soon stumble across an Ancient City.

Minecraft Ancient City in big Frozen Peaks biome

1: Mountains surrounding a lake with a stronghold [131328073536422]

And last but not least, this is the number 1 seed on our list. It features a photogenic forest, stunning scenery, a lake that is surrounded by mountains, and even a stronghold.

Minecraft Hills Valley seed
There is one slight disadvantage to this seed. Instead of spawning right next to the valley, you have to travel a bit first as it is located at X = 1050 and Y = 970. But trust us, this location is definitely worth the trip as you will also discover even more on your way there. There are villages not too far away, a stronghold right beneath your feet, and much more.

Minecraft stronghold in valley Minecraft Mountains seed

Start Climbing!

These have been five Minecraft Mountain seeds for 1.19.4 that we believe to be the best for you to choose from. If are you a fan of snowy biomes, then make sure to go with one of the two seeds that feature snow peaks biome on this list. If you are a fan of having your own island, then make sure to pick that one off this list. The truth is, there is no such thing as the best seed as it all depends on your personal preference.

Surely, some of them might give you an advantage if you want to speed-run the game, however, if you are playing together with friends, or alone in your Minecraft survival world, then the location where you build your base matters more. All of these seeds offer countless possibilities and all offer stunning sceneries.

So make sure to grab a couple of friends, or create your private Minecraft world, choose the perfect seed for you, and start climbing! We recommend using the Badlion Client as it always supports the latest versions and comes with more than 100 Minecraft Mods for you to choose from! You can find out more about Badlion Client here.
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