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Everything you need to know about Pigs in Minecraft
What do Pigs eat in Minecraft?Article posted on June 24, 2024 - 10:30 AM
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The Minecraft Pig is the game’s oldest passive mob. Pigs were added to Minecraft on September 1st 2009 in the 0.24_SURVIVAL_TEST version. Ever since their addition Minecraft Pigs are one of the favorite passive mobs amongst players.

A lot has changed since the day when Minecraft Pigs were added, from terrain changes, mob additions, mechanic updates and many other things. For Pigs in Minecraft the most important change was the addition of mob breeding. It allows players to have a stable food source.

Where to find Minecraft Pigs?

Pigs usually spawn in groups of 2-4, they can be found in grassy overworld biomes. They appear anywhere except the Snowy Tundras and Badlands plateaus. In Villages, pigs may spawn inside animal pens, stables or butcher's backyard. Piglets occasionally spawn instead of Pigs but they do not drop any loot.

Three Minecraft Pigs in the plains Biome

What do Pigs eat in Minecraft?

The Minecraft Pig can eat 3 different types of food, carrots, potatoes and beetroots. You can find these crops planted in Villages, you may also find them in chests of some structures like shipwrecks and pillager outposts. Potatoes and carrots can be dropped by zombies as well.

Unlike beetroots, Minecraft carrots and potatoes don’t have their own seeds. If you find grown beetroots you won’t be able to plant them because you need to find beetroot seeds first. You can find them in dungeons like mineshafts, end cities, woodland mansions, and trail ruins.

Minecraft farmlands and foods that Pigs can eat

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A preview of the Badlion Client Minimap

How to breed Pigs in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, to breeds Pigs, you need 2 adult pigs and 2 pieces of food they eat. The food can be potatoes, carrots, or beetroots. You can breed Pigs by feeding them these foods.

Once you have the required foods and 2 grown Pigs all you have to do is to right click on each Pig while holding potatoes, carrots or beetroots in your hand. After that heart particles will appear above the Pigs indicating that they just entered “love mode.” After that a single Minecraft Piglet will appear between them.

Minecraft Pigs breeding

How to ride Pigs in Minecraft?

To ride Pigs in Minecraft you will need the following 2 items, a saddle and a carrot on a stick. Unlike other mobs that you can ride in Minecraft you do not have to tame Pigs to ride them. All you need to do is to take your saddle and right click on a Pig and that’s it, now you can ride the Minecraft Pig.

To control where the Pig is going you will need to have a carrot on a stick. To craft this item you will first need to craft a regular Minecraft fishing rod and then add a carrot in the crafting table.

Minecraft Carrot on a stick crafting recipe

Now you can just sit on the Pig and use the carrot on a stick to guide it wherever you want! Bear in mind that Pigs are slow and that you can not ride them through water.

A Minecraft Player riding a Minecraft Pig

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