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Play BAC Protected UHC's for FREE!

Upgrade your UHC Experience with BAC UHC's. Tired of cheating players? BAC UHC's are your one stop solution for finally being able to just enjoy playing a UHC without the worry of cheaters. BAC stands for Badlion Anticheat which is Badlion's new client anticheat built ontop of technology with millions of dollars invested into it. BAC is built by the same people who make the ESEA/ESL anticheats. BAC UHC's are completely free to access and we welcome all players to try them out.

Step 1:
Register Account

Create an account on the Badlion Network to access tons of extra features on Badlion, including the Badlion Client. Registering an acocunt is super easy to do. All you need to do is login to one of the Badlion Open servers (IPs: / / / and use the /register command. Afterwards check your email, and use the link to setup a password on your account.

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Step 2:
Download Badlion Client

Download the Badlion Client. The Badlion Client is 100% free to download and can be used on any machine running Windows 7 Service Pack 1 or newer. With the Badlion Client running you get access to the BAC protection for supported services including BAC UHCs. Also get free access to other additional features built into our custom Minecraft version such as 1.7/1.8 compatibility or Betterframes, the easiest way to boost your FPS.

Step 3:
Install Client

Once you have downloaded the installer go to your download location and run the installer. The installer makes your life easier and will automatically help you install any missing dependencies on your system and also pick the fastest computer architecture for your system to use with the Badlion Client.

Step 4:
Join the games!

Simply open up the client, login, and start joining games today! On the play menu you simply select UHC and you can see upcoming matches. Matches open up to join on the time for the calendar. Badlion Premium members can join matches before the time on the calendar by up to 15 minutes. When you join the game through the Badlion Client BAC will automatically turn on and help lower the chances of cheaters being in your game. All BAC bans are done in ban waves on a random interval.

Step 5:
Upgrade to a Badlion Premium rank (optional)

While BAC UHCs are completely FREE to the public, you do have a risk of being removed from the game before it starts if all the slots are taken. Free players will randomly be removed from the game before it starts if a Badlion Premium member tries to join when the server is full. To ensure that you can play in every game you successfully join you should consider buying a Badlion Premium rank. In addition to guaranteeing a spot in BAC UHCs you gain access to a ton of awesome features including more gameplay options, cash prize events, and more!